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The 2010 PRSSA Bateman Team campaign book. This book was designed and written by 5 members, including myself, of the 2010 Bateman team for a campaign on the 2010 Census. We competed in the national competition and received Honorable Mentions.

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El 2010 Census Campaign Book

  1. 1. EAST LANSING . CENSUS 2010 “Be a Part of the Big Ten!”
  2. 2. Table of Contents Executive Summary 1 East Lansing, Michigan, is residents of East Lansing about ThE “BE A PArT oF ThE 1 2- 3 4 5-9 10 home to Michigan State University, one of the most densely populated public institu- the 2010 U.S. Census and its impact on our future. “Be a Part of the Big Ten” BIG TEN” CAMPAIGN: Supplied students and East Executive research Campaign Campaign Campaign tions in the nation. With more developed into more than a Lansing residents with fundamental Summary Summary Planning Execution Evaluation than 47,278 students on campus campaign slogan throughout information on what the census is (Primary, Secondary, (Target Audience, daily, the university and sur- the month of February at MSU. and how it affects individuals, (Tactics, Objectives students and Strategies, Goals rounding community is home to Through on-and off-campus, stu- while giving them access to our and Outcomes) residents research) and Key Messages) these young adults and exists dents and residents shared with campaign Web site for additional with government support. Nearly us their most important reasons facts about campus statistics and 62 percent of East Lansing resi- for completing the census, which campaign literature dents were aware of the upcom- transformed in to the MSU Bate- Partnered with local dignitaries ing United States Census; most man Team’s “Big Ten Reasons such as East Lansing Mayor Victor acknowledged financial support to Complete the 2010 Census.” Loomis, famed Men’s Basketball to the university as the main When people were informed that Coach Tom Izzo, and the most recog- importance for completing the $400 billion was available from nized mascot in the Nation, Sparty survey. Our challenge, however, the government, they were ready was with the nearly 47 percent of to complete the survey on the Engaged residents to participate respondents that said they were spot. Through on-campus interac- in a mock census competition while not going to complete the 2010 tions and community events, providing history on the census and how it has impacted our country in U.S. Census. Because such a vital the MSU Bateman Team’s “Be the 220 years since its inception group was so unresponsive to the a Part of the Big Ten” campaign significance of the census, the allowed students and community Gained access to a larger 2010 Michigan State University members to join forces and work community in Lansing through public PRSSA Bateman Team set out together, as we all prepare for service announcements, radio inter- to educate college students and the next 10 years. views and earned media coverage The MSU Bateman Team Community Development implemented a grassroots oUr MISSIoN recognized the impact that Board, and the Lansing Re- campaign to communicate the 2010 Census will have on gional Census Office, the MSU to MSU students and East MSU and East Lansing. The Bateman Team developed Lansing residents why they team developed a passion relationships that extended need to complete the 2010 for educating people and key messages to extend to U.S. Census and why it is so encouraging them to take a a wider population, and in important. Through reiteration step forward toward a turn, educated and instructed and enthusiastic encourage- better future. people on what to do when ment, students and residents Above: East Lansing resident and mother pledges she will fill out her census form for her and her family, while attending the 2010 Hannah Community Music Series. Through partnerships with the census arrived in their are now better informed about Throughout the MSU Bateman team’s campaign, students and residents pledged their support for the completion of the 2010 Census. the MSU Community Liaison, mailbox in March. the upcoming census and are East Lansing Planning and The MSU Bateman Team prepared to respond. CAMPAIGN FEB. 1 FEB. 2 TIMELINE Press Conference at the Rock WKAR AM 870 segment aired WILX TV 10 segment aired at 5 p.m. WILX TV 10 segment aired at 6 p.m. WLNS TV 6 segment aired at 6 p.m. The State News publishes feature story on the campaign East Lansing City Council Meeting
  3. 3. research Summary 3 The U.S. Census is known as the survey misunderstandings and lack of familiar- Primary research Secondary research that gets distributed to U.S. residents ity with the 10-question survey, the (Survey and results (Survey and results listed in appendix) once every decade. The census provides MSU Bateman Team focused its efforts listed in appendix) the government with critical demographic on raising awareness of the benefits The MSU Bateman Team utilized secondary research early in the planning stages in order to understand their potential data used to determine the representa- provided by the 2010 Census and relat- To prepare for primary reach on campus and in the community. MSU’s Residence Halls Association distributes information each year contain- tion in Congress and more than $400 ing those benefits to each of