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  1. 1. Unit 57: Photography andPhotographic PracticeTask 4 Selection of finalimages & review
  2. 2. Aim of ShootThe aim of my shootwas to create somegreat pictures thathad good characterand really spoke forthem selves like thisimage has colouryet still quite darkand sad
  3. 3. Description of shootThis photo was just on the outskirts ofcentral Manchester positioning thecamera was the key part of the shot as itis so close to the lamppost it created areal great photo with good depth of feeland with all the different levels to createmy favourite picture. it was taken duringsummer on quite a dull day I had theshutter speed on quite slow as I wastrying to go for the blurred traffic effectpreviously. I used gradient map to createthis quite easy and funky look
  4. 4. Contact Sheet
  5. 5. Selection of unedited images
  6. 6. Editing effectsthis image I changedhue and coloursaturation. It may beperceived as unrealistic but I think it isa very good shot
  7. 7. Final Images I really like the positioning of thisphoto as the bridge draws you in tothe center it has good composition I personally like the purple aspectof it but it could be apart of thephotos down fall as it is not asrealistic
  8. 8. Editing effects I heightened the thresh hold givingit a strange black and white look It was a simple and effective wayof creating a quite abstract image
  9. 9. Final Images I like this image as it has areally textural feel to it, itsbold and quite strange It may be hard to interpretwhat it actual is
  10. 10. Capture logSetting - manualShutter Speed - 400Aperture – f8
  11. 11. Editing effects The process I under took herewas I raised the curves to allowmore light exposure and theninverted it to give it thisflorescent dark look.
  12. 12. Final ImagesI really like how you almostlead down the street theinverted effect really createsthis almost horror feel to theimage
  13. 13. Capture logSetting – ManualShutter Speed - 500Aperture – f10
  14. 14. Editing effectsI raised the photo filter to create awarm look. I was unsure how to editthis photo at first and believe this wayis quite effective
  15. 15. Final ImagesIt is quite a simple imagewhich could be seen asquite boringI personally like the pictureand think the space in themiddle of the trees has apeaceful look to it
  16. 16. Capture logSetting- manualShutter Speed- 500Aperture – f11
  17. 17. Rejected ImagesThese are the three of theimages I chose not to use thefirst was just blurred as I left theshutter speed on to low .The second image I just foundvery boring and bland thebuilding is quite ugly and notwhat I was looking forThe third image was ruined bypeople walking in front of me
  18. 18. Aims for next projectTo make sure I prepare a good locationI will get a better camera and spend more timeactually taking the pictures