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Tools by Júlia Güell


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Tools by Júlia Güell

  1. 1. Júlia Güell 4tBEscola del Mar 2011- 2012
  2. 2. SawPeople can cut wood,metal or other hard materials with a saw.
  3. 3. PliersPeople can hold , bend and cut with pliers.
  4. 4. ScrewdriverPeople can turn screws with a screwdriver .
  5. 5. TweezersPeople can pluck a small object with tweezers
  6. 6. DrillPeople can make a hole in the wall with a drill.
  7. 7. ShovelPeople can dig sand with a shovel.
  8. 8. WheelbarrowPeople can carry small loads with a wheelbarrow.
  9. 9. ScissorsPeople can cut paper with scissors.
  10. 10. LeverPeople can move a weight with a lever.
  11. 11. HammerPeople can drive nails with a hammer.
  12. 12. PulleyPeople can lift a load with a pulley.