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Citizen-generated content of the 2013 presidential campaign through the use of mobile devices.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  1. 1. Citizen-generated content of the 2013 presidential campaignthrough the use of mobile devices.
  2. 2. What is Tesa 2.0’s main purpose? 1 2 3 Tesa seeks to enhance people’s capacity to generate content To spread the use of mobile phones for documenting the To set up a Web site for gathering information generated by and spread information about the presidential elections in elections through the Digital Caravan national training citizens of the presidential elections. Paraguay through the use of mobile devices. program.
  3. 3. Where is Tesa 2.0 going to be established? 1 Concepción 2 San Pedro 3 Cordillera 4 Guairá 13 5 Caaguazú 1 7 Itapua 8 Misiones 2 9 Paraguarí 3 5 11 10 10 Alto Paraná 4 9 11 Central 8 7 12 12 Ñeembucú 13 Boquerón Up to 1500 people who will take part of the training program
  4. 4. What are going to be the results? “ Therefore we prefer to march instead of walking to exits; we prefer the ridiculous youth over the seriousness of the young who age too soon; the tweets instead of universal news; we want to add up numbers to a pa- rade than add up to other figures; we prefer a world of social networks than dumb tangled up in knots; we prefer protesting than leaving; we prefer the Internet and what it can be… The manifesto of Mexico’s movement “# Somos132” ofTrained citizens who generate content and Citizens who are suited with knowledge and A Web site with information about the elec- Denuncias ciudadanas sobre hechosspread information about the presidential elec- tools to generate information. tions gathered by citizens. antidesleales durante las elecciones documen-tions through the use of mobile devices.   tadas. 
  5. 5. Main activities “ Like never before in history, more people can say more things to 1 Design and set up of Tesa 2.0’s Web site more people, and this trend is only increasing. Changes do not happen when society adopts new tools. They happen when society adopts new 2 Digital Caravan’s training program behaviors. Clay Shirky • IT Expert