our target research on target ing each on-campus resident’s e-mail and demographic information. From this data, the team was able to determine billion that can be used for infrastructure, audiences. College students today have audiences, the MSU population numbers while determining which demographic should be reached. The MSU Bateman Team also applied education and other government-funded been nicknamed the “entitled” genera- Bateman Team focused information from churches serving the MSU campus, St. John’s Student Parish and St. Thomas Aquinas School, and programs. tion, expecting things to happen for them on the most effective Trinity Church to determine the possible reach within the parish community. The MSU Web site was utilized to invite all Americans overlook the importance of and for parents, teachers and employers ways to reach the registered student organizations on campus and their members to census events during campaign month. the census because most residents are to take care of their problems. Parents of college population at not educated as to how their answers this generation have also been labeled the same time as the impact their lives every day. When ap- “helicopter parents” who try to take care East Lansing community proached about the census at events, of their children long after it is needed. as a whole. some people became irritable and This provided an extra challenge to guarded because of their current mistrust inform college students of their responsi- of the government. Because of these bility as a new resident of East Lansing. College Student research East Lansing residents research It was certainly imperative Intercept surveys distributed to students Similar to the surveys Intercept surveys distributed to reach both populations in person and online revealed: given to MSU students, to residents revealed: because of the affects the East Lansing residents census has on the lives of all were asked to com- residents in the city. The MSU Bateman Team, however, plete a questionnaire as well. The questions 19 27 73 25 focused most of its efforts on the student population 52 48 53 47 45 55 28 32 on this survey were the same as the one given 81 75 35 25 after intercept survey results to the students. showed that while 81 percent of East Lansing community 81 percent of residents 73 percent of residents sur- 75 percent of residents The perceived average time members knew that 2010 48 percent of students 47 percent of students 55 percent of students The perceived average time surveyed were aware that veyed planned to complete surveyed found the census to thought to complete the census surveyed were aware that surveyed planned to surveyed said the census thought to complete the 2010 was a census year the census when mailed to be important to them was a census year a mere 2010 was a census year complete the census when was important to them census was 32.2 minutes was 25.4 minutes their homes 48 percent of MSU students mailed to their homes said the same. Along with the intercept surveys, the MSU Bateman Team also YES NO YES NO asked students to complete a The MSU Bateman Team also took advantage of having one of similar survey through a Web the most highly-circulated student newspapers in the country and Additional data was used from a poll conducted with the help of Lansing News Station WILX. asked readers if they intended to complete the 2010 U.S. Census. The poll asked viewers if they filled out their census forms in 2000. Of 234 viewers, 71.4 percent site, Survey Monkey, via the The online poll resulted in 84 percent of readers (of 55 respondents) reported that they filled out the forms when mailed to them in the 2000 Census. Facebook group. 84 percent 16 percent intending to complete the census. 71.4 percent 28.6 percent FEB. 4 FEB. 5 FEB. 9 MSU Women’s Kara Eyde posts blog The State News publishes follow up story with The State News publishes correction article MSU Men’s “Be a Part of the Big Ten” Basketball Game about the campaign more information about the upcoming census with more information regarding the census Basketball Game messaging is aired on ESPN
  4. 4. Campaign Planning Execution 5 Target Audience, Strategies, Goals and Key Messages Tactics, Objectives and Outcomes Tactic #1 Tactic #2 Target Audience Strategies Goal Obtain community support for the Disseminate key messages through entertaining Because of their increased lack Promote the 2010 Census The MSU Bateman Team’s goal was “Be a Part of the Big Ten” initiative events and informational booths of knowledge, the team determined through traditional media, social to increase knowledge of the benefits The MSU Bateman Team hosted interactive events and infor- MSU’s on-campus student population media, and planned events of filling out the 2010 Census, while objective #1 mational booths to engage target audiences in learning about as their highest-priority. Build partnerships with East answering any questions or concerns Engage East Lansing Mayor Victor Loomis in the census and its individual benefit to them. Aiming to make Although residents of East Lansing Lansing community and organiza- from their audience. Through interac- campaign messaging and events a personal connection with the audience through direct con- had likely completed the census tions tive events, informational booths, versation and compelling information, the team ensured they