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4 G Latin America Carrier Strategies August 28, 2012


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This webinar analyzes key trends for Latin American development and deployment of LTE networks from the regulatory and the 4G service providers standpoint. The webinar gives a detailed analysis of the status of 3G and 4G in the region, and the challenges from the standpoint of regulators and 4G service providers. Open Mobile will present its deployment and business strategy.

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4 G Latin America Carrier Strategies August 28, 2012

  1. 1. August 2012 4G Webinar4G Latin America: Carrier Strategies Cintia Garza LATAM Analyst Maravedis Luis Omar Rivera Director Network Engineering Open Mobile © Copyright All Rights Reserved 2012 Maravedis Inc. Adlane Fellah CEO Maravedis
  2. 2. Agenda- Introduction- Maravedis Presentation - Cintia Garza, Latin America Analyst- Open Mobile Puerto Rico Presentation - Luis Omar Rivera, Network Engineering Director- Q&A
  3. 3. August 20124G Latin America: Analysis and Forecasts 2012-2017 Copyright ® Maravedis-Rethink 2012
  4. 4. Key Findings Spectrum PolicyAGENDA Challenges LTE Business Case Copyright ® Maravedis-Rethink 2012
  5. 5. KEY FINDINGS Market Drivers Challenges ForecastsSmartphones Monetizing Subs, Devices & Applications Increasing Demand Smartphones Low ARPU CAPEX Low cost of Devices High Prepaid 51 million subscribers by Demand Low Postpaid 2017.Broadband Penetration High Churn 4G CAPEX to reach an Voice over LTE Availability of Spectrum(in accumulated $13 billion by Spectrum some countries) 2017. Copyright ® Maravedis-Rethink 2012
  6. 6. SPECTRUM POLICY450 1.7/2.1GHzMHz MHz 700 80% MHz Telecom Revenues 72% Mobile Subscribers 2.6GHz 3.5GHz MHz MHz Copyright ® Maravedis-Rethink 2012
  7. 7. CHALLENGES 70%ARPU $11.56Postpaid 20%Prepaid 80%Churn 3.02% Copyright ® Maravedis-Rethink 2012
  8. 8. LTE BUSINESS CASE UNE - Colombia What are they doing? Strengths Weaknesses Fixed  Mobile Main ISP in Colombia. Comprehensive service offering. UNE does not have 3G mobile DSL, WiMAX  LTE Various technologies to serve the end-user. infrastructure in place. LTE time to market advantage over mobile UNE does not have 3G spectrum.3.5GHz (50MHz)  2.6GHz (50MHz) carriers. Unable to do 3G fallback for voice. Serves all market segments: Residential, Initial LTE offer only includes a USB Nationwide  Nationwide SOHO, business, large corporations. dongle. Data  Data & VoLTE Access to both FDD and TDD spectrum 2.6GHz and 3.5GHz.Convergent Offer (2 & 3 Play) SWOT ANALYSIS Opportunities Threats UNE can become the main and sole LTE Market driven by prepaid services. provider for Soho, SME and large LTE competition from 3 mobile operators. corporations in Colombia. Challenges to support Voice Over LTE to Opportunity to add mobile TV on LTE. compete with mobile players. It is the only WiMAX carrier in Colombia, Early introduction of LTE Smartphones by opportunity for TD-LTE in 3.5GHz. competitors. Copyright ® Maravedis-Rethink 2012
  9. 9. For information about this report contact: Adlane Fellah Tel: +1-786-452-6522 Copyright ® Maravedis-Rethink 2012
  10. 10. Deploying 4G LTE in a highly competitive Market
  11. 11. Welcome to Puerto Rico!• Some Highlights… – 100 x 35 mile Island • Beautiful Beaches, Sunsets and Historical Monuments • Home of great Artists, Sports Players and five Miss Universe winners – Population of 3.9 Million – LATAM High Rate of • Teledensity • Mobile Penetration (78%) • Internet Usage – US Commonwealth – FCC Ruled – Competition of 5 Wireless Operators • AT&T, Claro, T-Mobile, Sprint, Open Mobile
