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MAP17 Information Night


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Information about the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP): Startup Accelerator, Velocity Program, eligibility requirements, selection criteria and how to get involved!

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MAP17 Information Night

  1. 1. I N F O R M AT I O N N I G H T M E L B O U R N E A C C E L E R A T O R P R O G R A M O P E N F O R B U S I N E S S M A X I N E L E E A C C E L E R AT O R M A N A G E R @MAPUnimelb #mapunimelb
  2. 2. MAP T H E F R A N K L I N S 
 ( F E M A L E F O U N D E R S ) S TA RT U P 
 A C C E L E R AT O R A L U M N I 
 P R O G R A M M A S T E R 
 C L A S S E S V E L O C I T Y 
 P R O G R A M V I S I O N A RY S E R I E S 
 Chapter 2 MAP Overview > @MAPUnimelb #MAPUnimelb
  3. 3. STARTUP ACCELERATOR Who? • Later-stage founders pursuing
 product-market fit / growth • 10 teams What? • $20,000 funding and office space • 5 month full-time program 
 (June-October 2017) • There’s more… Chapter 3 Startup Accelerator > @MAPUnimelb #MAPUnimelb
  4. 4. WHY GET INVOLVED • Alumni and mentor network • Cohort effect • Entrepreneur-in-residence program
 • Getting investment ready • Resources and support Chapter 3 Startup Accelerator > @MAPUnimelb #MAPUnimelb
  5. 5. ELIGIBILITY 1. At least one founder has a Unimelb 
 affiliation (student/alumni/staff); and 1. Melbourne School of Engineering; 2. Faculty of Business and Economics / Melbourne Business School; 3. Faculty of Arts; 4. Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences; 5. Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning; 6. Melbourne Law School; 7. Faculty of Science; or 8. Faculty of Victorian College of the Arts and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. 2. At least one full-time founder Chapter 3 Startup Accelerator > @MAPUnimelb #MAPUnimelb
  7. 7. VELOCITY PROGRAM Who? • Early stage founders pursuing 
 market validation • 30 teams What? • 6 month part-time program 
 (June-February) How? • Monthly workshops • Customer discovery • Networking and mentorship Chapter 4 Velocity Program > @MAPUnimelb #MAPUnimelb
  8. 8. ELIGIBILITY • Application required • No Unimelb affiliation and 
 full time commitment required • $350 participation fee per founder Chapter 4 Velocity Program > @MAPUnimelb #MAPUnimelb
  9. 9. PROGRAMS 5 month full-time program (Jun-Oct) 10 teams Focus on product/market fit & growth $20,000 funding (no equity taken) Free office space for 12 months University of Melbourne affiliation V E L O C I T Y 
 P R O G R A M 6 month part-time program (Jun-Feb) 30 teams Focus on market validation $350 fee per person No university affiliation required Structured mentoring Unparalleled connections and resources from the MAP network Chapter 4 Velocity Program > @MAPUnimelb #MAPUnimelb S TA RT U P 
  10. 10. SELECTION STAGES 17 Apr 
 Night 27 Apr Interview I 
 (MAP) 3-5 May Interview II
 (Selection Panel) 11 May Welcome, Induction, Launch! 16 May
 22-23 May 31 May Chapter 5 Application Process > @MAPUnimelb #MAPUnimelb Online
 Application (3-min video)
  11. 11. CRITERIA TeamMarket Product Execution/
 Traction Chapter 5 Application Process > @MAPUnimelb #MAPUnimelb
  12. 12. MAP16
 ALUMNI Michelle Mannering CMO, Bajaboard Unimelb
 BSc, Chemistry
 MAP Accelerator
 COO, (MAP16) CMO, Bajaboard (MAP16) Carlton Connect Events & Program Coordinator
 Chapter 6 MAP Alumni > @MAPUnimelb #MAPUnimelb
  13. 13. MAP14 
 ALUMNI Ivan Lim CEO, Brosa
 Forbes Asia 30 under 30 UniMelb
 BA Media & Comms
 MAP Accelerator
 CEO, Brosa (MAP14)
 Head of Marketing
 Chapter 6 MAP Alumni > @MAPUnimelb #MAPUnimelb Growth
 Team of 40

  14. 14. MAP16
 ALUMNI Shazia Ruybal Pesantez, 
 CEO, The Artisan Project Unimelb
 Bio21 Institute 
 MAP16 Startup Bootcamp Velocity Program
 The Franklins Chapter 6 MAP Alumni > @MAPUnimelb #MAPUnimelb
  15. 15. MAP15
 ALUMNI Detch Singh CEO, Hypetap Citibank
 Analyst M&A UniMelb
 BCom BIS 
 MAP Accelerator Applied in 2013 Applied in 2014 Successful in 2015 Fundraising 
 Series A Chapter 6 MAP Alumni > @MAPUnimelb #MAPUnimelb
  16. 16. MASTER CLASSES Who? • Founders at any stage What? • 45-minute class on a topic • 15-minutes of Q&A Chapter 7 MAP Events > @MAPUnimelb #MAPUnimelb
  17. 17. STARTUP BOOTCAMPS Who? • Early stage founders at the ideation phase What? • 2-day event 1. Lean startup methodology 2. Co-founder open mic Chapter 7 MAP Events > @MAPUnimelb #MAPUnimelb
  18. 18. Who? • High potential women entrepreneurs What? • Coaching (pitching, business models, sales etc.) THE FRANKLINS Chapter 7 MAP Events > @MAPUnimelb #MAPUnimelb
  19. 19. MAP17 LAUNCH Who? • Everyone! What? • Showcase of the selected teams in the startup accelerator When? • Wednesday 31 May at 
 The Plaza Ballroom Chapter 7 MAP Events > @MAPUnimelb #MAPUnimelb