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The TV Shield - Outdoor TV Enclosure Cabinet Cover for LCD LED Plasma


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The TV Shield - Outdoor TV Enclosure Cabinet Cover for LCD LED Plasma

  1. 1. Home The TV Shield Menu Our Store Contact  Contact: 800-331-2628   The TV Shield ™ Outdoor TV Enclosure Cabinet Case Indoor & Outdoor TV Cover For Any LCD LED & Plasma TV Explore The TV Shield™, The universal solution for protecting your TV from everything, indoors and outdoors at your home or business! Watch, protect and lock any TV in any environment.   The TV Shield Outdoor TV Enclosure was recently featured on the hit show Designing Spaces. What does it do… Want to Protect your TV From Water, Dust, Impact & Theft? Want to watch tv outside? Our universal Full TV Enclosure Cabinet for LCD, LED and PLASMA TVs is the ultimate body guard that offers protection for TV’s from 19 Inches to 42 Inches (up to 46 inch in most LED TV’s). The TV Shield™ provides a clear view of your TV or flat  panel display when the case is closed, and when in the open position will give you a direct view of your TV. The best solution for indoor and outdoor television enclosures. How does it work? The unique sealing system, combined with an open and closable front cover with machine screws keep your TV tight, dry, protected and secure. By allowing any television to fit inside of our enclosure, using any universal VESA mount attatched to The TV Shield. You the end user get the choice of picking out any television that you desire. Giving you the ultimate in viewing angles, adjustments, options and placement. You can hang The TV Shield from a ceiling, mount it on a wall, recess it into a wall or mount it on a post. Be sure to go to our Video Gallery to get more detailed information. Our Superior Technology… Our universal TV Enclosure is engineered to be weather resistant, light, durable, secure and affordable. We have manufactured our case using a HMWPE High Molecular-Weight Polyethylene plastic, the same plastic used in outdoor slides. To give it superior strength and rigidity, the front panel is manufactured using an industry leading 1/4 Inch thick shatter resistant LEXAN optically clear polycarbonate, the same material used in bullet proof glass! The TV Shield Enclosure mounts using any universal VESA mounting system or mount available in our store. Page 1 / 2
  2. 2. Smart & Affordable! The TV Shield is the ultimate indoor and outdoor tv enclosure. Engineered to provide the ultimate protection for your LCD LED PLASMA & Flat Screen TV in any indoor or outdoor environment. The TV Shield™ is designed,  engineered and manufactured in the USA. We believe that our revolutionary patent pending TV Case & Cabinet Enclosure is the best and most affordable case out there! Ready to purchase? For more information, check out our website for videos, photos and details: Visit our store or call 1-800-331-2628 to purchase or with any questions you may have. Online Store – Reviews – Photo Gallery - Video Gallery - 3d Demonstration Discover The TV Shield™: l WATER/WEATHER RESISTANT - Use any Television outside (why spend 4k+ for a waterproof TV) The entire outdoor tv cover is sealed and engineered to protect against rain and water. l SECURE - 2 keyed and chambered locks protect from theft/vandalism and tampering. Front panel secured to enclosure with security rivets to prevent removal. l LIGHT WEIGHT - Our units weigh 50-75% less than our competition and are made of light weight but highly durable and long lasting outdoor plastics. Our largest unit weighs 29lbs our smallest unit weighs 15lbs l STYLISH - Black plastic on a clear shield designed to meet even the most demanding tastes and match most current televisions. Custom orders & design combinations by special request. l AFFORDABLE - 50 to 75% less than our competitions outdoor tv cabinets and much cheaper when it comes to ship. l VERSATILE - Built to fit almost any TV. Sizes for everything from a 19 inch TV or flat panel display to a 46 in most current LED TVs. The TV Shield mounts using any universal vesa mounting system. Be sure to check your television dimensions to make sure it will fit. l DURABLE - Resistant to water, dust, weather and theft & tampering!!! Designed with outdoor plastics that can withstand cold/hot temperatures, direct/long term sun exposure, weather and flying objects.   Front panel  made from industry leading 1/4 Inch thick shatter resistant and optically clear LEXAN Polycarbonate, which is the same material used to produce bullet proof glass. l MADE IN THE USA - The TV Shield™ Outdoor TV Enclosure was designed, engineered and manufactured  in the USA.   Call 1-800-331-2628 or Click Below to Order Now.   Our Store About Us Our Blog FAQ Privacy Policy Warranty & Guarantee Terms & Conditions Copyright © 2011 The TV Shield™ | Made in the USA | Patent Pending Page 2 / 2