Bicycle Advisory Committee Presentation to Maple Ridge Council: July 12, 2011


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Bicycle Advisory Committee Presentation to Maple Ridge Council: July 12, 2011

  1. 1. Bicycle Advisory Committee<br />Presentation to Maple Ridge Council July 12, 2011<br />
  2. 2. Bicycle Advisory Committee<br />The Bicycle Advisory Committee is committed to promoting cycling in the two communities with the strong support from both Councils and dedicated volunteers that serve the Committee.<br />Maple Ridge <br /><ul><li> Councilor Linda King
  3. 3. Alex Pope, Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition, Chair
  4. 4. Linda Kingston, Community at Large
  5. 5. Chris Hennessey, Community at Large
  6. 6. Paul Scanlon, Community at Large
  7. 7. Russ Carmichael, Staff Liaison
  8. 8. Tracy Camire,Committee Clerk</li></ul>Pitt Meadows<br /><ul><li> Councilor Tracy Miyashita
  9. 9. Peter Jongbloed, Community at Large, Vice-Chair
  10. 10. John Toews, Community at Large
  11. 11. Katia Robichaud,Staff Liaison</li></li></ul><li>Bicycle Advisory Committee<br />The Bicycle Advisory Committee has undergone some changes with the addition two new Community at Large Members from Maple Ridge (Linda Kingston and Paul Scanlon) and Pitt Meadows (Peter Jongbloed and John Toews). <br />New and energetic ideas, a hallmark of this committee, will continue to complement existing Business Plan Objectives for our Communities; <br />1) Increase off-road routes<br />Influence Development plans<br />Switch to (promote) cycling as mode of transit<br />Leverage funding<br />Designate routes that are safe/marked<br />
  12. 12. Cycling Profile – Transportation <br />With the addition of 7.4 km of connectivity over the last year there are 28.74 km of dedicated on-street Bike lanes and 12.7 km of shared Bike Traffic Lanes in Maple Ridge. In 2010, the 1-2-3 Route connected some of these together into a 10 km long East West corridor. <br />Maple Ridge<br /> (new) North Alouette Greenway Bridge to trail network<br /> (new) 227 St (Hollyrod-Lougheed)<br /> (new) 122 Ave (222-224)<br /> (new) 232 St (124-128)<br />(new) East West 1-2-3 Corridor from 203 to 256 (signage/road marking completed 2010)<br />(new) 203rd Bike lane between 123rd and new Connector East Lane completed 2010<br />(new) 240th Dewdney to Abernathy separated Multi-use pathway<br />(design underway) Lougheed Highway 222nd to Laity Street <br />(proposed) 122nd Bike lane from 216th to 224th Construction 2012<br />(requested) Abernathy Connector Bike lane from 203rd to 256th Some consideration by MetroVancouver as part of a Watermain Project<br />(needed) Old Dewdney Trunk at Laity and 210th Consideration by Translink future work on 128th<br />Pitt Meadows:<br />(new) painted bike lanes on Ford Road between Harris and Baynes Road <br />(new) Kennedy Road Bridge was completed this year which improved bike lanes.<br />
  13. 13. Cycling Profile<br />Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows continue to welcome Cycling Activity. <br />2010 Highlights <br /><ul><li>May Race the Ridge weekend in Maple Ridge featuring a time trials in Golden Ears, a road race in Whonnock and a Criterium in the Maple Ridge Town Square, all organized by the Local Ride Bike Shop.
  14. 14. Ongoing Bike Parking at events including Caribbean Festival and Canada Day
  15. 15. VACC Cycling Skills Program were offered thorough the Parks and Leisure Programs, VACC cycling training for the school community was offered through Safer Cities to School District 42 (Albion El.)</li></ul>2011 Activities<br /><ul><li>the VACC with funding sponsored by the District of Maple Ridge and the City of Pitt Meadows held June Bike to Work Week Stations at Memorial Peace Park and at the West Coast Express Station
  16. 16. Race the Ridge and Criterium continue to bring in competitors and spectators
  17. 17. Bike Parking Events grow in popularity with gas prices and sustainability on peoples minds. Pitt Meadows Day, Canada Day and this year the Caribbean Festival July 9/10, 2011
  18. 18. Following interest from local business’, BAC funded an Engineering Department request for 4 bike parking locations on 227th Street
  19. 19. Ride2Survive June 18 was a one day 400km bicycle ride from Kelowna to Delta raises funds for Cancer Research. Riders stopped at the Albion fairgrounds
  20. 20. Safer Cities Program with TransLink Travel Smart funded program has been offered to School District 42 (Kanaka, Hammond and Laity El. have been approached )</li></li></ul><li>Cycling Profile<br />Following a request from two business owners the Engineering Department asked if the BAC would be able to fund 4 Bike Racks on 227th Street;<br />
  21. 21. Cycling Profile - Commuting<br />The BAC sponsored a VACC Bike to Work Week tent on June 1st at the West Coast Express, Maple Meadows Station and on June 3rd at Memorial Peace Park.<br />Many bicycle commuters passed the booth during the afternoon bike ‘rush hours’ but better many car and train commuters saw the cyclists commuting as a viable option to the daily gridlock and parking dilemma.<br />Bicycle Parking at Events continues to grow in popularity and the many groups have incorporated bike parking as a routine service cutting down on car parking and providing a closer convenient location.<br />
  22. 22. Cycling Profile – Bike to Work<br />
  23. 23. Bicycles as a Mode of Transportation<br />The Bicycle Advisory Committee has had ongoing discussions with the design groups for Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows. Bike lanes are considered in road designs as standard practice. Opportunities for Bike Lanes were incorporated into the Recent Road works on 240th, 232nd and 203rd, as well as planning for multi use on 122nd Ave. and design on Lougheed from 216th to Laity. <br />Signage was completed to provide an ‘1-2-3 East West Route’ parallel to Dewdney from 203rd Street to 256th Street.<br />BAC is working with the Engineering Department to provide feedback for the Transportation Plan update this fall. The BAC is providing a Master Cycling Plan which will incorporate Recreational, Commuter and Community destinations.<br />
  24. 24. Cycling Plan (DRAFT)<br />
  25. 25. Destinations (DRAFT)<br />
  26. 26. Cycling Profile<br />Cycling Awareness is a topic than can and has been handled at events where literature is handed out, on our Municipal Website and through traditional poster or Newspaper advertisements. <br />This year the BAC reviewed our funding and is conducting a contest to encourage cyclists to attend Municipal Events. <br />The rules are simple:<br /><ul><li>Take a picture of yourself or others attending a municipal event by bicycle, email your entry to bikecontest@mapleridge.caand you could win anyone of a number of prizes.</li></li></ul><li>Cycling Contest<br />
  27. 27. Cycling in Two Decades from Now<br />Our Planning and Construction of infrastructure today will determine the Acceptance and Safety of Cycling for our children’s children.<br />
  28. 28. Cycling Now!<br />QUESTIONS?<br />