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7 must have software for 3d modeling service providers


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You need to be acquainted with a lot of things when it comes to 3Dmodeling. This article features the best 3D modeling software programs available.

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7 must have software for 3d modeling service providers

  1. 1. 7 must have software for 3d modeling service providers One’s ability to create standalone 3d models is gifted but it requires precision tools to master the art of finishing it. Some of them come with a price tag while others which offer pretty much the same features come absolutely free. Let us see some of the best 3D modeling software programs. However, you should do a detailed analysis of the project before deciding the tools to work with. Always remember that no software can be considered to be complete. It is better to use a mix of software tools to get the desired results. 1. Sketchup Sketchup is free of cost and advanced with many options for beginners. Even though it is a free to use version, techniques and options available make it a worthy competitor for most of the advanced tools available in the internet. 2. Blender When open source is mentioned, Blender is the tool which comes in to the mind of every professional 3D artist. This robust little tool is compact and comes with a very easy to install
  2. 2. setup package which is under 100MB. Fluid, smoke particles and hair can also be rendered while using Blender. 3. Rhino When it comes to curve based modeling tools, Rhino is the leader. It creates precise models of objects using curves. A very active forum and lots of professionals in the scene makes Rhino a perfect platform for new comers. It is not a free to use software. 4. Maya and 3DS Max Both Maya and 3DS Max comes from Autodesk stable and are renowned among modelers as the perfect composition for rendering and particle usage. 3DS Max offers extensive support for beginners while Maya is means for professional animators. It offers high end tools for development. 5. AutoCAD
  3. 3. AutoCAD is a versatile tool that helps to create stunning models for service providers. Engineers and graphic designers stick to AutoCAD due to its simplicity and power. It provides extensive rendering support and nifty tools for sculpting and animation. AutoCAD has to be purchased just like most of Autodesk applications. 6. Revit Specialized in creating splendid architectural designs, Revit is an industry trademark for architects. It is Autodesk’s drawing platform that is widely accepted all over the world. Collaboration and work sharing features included in Revit excites most of the hardworking designers. 7. Cinema 4D
  4. 4. Cinema 4D suits developers, architects, designers and animators because it comes in 4 flavors. . It is widely used in architectural, industrial and multimedia fields. User friendly cannot be explained much better than showing a demonstration of how Cinema 4D works. Even though many of the above mentioned applications have common features, some of them are useful in specific areas. Companies that design and distribute 3d modeling services and 3d modeling applications often rely on paid applications for better after purchase support.