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  1. 1. Marah Rios
  2. 2.  Job description and duties: • Performing for live audiences or in a recording studio • Sing as a solo artist, backup vocals, or as part of a larger group • Locate rehearsal space and concert venues • Travel with concert tour or as part of a stage production • Self-promotion and marketing
  3. 3.  Services, work setting, and co-workers: • Provide vocals for concerts, musicals, commercials, films, weddings, sports competitions and banquets • Perform in arenas and stadiums, clubs, theaters, studios, churches, and hotels/convention centers • Work with backup singers, as part of a choir, with the cast of a musical, accompanists, bands, or as a solo artist
  4. 4.  Necessary skills:• Talent and musical ability • A “good ear”• Self-discipline • Practice, practice, practice• Ability to work well with others • Musicians, agents, producers, conductors• Determination • Keep on trying, don’t let no get you down• Endurance • Lots of travel, crazy schedules
  5. 5.  Required/suggested education: • No minimum requirement for pop singer • School of hard knocks may be enough • 4-year Bachelor’s degree required for opera/classical singer • Advanced degree strongly recommended • Private study with a vocal coach • Never too many lessons
  6. 6.  Two of the Best Vocal Music Programs: • The Juilliard School • Founded in 1905 • Known worldwide for the “superior quality of its education and artistic training” • Students from 42 countries were enrolled in the 2010/2011 academic year • Juilliard alumni have won more than 105 Grammy Awards and 62 Tony Awards • Offers multiple degree programs including Artist Diploma, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorates
  7. 7.  Two of the Best Vocal Music Programs: • The Berklee School of Music • Founded in 1945 • Philosophy - “Musicianship should be taught through the music of the time...” • Students from 80 countries are enrolled in the 2011/2012 academic year • Berklee alumni have won more than 205 Grammy Awards • Offers multiple degree programs including Bachelors, Masters, International, and Professional
  8. 8.  School Cost Comparison: • The Juilliard School = $50,700 • Cost per year for undergraduate work • Includes tuition, books, supplies, room and board • All freshmen are required to live on campus • Berklee School of Music = $53,440 • Cost per year for undergraduate work • Includes tuition, books, supplies, room, and board • Freshman do not have to live on campus
  9. 9.  Salary Information: • Average salary = $38,000 - $55,000/year • $18.25 – $26.50/hour • Depends greatly on ability and demand • Many work a “real” job during the day and sing part-time at night or on the weekends • Sometimes singing for free just to gain exposure • Some are able to make much, MUCH, more after becoming popular
  10. 10.  Benefit and Advancement Information: • Not many traditional benefits available • But can often get free tickets and backstage passes! • Career expected to show moderate growth through 2020 • Number of people attending concerts/shows expected to increase • Will cause increase in demand for session musicians and backup singers • Does not include opera companies because they have difficulty getting funding
  11. 11.  Final Thoughts: • Singers must be creative and have the ability to take on different roles in different songs • They must have good poise on stage and be able to easily memorize lyrics • They must have the passion to keep going even when rejected • They must be able to enjoy the ride and be proud to bring a little happiness to the world • They must be in it for the love of music and not the money…there are many more broke singers than rich ones