Mayor Loomis officially proclaimed February as “Census were fully knowledgeable about the census by completing a before, the team aimed to increase Develop simple messages key messages distributed through Awareness Month” in East Lansing. He attended the census course with Dichondra Johnson-Geiger, a partnership the awareness of the benefits of the to resonate with target traditional and social media outlets, kickoff event at “The Rock” to speak with media about the specialist for the Lansing Regional Census Office. census within the community. audiences and community partnerships, the team importance of the census. He invited the MSU Bateman East Lansing and Lansing media Leverage grassroots to stimu- aimed to encourage East Lansing resi- Team to the East Lansing City Council meeting to accept were identified as an audience with late word of mouth dents to accept responsibility to their objective #1 the proclamation and present campaign objectives and influence to partner with message Leave a legacy beyond “Census community and complete the census events to the board. The meeting was filmed and aired Host three events during campaign month dissemination. Awareness Month” in March. on East Lansing Public Access Television throughout the The MSU Bateman Team hosted four themed events in month of February. He also demonstrated his support for February. These events provided an opportunity to distribute the campaign by attending the Student Leader Meeting. informational tools to encourage people to fill out their census. objective #2 “Census Awareness Press Conference at the Rock” Earn support for the campaign from a The MSU Bateman Team participated in an MSU tradi- Key Messages large on-campus group tion and camped out during the first night of February to paint “The Rock,” an MSU campus monument, and “Be a Part of the Big Ten!” “If you have a Facebook “Ten Questions, Ten Minutes.” The MSU Residence Halls Association represents more claim it for the following day to kick off “Census Aware- than 14,000 students on campus. A bill was passed at ness Month.” They distributed the “Big Ten Reasons to The team chose this as their profile, you’re already sharing The team used this message, crafted by the Census their assembly meeting supporting and advocating the personal campaign tagline and Complete the 2010 Census” and asked students to pledge more information than Bureau, to answer many questions about the census. “Be a Part of the Big Ten” campaign. to fill out the survey when it is mailed to them. Census incorporated it into all events. the census is asking you to.” As prior research and experience at campaign events MSU fans are proud of being a freebies were utilized as an incentive. The team hosted a displayed, many people were hesitant about complet- news conference where East Lansing Mayor Victor Loomis Big Ten University. This slogan The number-one social network- ing the survey due to perceived time restrictions. “Ten objective #3 spoke on the importance of the 2010 Census within the was created to draw attention Questions, Ten Minutes” was a quick response to that Earn support for the campaign ing tool in the world is Facebook. community to multiple media outlets in attendance. to the campaign by leveraging concern, and was supported by the national commer- from a large off-campus group There are more than 175 million their love for MSU. The slogan cials placed by the Census Bureau. accounts accessed daily on “Izzone Interaction” was also utilized to draw The MSU Bateman Team was invited to speak about the the site. Many profiles include The Izzone, comprising of more than 3,000 people in the awareness to the year 2010 as 2010 Census at the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce a census year, and the new ten- personal information, photographs “It only comes once every ten years. Make your MSU men’s basketball student section, turn the Breslin and even information displaying Economic Luncheon. The Lansing Regional Chamber is the question, ten-minute format. voice heard now!” “Census data helps determine primary business advocacy organization for the three-county Center into one of the most intimidating and exciting where people are located on any arenas in the nation annually. An e-mail was sent to how much funding will be allocated to colleges area surrounding Lansing (Ingham, Eaton and Clinton coun- day and time. All of this personal all members explaining the “Be a Part of the Big Ten “Count It.” information can be made public and universities, which, in turn affects how much ties). The goal was to inform East Lansing City Council and community members, Michigan State University staff and Campaign” and highlighting the importance of the 2010 Public service announce- through the site, with anyone able money you pay in tuition.” “If you do not com- Census. Members held “Count It” signs during the highly ments were distributed to gain access to it. This message plete the 2010 census, you are breaking the law.” students about the 2010 Census and its importance. 