  12. 12. Who are we?• Local Operator in Puerto Rico• Launched in June 2007 – Formerly known as Movistar Telefónica• CDMA 1xRTT/EVDO Network – EVDO (7/10)• 1900, AWS and 700 MHz Spectrum • 4th Operator against Big Carriers in• High Smartphone penetration and the Island Data Usage – Which lead to our LTE Decision • Average User Voice Traffic – 2,000 minutes a month• FIRST INDEPENDENT CARRIER IN THE LATAM REGION TO LAUNCH LTE • Average Data Usage per person – 3 Gb a month
  13. 13. LTE Deployment Challenges• Terminal Availability and Ecosystem – (Band 13 is an advantage)• Backhaul Bandwith (MW vs Fiber)• Leased Lines MRC (OPEX)• Internet Backbone Growth• All IP Culture• Vendor Selection• Vendors Interoperability if an E2E solution is not chosen• Competition – (All PR operators will be on LTE on 1Q12)• RRU vs Macro Sites – (Tower Providers MRC)• Landlords/Tower providers approval – (Bigger antennas and more equipment increase OPEX)• Do customers really understand 4G vs 3G (HSPA+ vs LTE)?
  14. 14. Speed Test
  15. 15. LTE Real Live Throughput
  16. 16. Driver Test Results (Throughput)
  17. 17. Reasons for LTE• Please rise your hand how many of you compete with 3 Tier 1 USA based operators and the major LATAM Mobile Operator?• Lower cost per Mb Delivered• 3G not able to handle highly dense traffic areas : Hot Spots• Improve Customer Experience• Retention and significantly reduce churn• Competitive Situation: AT&T LTE launch in Puerto Rico plus Claro announcement to launch soon.• Soon will be one of the First market with 3 Commercial LTE Networks competing for Mobile Broadband Market. Expected all 5 operators to launch LTE by end of 2012.
  18. 18. Open Mobile StrategyPhase 1 • 3G Clients to 4G LTE migration campaign Improve 3G clients experience • Telemarketing to all 3G clients in Metropolitan AreaPhase 2 • 4G LTE sales in stores within the Metropolitan AreaAlliances •Give Open Mobile’s 4G LTE technology the necessary brand recognition to captivate customers •Branding Campaign :McDonald’s WiFi Internet via Open Mobile 4G LTE network
  19. 19. Migration Campaign• Migration campaign was carried out• The campaign involved clients owning 3G dongle devices or hotspot, and switching them to 4G LTE while maintaining commercial characteristics similar to the product on 3G technology• A daily landing page was presented to 3G clients with the migration promotion
  20. 20. Migration Campaign • Telemarketing group was prepared to receive calls from these clients and to inform them correctly on the benefits of switching • Geographical zone was identified and controlled for this migration campaign Metropolitan Area • Direct Marketing was sent to every 3G client within the Metropolitan Area, presenting promotion to switch technology (migrate)- On March 1, migration of 3G client to 4G LTE through the established campaign- The campaign achieved 1,400 migrations by the end of the month
  21. 21. Migration Campaign Direct MailingDirect Marketing was sent to every 3G client within the Metropolitan Area, presentingpromotion to switch technology
  22. 22. Commercial Offers
  23. 23. 4G LTE USB Modem & Routers Novatel MC551 Novatel MiFi 4510 Franklin Wireless R720
  24. 24. November 2012 Premier Event for the 4G Ecosystem November 14-15, 2012 Bogotá, Colombia info@4glatinamerica.comCopyright ® Maravedis-Rethink 2012
  25. 25. 4G LTE Smartphones Pantech Breakout HTC Cobalt
  26. 26. McDonald’s / McCafé WiFi 4G LTE