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W I N A N D W I N & H O L I S T I C H A P P I N E S S D R S H R I N I W A S K A S H A L I K A R

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W I N A N D W I N & H O L I S T I C H A P P I N E S S D R S H R I N I W A S K A S H A L I K A R

  2. 2. There are few natural divisions and they exist complementarily. Male and female, Sun and Moon, Light and Dark, Life and Death, Fusion and Fission are not contradictory and not mutually contra posed. But the arbitrary divisions spread hatred! Divisions based on color, region, race, religion, language, caste, occupation and such trivia are usually loaded and saturated with vested interests and work towards the deterioration of human welfare and happiness in every way. People working in this direction are committed, united and dedicated. They exemplify enormous courage and conviction and are ready to spend money, time, and energy and suffer to any extent if required, for their goals.
  3. 3. All these contribute to “win and lose”, “lose and win” or “lose and lose” situations. But those working towards the welfare of mankind i.e. “win and win” situation, seem to lack this kind of conviction, unity and dedication. They seem to lack courage and capacity to spend or suffer even a little bit for their goal! NAMASMARAN helps you to develop all qualities required to achieve universal welfare, i.e. “win and win” situation. You may verify this! DR. SHRINIWAS KASHALIKAR