2010 Census material was given to attendees and people were anticipated and heavily viewed game, and caught the through many different outlets was used to encourage people to also encouraged to sign the pledge sheet. Attendees were attention of the camera crew from ESPN. The messaging with the slogan, “Count It,” share very basic information on These messages were all utilized in an effort to reached a half million viewers as the MSU game was the followed by information about the 2010 Census to help allocate encourage people to complete the census. Many also given the ability to take an interactive firsthand look at the Web site. 86 professionals were in attendance. game of the night. the 2010 Census. money to their community. were misinformed about the purpose of the survey, and this particular messaging was aimed at cor- recting these common misconceptions. FEB. 11 FEB. 13 FEB. 16 FEB. 18 RHA Presents BJ, Census campaign featured Children’s Concert Series at the Chamber of Commerce East Lansing High School Bateman team and Census representative the Chicago Kid on Dan Mulhern radio show East Lansing Hannah Community Center Economic Luncheon Varsity Girls Basketball Game featured on Ebling and You radio show
  5. 5. Execution cont’d 7 Tactics, Objectives and Outcomes objective #1 Continued objective #2 Host three events during campaign month Host five informational booths during campaign month The East Lansing Hannah Community Center hosted a Tactic #3 Children’s Concert featuring a local musician. Upon enter- Utilize e-mail blast lists to reach student population The MSU Bateman team hosted seven informational ing the concert, parents, grandparents and children were “Census Dress Up Layup” encouraged to sign the pledge sheet. The MSU Bateman booths at strategic places throughout the community objective #1 East Lansing High School students and parents were Team spoke at the beginning of the performance, and during the month of February. Census literature was Send two e-mail advocacy communications to large, greeted by the MSU Bateman Team as the fans entered distributed informational materials throughout its entirety. distributed at all booths, along with census giveaways the high school gymnasium for the boy’s and girl’s bas- influential student groups on the MSU campus donated by the City of East Lansing Census Committee. ketball games. Students and parents were encouraged to The team extended their knowledge of the 2010 Census to Members of the MSU Bateman Team greeted peers en- sign the pledge sheet as they received informational lit- An e-mail was distributed to 14,500 of students on participants and answered many lingering questions. tering the MSU Senior Class Council Etiquette Dinner and erature from team members. At halftime, the MSU Bate- campus explaining census procedures and guiding them man Team chose two students to participate in a dress-up provided them with information about the 2010 Census. Students were encouraged to fill out pledge sheets and to resources if they have any questions. “Big Ten Reasons layup game. This interactive event required students to The Capital Area Transportation Authority’s main bus take home the top ten reasons to fill out the census. to Complete the 2010 Census” was also included in the individually put on Census T-shirts and through a series of station was visited by the MSU Bateman Team during the e-mail, as was a list of upcoming events planned by the events, compete to dunk a basketball in front of the audi- morning commute in order to interact with the hard-to- MSU Bateman team. ence. 442 people were in attendance at the game. reach population of East Lansing and Lansing residents. As guest grillers at BD’s Mongolian Barbeque, the CATA is funded largely by the government, the census team was able to interacted and informed East Lansing An e-mail was sent to all members of the Izzone, “Student Leader Meeting” particularly, and the team shared this information with residents about the 2010 Census handing out informa- explaining the “Be a Part of the Big Ten Campaign” and The MSU Bateman Team aimed to bring together riders who rely on the CATA for their daily commute. They tional census literature and pledge sheets. Tips earned highlighting the importance of the 2010 Census. They diverse student organizations from across MSU’s campus informed travelers about the 2010 Census and encouraged were donated to the MSU PRSSA’s Relay for Life team, an were also instructed to be aware of the 15 large signs and the East Lansing community in order to interact and them to take time to learn more about its benefits. event raising money for the American Cancer Society. broadcasting the key messages at the game. inform them about the 2010 Census and its importance. The event was attended by Mayor Loomis and represen- MSU hosted BJ the Chicago Kid, an emerging R&B Table space on the concourse of the Breslin Center at tatives from the East Lansing Census Committee. Jimmy artist. Upon entering the concert, people were given infor- a MSU Women’s Basketball game was donated to the John’s donated refreshments, and census goodies were mation promoting and informing them about the census. campaign. The MSU Bateman Team distributed literature given to all attendees. The team handed out census lit- They were also encouraged to sign the pledge sheet. Tactic #4 and encouraged people to pledge to fill out the 2010 erature in addition to pledge sheets. All attendees played Census survey. Obtain coverage in church bulletins to inform church “Census Jeopardy” and participated in a race to fill out a The MSU Bateman Team attended an East Lansing High population of upcoming census sample form of the 2010 Census. School varsity Girls and Boys Basketball Game. At