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The Ultimate Weight Loss Product Guide


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The Ultimate Weight Loss Product Guide

  1. 1. ==== ====For Best weight Loss Tips ====Are you one of the many who may be tempted by advertisements for diet pills and other weightloss products promising easy, quick ways to lose weight? Were you aware that a simple 30 minuteinfomercial can cost anywhere from $80,000 to 120,000 dollars to make. Pretty crazy dont youthink? Yet time and time again you see countless weight loss infomercials selling product afterproduct.Fad Diets and many diet pills are pitched by persistent advertising and many people, possiblyeven you will join the parade of followers. Yet 95% of the time, these weight loss products willprove to fail you once again -- leaving you with nothing but charges to your credit card and set-upto regain all those pounds. So why are people constantly and willingly paying their hard earnedmoney for these weight loss products?"Stop Throwing Your Hopes Into Every Weight Loss Product That Comes By"We want you to stop being their guinea pigs and understand and realize just how many of thesediet pills and other weight loss companies are cashing in at your expense. To help you avoidgetting "trapped or suckered" into believing or choosing a weight loss product or service that doesnothing but contribute and add to the problems.Stop Getting Taken! The following factors are exactly what many weight loss products andservices use and exploit in order to get you to buy into their utterly false claims...Factor 1 -- HOPEHope is a good thing, you need hope. But the problem is that many times you have such highhopes that you put those hopes into anything, regardless if its legit or not. By putting your hopesof weight loss into products and services that are not providing the necessary means you need,your ultimately setting yourself up for failure and your hopes will get crushed. Have hope, justmake sure you put your hope into the right service and dont let your strong sense of hope blindyou into not seeing the red-flags and other lies.Bottom Line -- Dont let your strong sense of hope make you believe things that are not true!Factor 2 -- EmotionLets face it, your weight and appearance can be a touchy, emotional subject. And it should be, itsyour life! But how many times have you seen a weight loss infomercial where someone breaksdown into tears while talking about how miserable they were when overweight and how deeplyhappy and relieved they are now ... and how they owe it all to that particular weight loss product or"revolutionary system." The product is doing this intentionally!
  2. 2. Weight loss products know youre emotional about how you look ... they also know that when youremotional, it causes you to act on impulse. They have a better chance to "hook- you" when youreemotional and "touched." Products try to stir up your emotion in an effort to get you to actimpulsively and buy into their claims. You should be emotional about your health and the way youlook, but dont let them use your emotion against you. Dont let your emotion blind you into notseeing the red-flags and real reason that theyre really there -- to get the "2 easy payments of$39.99" out of you!Factor 3 -- Marketing Savvy & MediaJust because youre constantly seeing weight loss ads and commercials for diet pills and the new"xxx diet" does not mean it works and is credible. Just because you see a celebrity hosting theweight loss infomercial or program (who has been generously paid off ... do you really think amovie star is going to do an infomercial for free?) does not mean its effective. What it does meanis that they have thousands, if not millions of dollars to pay for advertising and marketing so theycan get their product in front of you, be it radio, television, internet etc. so they can constantly"pitch you."How affective is marketing? Recently, a diet pill company was making the bogus claim "take ourweight loss pill and you can eat what you want and burn fat as you sleep" and made $152 millionin profit over 3 short years by doing radio commercials at over 600 stations across the country!That is until the Government stepped in and cracked down! And all the restaurants that areadding the "new xxx diet approved" menus, all theyre doing is trying to make money too!Restaurants know that people are willingly paying, so why wouldnt they add low carb diet dishes(even though the number of calories in these dishes are alarmingly high and will cause you topack on pounds!)Realize, that just because you see a weight loss product time and time again on the television orradio does not mean it will be effective in losing permanent weight. All these weight losscompanies are trying to do is get their product in front of you over and over so it will be there whenyoure ready to buy. Many people make the mistake of assuming a product is credible simplybecause its constantly on television.Factor 4 - RepetitionDiet pills and other weight loss products figure they more they can get in front of you, the morelikely youre going to buy it when that time comes. Lets face it, if you were interested in building adeck, when that time comes dont you think your going to choose the "smith deck company" thatyou saw time and time again on TV. Most people will simply use the one thats most convenientand right there. Many times people just pick the first product or service that comes to their headand have high hopes that everything will just work out. Unfortunately, many times its no differentwith weight loss products.This is exactly why you see the same infomercial every day, every hour of the day for like 1 monthstraight ... and then all of a sudden its gone. They get in, make their money on desperate peoplelooking to lose weight, and then they get out! And if you see it again in like 3-4 months down theroad, this means they made a lot of money on it previously and are back to make more. Theywouldnt be there if they werent making money - period!The product is trying to pound it into you head and keep coming at you because they know, the
  3. 3. more you see it, the more likely you will be to buy it. Dont get suckered! Just because they arealways there, does not mean it will help you.Factor 5 - PressureThis is a big one. The bottom line -- when people are pressured they act impulsively. Often timesyou put way to much pressure on yourself. In todays society so much emphasis is placed onhealth and appearance. People feel pressured to look a certain way and this is certainly the casewith being overweight as people will do anything to lose weight. Weight loss products go out oftheir way to put additional pressure on you, knowing that it will cause you to act and buy. Many ofthe weight loss infomercials are very good at the art of getting you to believe that ... "finally this isit, the only product thats going to change your life!" The truth is that all theyre doing is addingadditional pressure.Bottom Line -- Dont let the pressure you feel to lose weight allow you to buy into and believe falseclaims. A sense of urgency to lose weight is good, but dont feel so pressured that it causes youto act impulsively and spend your hard - earned money on the first thing you come across thatsounds good. When you feel pressured, it will allow you to start believing and putting your hopesinto things that are not true because you feel like "I need to do something about my weight and Ineed to do it now!" Weight loss products know this and that is what they are wanting you to do.Dont allow it and dont allow yourself to be one of their guinea pigs! It will just cost you in the end!General Rules To Keep In Mind WhenDealing With Weight Loss ProductsBe Realistic -- If there was a way to "lose 30 pounds in 30 days and keep it off" or "eat what youwant and still lose weight" dont you think that we would all look like supermodels?Use Common Sense -- If there were magic diet pills or easy way to lose weight and keep it off,dont you think the top movie stars and celebrities who make millions and millions of dollars wouldhave it.Allow Yourself To Believe Both Sides -- If youre going to make the mistake of believing the liesand fabrications many weight loss products are telling you, at least allow yourself to believe thatthey may indeed be "lying and deceiving you" as well. Its only fair that you allow yourself to lookat both sides as this will help you to form a better judgment."If It Was That Easy..." Lets face it, if it was as easy as all these health and weight lossinfomercials and ab contraptions make it, the statistic of 95% failing would not exist! There wouldbe no problems. Dont believe their lies and fabricationsKenny Leonard is the President Of Excel Media and the creator of The Ultimate Weight Loss AndFitness Bible. The much talked about Weight Loss Bible is authored by Mari Kudla, who is the 4thranked IFBB Fitness Professional And Figure Model in the world. She has been featured andcontributed in numerous world wide media weight loss giants such as Muscle & Fitness Hers,Oxygen, and Flex magazines -- just to name a few. Her new book, "The Ultimate Weight LossAnd Fitness Bible," has said to make weight loss ..."amazingly simple to understand and easy"
  4. 4. More info at http://www.ultimate-weight-loss-bible.comArticle Source: ====For Best weight Loss Tips ====