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Mara Isabel Mendoza Mazón.                                                                                    Tourist guid...
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kind of tourist guide

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kind of tourist guide

  1. 1. Mara Isabel Mendoza Mazón. Tourist guide. Hmw 5. 25/january/2013. KINDS OF TOUR GUIDE.• Free Lance: not permanently connected with any travel agency and paid per trip.• Staff Guide: permanently connected with a travel agency, receives monthly salary.• Local guide: a person competent enough to guide in a certain locality or area.• Escort: a person who accompanies a group of tourists from the point of origin to the destination, and back to the origin. Usually handles group’s check in and check out.• Specialist: a person who specializes in a certain field such as botany, architecture, etc.• Linguist: a person who speaks fluently two or more foreign languages.• Driver guide: operates vehicle while providing commentary.• On-site guide: conducts sightseeing and educational tours through site of interest.• Step-on guide: conducts tours and provides commentary while traveling on a vehicle.• Transfer Guides: Those who receive the passengers in the terminals; dealing mainly provide general information and reconfirming the destination programs acquired by the passenger (hotels / tours / etc.). His main skills lie in-depth knowledge of the standard procedures at airports and hotels: check in, flight reconfirmation, luggage logistics, among others.BIBLIOGRAPHY: Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks © August 2005Principles and Ethics of Tour Guiding, Zenaida L. Cruz, rex printing company, 1999.

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