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Top apps that assure maximum reachability for ebooks


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If you are in anyway associated with eBook creation services, this write-up is meant for you. Read and explore more.

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Top apps that assure maximum reachability for ebooks

  1. 1. Top apps that assure maximum reachability for eBooks It’s digital era now and printed books are now stepping aside for electronic books. Inquires a typical eBook conversion company get per day has increased more than ever before. Digital versions are cheap and portable. They can also be easily distributed. However, there are some top eBook apps that will help you to assure more reachability for your work. Let us see few of the most important among them. Kindle Stores Almost everyone knows that making available your work on Amazon via their Press Program or Kindle Direct Publishing helps. Don’t be reluctant and go for it. Here a lot of people frequently search for getting books. Making your provisions free can be immensely helpful and also this is what many companies offering eBook creation services recommend. Scribd
  2. 2. Earlier Scribd was used by bloggers mainly to embed documents into their posts. Now it has expanded its service to be a platform that facilitates to read and use electronic documents. You can either make available your book free of cost here or charge for it. Authors can also benefit from the subscription service set up by Scribd. It has become one of the best eBook apps now. Smashwords Smashwords finds its position at a vague point between the statuses of a distributor and publisher for eBooks. When your work is uploaded, they assist you in distributing it to several online resellers. Also the net profit you enjoy with them is higher when compared to some distributors. BookTango BookTango publishes and distributes; thus it is easier to create an eBook and publish it in numerous stores. It is one among the best options for non-technical people who are not comfortable with any other digital conversion services. An editing suite is there; by using a tablet or several other mobile devices, changes can be done if needed. Covers can also be
  3. 3. designed and even ISBN can be obtained. With sales, you will get 100% of the profit made. There are many paid services that you can make use of if needed. Blurb Earlier this has been one of the most preferred solutions by photographers and artist for paper publishing. Later on it associated with and now lists both eBooks and print on their website. There is also a software name BookWright provided by which paper books as well as eBooks can be easily created. If you prefer creating using InDesign, there is a plugin which eases the process. BookWright is a user friendly software but there is only restricted distribution scope. However, Blurb is definitely one of the best choices if the eBook has lots of images. Pressbooks It is very much familiar among the users of WordPress platform. Here WordPress interface is used for creating eBooks and to manage the resulting files as well as its distribution. Then conversion can be done to MOBI, PDF and EPUB. Also you are availed help to export your PDF file for using it with print-on-demand publishing, CreateSpace feature of Amazon. They
  4. 4. allow the promotion of your work and you can keep specific chapters private or public as you deem fit. There are many designs and templates from which appropriate ones can be chosen. Pressbooks is absolutely free but to get their watermark removed from your book, a fee needs to be paid. MAP SYSTEMS is a name to reckon with when it comes to professional eBook conversion services. The company offers exceptional class of services and make the best use of most sophisticated technologies to get the work done with perfection within the agreed upon timeframe. A customer support team functioning all time round the clock exists here. You can get in touch with the executives to know more details about different digital conversion services the company offers.