each of the games, the team greeted students and their parents objective #3 objective #1 upon entering the gymnasium. A table was set up where Design pledge sheet to measure promises made Send out one e-mail blast to East Lansing parish they could take important census information with them from event and booth participants to the MSU Bate- in addition to pledge sheets. Different halftime activities man Team to complete the 2010 Census. An informational e-mail was sent through two parishes were performed at the girls and boys high school games. in East Lansing. St. John’s Student Parish and St. Thomas 531 people pledged to fill out the 2010 Census. Aquinas Catholic School, and Trinity Church passed along messages highlighting ways in which the 2010 Census affects the community and encouraged parishioners to extend the message to other acquaintances. St. John’s Student Parish and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School’s nearly 4,000 active parishioners received the message while more than 3,000 church goers at Trinity Church learned more about the census through the e-mail blast. FEB. 23 FEB. 28 BD’s Mongolian Barbeque Fundraiser Bateman Team spends early morning and afternoon spreading East Lansing High School Varsity Boys Student Leader Meeting in Shaw Senior Class Council with proceeds going to Relay For Life knowledge on 2010 Census at CATA CTC headquarters in Lansing. Basketball Game Halftime Show Hall with Mayor Victor Loomis Etiquette Dinner
  6. 6. Execution cont’d 9 Tactics, Objectives and Outcomes Tactic #5 Feb. 9 - Izzone members holding 2010 Census signs were The “Be a Part of the Big Ten” Facebook group was a objective #2 Convey key messages through earned shown on the national broadcast of the MSU vs. Purdue central location where the MSU Bateman Team was able Design a Web site to effectively combine promo- University basketball game on ESPN. to interact directly with the target audience. Pictures media and social media tion for upcoming events, elements of the “Be a were posted from events, and messaging was used as a Feb. 13 - Michigan’s “First Gentleman,” Dan Mulhern, promotional tool for census events and news. Part of the Big Ten” campaign, and background The MSU Bateman Team crafted and pitched news releases husband of Gov. Jennifer Granholm, hosts a statewide information of the Bateman Case Study Competi- and media advisories to local media outlets. The team aimed to raise awareness of the 2010 Census and the radio talk show on Saturday mornings. He spoke with MSU tion and U.S. Census Twitter was utilized daily during the campaign via individual benefits it can provide to residents who complete Bateman Team Director Lindsay Bacigalupo about the MSU @ELCensus2010. Tweets with answers to frequently asked ELCensus2010.com was developed to serve as a the survey in East Lansing and surrounding communities, Bateman Team’s census initiative and how they were leading questions were posted daily, as were basic instructions for main communication hub for the campaign. The site while educating college students since it is their first time their community. filling out the census form. Giveaways were hosted every answered many common questions about the census, completing the survey on their own. Friday as an attempt to gain followers and increase message and provided additional links to sites that could be use- Feb. 18 - 1320 AM radio station hosted MSU Bateman Team Director Lindsay Bacigalupo and partnership specialist outreach. ful in learning more about the census. It also featured for the Lansing Regional Census Office, DiChondra Johnson- an interactive map of population statistics on the objective #1 YouTube was utilized to display videos developed by the MSU campus, as a localized demonstration of how the Earn coverage by five mainstream media outlets Geiger, on the “Ebling and You” radio show. MSU Bateman Team, and to display media coverage about census can help the university. The MSU Bateman team earned eleven media hits during the campaign. the month of February. (See enclosed materials for news objective #3 clips and radio interviews) Create a document that promotes the benefits of WILX TV 10: completing the census utilizing simple messaging Feb. 1 - WILX-TV 10 attended the MSU Bateman Team’s Viewership (ages 18-49) 13,000 Tactic #6 to resonate well with all target audiences kickoff event at the Rock and aired a segment about the “Be a WLNS TV 6: Create promotional material to use at booths and Part of the Big Ten” campaign during the 5 p.m. broadcast. The MSU Bateman Team developed a “Big Ten Rea- Viewership (ages18-49) 9,000 events to raise awareness and inform target audiences sons to Complete the 2010 Census” informational tool Feb. 1 - WILX-TV 10 attended the MSU Bateman Team’s ESPN: Primetime Viewership (ages 18-49) 581,000 distributed at all booths and events. Printed in English, kickoff event at the Rock and aired a segment about the “Be a WILS 1320 AM Radio: objective #1 Spanish, Japanese and Chinese to allow the message to Part of the Big Ten” campaign during the 6 p.m. broadcast. Create a public service announcement to be played Arbitron ratings not available, self-claimed top talk radio reach international residents of East Lansing. More than Feb. 1 - WLNS-TV 6 attended the MSU Bateman Team’s show in Lansing on and off campus using Michigan State University 1,000 flyers were