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PnP in building office add ins - public


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Patterns and Practices in Building Office Add-Ins

Published in: Technology
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PnP in building office add ins - public

  1. 1.
  2. 2. read/write to/from
  3. 3. (only shape supported by Microsoft Word)
  4. 4. Add-In Catalog (SP) Office Store
  5. 5. App for Office Manifest <XML> Web Page HTML+JS Office Add-In Catalog Server Web Server Office Add-In
  6. 6. accessibility responsive touch Office UI Fabric OSS
  7. 7. ASP.NET
  8. 8. Azure + o365 • Fully flexible: Private, on premises, hybrid or cloud • The power of o365: Leverage Office, SharePoint and Exchange Online as your application building blocks • Identity is the glue that makes all of that possible
  9. 9. Your identity goes with you 3rd party clouds/hosting Azure AD You
  10. 10. When accessing Graph API to access o365 sevcies, you need to register you application in AAD. Step 1: Register your apps on Azure AD
  11. 11. AD needs to know which web app/service the o365 app is actually referring to. Step 2: Map the AD app to the actual web service
  12. 12. The client app must be allowed to call the web service. It is also allowed to logon to Azure Active Directory (by default) Step 3: Set permissions
  13. 13. The app is allowed to call Graph API features Step 3: Set permissions
  14. 14.