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14 lab-planing


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14 lab-planing

  1. 1. LAB: Configuration July 2012LAB: PlanningGoalIn these exercises you will designa MapR HACluster by planningthe service layout.This is a theoretical exercise and at the end you will review other student’s MapRHA Cluster design.Exercise: Planning: Review Service Layout in a small cluster Planning involveswhich services to run on which nodes in the cluster.  The majority of nodes are worker nodes, which run the TaskTracker and MapR-FS services for data processing.  A few nodes run control services that manage the cluster and coordinate MapReduce jobs. Here is an example of the control service layout on a small cluster: Most clusters run the CLDB on three nodes and ZooKeeper on three or five nodes. For details and sample configurations, see Planning the Deployment. The following guidelines will help you refine the service layout.  ZooKeeper and CLDB If possible, avoid running ZooKeeper and CLDB on the same node (especially in clusters over 100 nodes).  TaskTracker on CLDB or ZooKeeper nodes If you must run TaskTracker on CLDB or ZooKeeper nodes, reduce the number of task slots by half (see Tuning MapReduce).© 2012 by MapR Technologies Page 1 of 3
  2. 2. LAB: Configuration July 2012  JobTracker on CLDB Avoid running the JobTracker on the master CLDB node. You can configure the JobTracker and CLDB on the same nodes as long as the running JobTracker and the master CLDB do not reside on the same node; if failover causes the JobTracker and CLDB to run on the same node, rectify the problem as quickly as practical.  JobTracker on ZooKeeper nodes Avoid running the JobTracker on nodes that are running ZooKeeper.  Set up a pool of machines for failover Maintain additional machines for failover; these machines can be normal nodes running the TaskTracker until they are needed.Exercise: Planning: Design Service Layout for HA Cluster You are going to design your own HA Cluster and review with other students. The instructor will give you a planning sheet to record your cluster design. Draw the racks and name them Rack1, Rack2, … RackN, and label the Services per the following example: Layout the services using the following table asa guideline for the number of instances of each service to run in thecluster:© 2012 by MapR Technologies Page 2 of 3
  3. 3. LAB: Configuration July 2012 Service Package How Many CLDB (CLDB) mapr-cldb 1-3 FileServer (FS) mapr-fileserver Most or all nodes HBase Master (HM) mapr-hbase-master 1-3 HBaseRegionServer mapr-hbase- Varies (HR) regionserver JobTracker (JT) mapr-jobtracker 1-3 NFS mapr-nfs Varies TaskTracker (TT) mapr-tasktracker Most or all nodes WebServer (WS) mapr-webserver One or more Zookeeper (ZK) mapr-zookeeper 1, 3, 5, or a higher odd number© 2012 by MapR Technologies Page 3 of 3