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Mother teresa


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a power point presentation made by the LIGHTNINGS

Published in: Education
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Mother teresa

  1. 1.  Mother Teresa was born on August 26, 1910, in Skopje. And she is aVirgo. . She served through by helping the poor. Clad in a white, blue-bordered sari, she along with her sisters of the Missionaries of Charity became a symbol of love, care and compassion for the world
  2. 2. Raised in a devoutly Catholic family, her father was an entrepreneur by profession. Her mother had a spiritual and religious bent of mind and was active participant in the local church activities.When Agnes was only 8 years old, her father suddenly fell ill and died. She was the youngest of three children. m/profiles/mother-teresa- 24.php#FDStH85iM6hsTzIS.99
  3. 3. Mother Teresa made charities, she was very hardworking, energetic and helpful. Also she was efficient, tough and disciplined.
  4. 4. In her teens, Agnes became a member of a youth group in her local pairsh called Sodality. At age 17, she responded to her first call of a vocation as a Catholic missionary nun. She joined an Irish order, the Sisters of Loretto, a community known for their missionary work in India. When she took her vows as a Sister of Loretto, she chose the name Teresa after Saint 8Thérèse of Lisieux. ze/mother_teresa.html
  5. 5. One of Mother Teresa's most notable works was the establishment of a center for people with AIDS. Her reach expands around the world Soon she had missionaries continuing her work in over 40 countries. Mother Teresa established homes for people who had no place to live. She used the donations of people
  6. 6. Mother Teresa worked for years with the poor. When she noticed they had no hospitals or clinics, she began working to give them medical treatment, which led to the establishment of Missionaries of Charities . Mother Teresa opened an orphanage .Mother Teresa had a heart for the destitute, and especially for children. This led her to open her first orphanage in India. She was voted as one of the 10 most admirable women 18 times in Gallup's yearly poll. Read more at http://www.thefamouspeopl teresa- 24.php#ciqLompL98iRluDA. 99
  7. 7. After several years of deteriorating health, in which she suffered from heart, lung and kidney problems, Mother Teresa died on September 5, 1997, at the age of 87. She was beatified in October 2003. people/mother-teresa- 9504160#death-and-legacy