distributed throughout February. kick-off event at the Rock and aired a segment about the kick- celebrities to localize the census to East Lansing and WKAR 870 AM Radio: Arbitron ratings not available, encourage involvement off event during the 6 p.m. broadcast. local National Public Radio affiliate Feb. 1 - WKAR AM 870, the local NPR affiliate, interviewed Dan Mulhern Radio Show: MSU Bateman Team Director Lindsay Bacigalupo and East Arbitron ratings not available The MSU Bateman Team produced three public service Tactic #7 Lansing Mayor Vic Loomis at the campaign kickoff event. The announcements to gain awareness of the upcoming census. Recruit workers for 2010 Census efforts interview played multiple times that day. The State News: MSU men’s basketball coach and recent recipient of the Daily circulation 27,500, readership 48,600+ Sports Illustrated “School of the Decade” award for his objective #1 Feb. 2 - The MSU campus newspaper, The State News, winning athletic program, Tom Izzo was featured in the announcements. Men’s basketball player #10 Delvon Roe, Leave a legacy for the MSU Bateman Team after published a feature on the census and the MSU Bateman The estimated advertising value of this campaign. the Residence Hall Association president, the MSU Dance the campaign month came to a close through more earned placement is $8,500 Team, the most recognized mascot in the nation, Sparty than messaging by recruiting five workers to aid Feb. 4 - Kara Eyde, an influential student blogger at MSU, and international students were also student ambassadors with census efforts during peak survey time. featured the MSU Bateman team and the census campaign in for the campaign. International students spoke their native a blog post. language with subtitles for greater message distribution. A booth at the 2010 MSU Career Fair in the The public service announcements were played on the Engineering Building was donated to the Bateman Feb. 4 - The State News wrote a follow-up story on the objective #2 Residence Hall Association channel reaching all on-campus team. A census staffer spoke with students about census and the Bateman campaign, quoting MSU Bateman Utilize three social media outlets to engage college students, the Lansing Community College channel broadcast working for the census.14 bilingual workers were Team Director Lindsay Bacigalupo from the kick-off event. audience in learning more about the census throughout Lansing, Campus Cinemas during previews, and recruited for East Lansing census efforts, far Feb. 5 - The State News printed an error in the follow-up the East Lansing Public Access Channel. exceeding the team’s target objective. article, but ran a third story to correct the mistake when the Three social media sites were utilized to team brought it to the editorial staff’s attention. connect to target audiences
  7. 7. Evaluation Developing a campaign College Student research that encourages student Follow-up intercept surveys distributed to students in person and online revealed the success of the campaign: involvement for an issue that does not necessarily provide instant gratification was a challenge the MSU Bateman Team 15 29 62 16 was ready and willing to tackle. Through personal 85 71 38 44 outreach, piggy backing off of Big Ten pride and the 85 percent of students 71 percent of students sur- 62 percent of students The average time thought MSU community, the team surveyed were aware that veyed planned to complete surveyed found the census to complete the census was 2010 was a census year, the census when mailed, to be important to them, 16.6 minutes, a more accu- left no stone unturned an increase of 37 percent an increase of 24 percent an increase of 7 percent rate count by 15.6 minutes from churches, public schools, parents, students, community groups, and the local government. Thanks to partnerships East Lansing residents research with the MSU Community Follow up intercept surveys distributed to community residents revealed increased awareness as well: Liaison, East Lansing Planning and Community Development Board, and the Lansing Regional 07 21 21 12 Census Office, the team 79 79 48 was able to be passionate advocates and have the 93 most comprehensive reach to all demographics of 93 percent of residents 79 percent of residents sur- 79 percent of residents The average time thought the student and greater surveyed were aware that veyed planned to complete surveyed found the census to complete the census was 2010 was a census year, the census when mailed, an to be important to them, 12.5 minutes, a more accu- Lansing communities. an increase of 12 percent increase of 6 percent an increase of 4 percent rate count by 12.9 minutes Total Achievements The MSU Bateman Team met all 14 objectives for the campaign. Upon completion of the busy month, the team is hopeful and confident that a positive mark has been left on the community of East Lansing. Multiple media outlets contacted the team after campaign month to speak on behalf of students advocating the 2010 Census. Lansing news station WLNS labeled the team “the voice of the census in East Lansing,” confirming the impression of knowledge and advocacy demonstrated during the campaign. Michigan State University PRSSA Bateman Team Lindsay Bacigalupo Aubrey Zimmerman Amanda Marandola LaTrice Davis Chad Powell Account Manager Account Team Account Team Account Team Creative Director