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5 expert OCR tips for business improvement


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Digitization has gained us a lot more than what we have expected. OCR is something that is highly relevant in this context. These tips can be of great help for both amateurs as well as professionals.

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5 expert OCR tips for business improvement

  1. 1. 5 expert OCR tips for business improvement Optical Character Recognition has facilitated improved conversion rate of scanned documents into editable ones thereby increasing the throughput. Here are five tips by which OCR document management can improve business workflow. 1. Invoice processing of A/c payable One of the most essential requirements en route to improvisation of business is to automate invoice processing as per the professional service providers. When creating a payable records section OCR can help to optimize the processing of invoices. During the testing phase it is better if there are a number of invoices from different vendors to be processed. This helps to significantly improve the recognition rate. 2. Auditing and reporting of expenses
  2. 2. One of the areas that businesses must focus to improve upon their profit is the expense management system. An OCR based system can easily overcome the difficulties caused by a manual system. Real time expense documentation is possible if a mobile device capable of running an OCR client software is able to capture real time receipts. This easily waives away any fraud attempt like masking of transaction. 3. Business Card identification An OCR business card recognition software can help to reduce the tension caused by adding all the contacts into a CRM. Business cards are often chosen just because it is easy to overcome semantic meaning assignation issues. Evernote Hello is a popular choice of business card recognition app. 4. Minute’s preservation
  3. 3. While you are busy taking down notes or meeting minutes with the help of a stylus or pen and paper you must understand that searchable feature of the information is lost. This can be challenged if you are able to recognize characters and store them to be accessed later. It is a challenge and even has a special term named Intelligent Character Recognition. ICR providers are more concerned about the quality of the output, i.e. the percentage of success that they have in porting a document. Manual review is often required for cent percent satisfaction. 5. Form submission and application importing style Waivers, loyalty program enrollments and applications depend on customers to generate data which is collected online. Manual entry is time consuming and not effective. Repetitive activities often gain substantial income and time savings if this program is coupled with the business software system. OCR document scanning is a relatively a simpler task and doesn’t require huge investments. Business entities can gain a lot more by empowering their scanning functionality by using OCR conversion methods. These few tips often assist OCR conversion service providers to develop efficient solutions. Even though the change is gradual, you will feel the difference quickly.