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Voorbeeld voor izzi


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Voorbeeld voor izzi

  1. 1. Fantabulous Fable ForestBedtime Stories you Should Read to your Boss
  2. 2. Peacocks do it . That’s why they added “(and buyer)”. As we shall see, theytooFantabulous Fable ForestIn the took the warning sign down. Herethere is a market. At the entrance is why. If animals in thethere was a big warning sign. It marketplace lie to each other yousaid “Seller (and buyer) be ware”. get unfair trading. True. a. Had the buyers known, theyIt’s because some sellers sold would not have bought the bad“lemons”. No, not the fruit. A car. b. John would not have sold“lemon” is a car that looks ok but life insurance to sneaky smokers.breaks down a day later. The information is unfairly shared. Or in a big wordJohn the Rat sells life insurance. “asymmetric”. You can call itAnimals that buy life insurance lie. lying. But lying is not the onlyBuyers lie to John about their source of unfairness.smoking habits, use of condoms, Sometimes it turns out to be tooand wearing a helmet while biking. hard or too expensive to check the truth.So it’s not only sellers that lie and Some stall owners, for instance,sell lemons. Buyers hide things said that their washing powdertoo. was better. But buyers had to test
  3. 3. But unfairness has been Male suitors lie aboutsolved. Almost. In the their quality to get betterfable Forest, that is. female mates. They sometimes fake.The animals took a Females therefore take asolution from the yearly long time choosing. Butbarn-dance. You see, all even then some thingsanimals need to find a females want from adancing partner that fits. partner stay hidden.That means partners These things are tohave to check out each expensive or to tediousothers qualities. Courting to find out. For thehas looks a lot like female that is. So. Shebuying a product. makes the males pay!