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5 photo retouching tips for a successful real estate business

When you are into real estate business, the most important and deciding factor is photography. Good photographs will always generate more leads and prospective buyers. This article puts light on some photo retouching tips for ensuring maximum sales.

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5 photo retouching tips for a successful real estate business

  1. 1. 5 photo retouching tips for a successful real estate business Snapping the best angles often help the marketing team to sell properties like hot cakes. However no photograph can be perfect initially; you have to enhance it. Some real estate photo editing tips for enhanced sales are discussed below. 1. Correcting perspective and HDR adjustment Try to position the camera perpendicular to lines. Else the snap may end up a bit slanted which will give an impression of unstable walls. The overall look of the image may be sacrificed due to this. Vertical snaps also allow usage of wide angle lens for creating some space in rooms. While high contrast images are effective it is better if your developer can alter the source file a bit using HDR technology. HDR adjustment helps apartments and villas where one corner is darker and the other has a good flow of light.
  2. 2. 2. Tone modification Light types are decisive and can spoil an image with no warning signs. Try to do a test shot by using a color card before snapping the original property. This helps to balance the difference in lighting. The need for modifying tones arises when natural light and interior light systems collide making it more of an artificial system. . This greatly improves the aesthetic property of the picture. 3. Window and sky retouching
  3. 3. Don’t give too much importance in altering the sky or horizon just because they are not for sale. The property must get the maximum highlight. Window views can often be stunning but overdoing the contrast side can spoil such a picture. Be very careful while retouching sky and window sections. 4. Compositing an image Background objects must not take the actual impact of the property. This has to be validated before finalizing an edited image up for print. Shadows must all go in the same direction, that too with an opacity which is realistic enough for viewers. Photoshop image retouching techniques will help you accomplish this task fairly easily. 5. Cleaning an image
  4. 4. There are instances where light scorns, wall hangers and cables have to be removed from the image. Interiors of a property which require furnishing are to be captured. Professionals offering real estate photo retouching services avail an excellent final cleanup of property based images. An in-depth search on how to edit real estate photos in Photoshop will easily show you the way for creating cool pictures. Also, if you are a property developer then finding the appropriate photographer is not a big deal. There are a lot of photo editing companies who can exceed your expectations.