The Quest for the Crown by the Brainiacs


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You think you know the story of the Battle of Hastings? Did Harold really have an arrow in the eye? Did William the Conqueror really take the crown? Come and read our interactive story where YOU can choose the hero of the day.

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The Quest for the Crown by the Brainiacs

  1. 1. Click to begin
  2. 2. X Introduction Next Page Edward’s Death In 1066, Edward the Confessor had been the King of England for the previous twenty three years. He had been a noble, trustworthy and loyal King to his peasants. However, his nephew Edgar had unfortunately passed on his recent bout of flu to Edward. The King had become very weak and sickly. He was so ill, that he threw up blood constantly and was unable to keep down any food. His citizens knew that their wonderful kings reign was about to crumble. Whilst he was lying on his deathbed on the 5th January, his beautiful wife came to lay beside him. He told her not to fear because he had someone in mind who could replace him in the role of King. Before he could say who it was, Edward gave one final cough and splutter and died.
  3. 3. X There was a council of wise men known as the Witan who were putting their heads together to decide on the next king of England. Everyone was desperate for royalty but most were definitely not up to the job. The Witan hunted for many weeks to find a worthy monarch, until eventually, they found four perfect candidates. Which possible king do you want to learn about? Back Edgar William Harold the Duke of Harald Godwinson Atheling Normandy Hardrada
  4. 4. • William was a popular and cunning Duke of Normandy. Who fancied himself to be sitting on the throne of England. Because he was desperate to continue the fantastic reign of Edward and coating England in his powerful battle strategies. However, his blood was not direct to point at Edward (never mind how much he wanted it to) for he was the past king’s twenty-eighth cousin fifteen times over. As well as this, he never managed to scrape the truth out of rather unbelievable statement that Edward swore that William would be the next king of England. Nevertheless, it wasn’t proved it was a lie either .• William believed that his rule would give all the country the welfare it needed because he was always fair (mostly…sometimes…a bit… rarely…once in a thousand…never). His popularity with the Wittan was boosted by his battle skills and he had led France into many victories, perfect for England! The Wittan took advantage of these skills until he nearly topped the list…under Harold Godwinson. William was furious! How could a posh nobleman, talented warrior, brother-in-law of king Edward and girl scouter be the next monarch! In fact, some people say it was William that shipwrecked Harold; but that’s a different story… That I’ll tell now.• Harold Godwinson was in huge trouble , his boat had been shot down or broken by a rock but Harold was unsure about which shipwrecked him. William took pity on Harold (or put his acting shoes on) and kindly looked after him in France. In return for unbelievable favour there was an unbelievable return (typical) . Harold swore on a box of saint’s bones that William would become the next king. William had defeated Harold but Edgar and Harald Hardrada still had to be stopped and Willaim was determined to get the crown.• Who would you like William to fight? Edgar the Harald Hardrada Atheling
  5. 5. X Edgar the Atheling Edgar was the sickly fourteen year old nephew of Edward the confessor, and when I say sickly, I mean sickly, more like sick approximately three times an hour sickly. He wasn’t the first choice for the Witan, or the girls, or actually anyone at all, but despite his un-royal habits, he had big ambitions. Since the role of king had been offered, he’d been determined to be chosen king to do great things for his country (for once) as well as make his school his army (if he returned from his six month absence that is). As the closest blood relative to Edward, Edgar was sure he had the right to the throne. And although he knew the others had a better chance, he still kept going to earn his throne (a slight change from his bed which was green from sick). With the disadvantage of his weakness, Edgar decided to make himself more regal. He returned to school (causing everyone else to be absent) and worked as hard as he could to give an educated option for king. Next, he took up sword fighting to give a powerful option for king. And finally, greatest of them all,…. he took medicine. Edgar was now prepared to fight anyone for the crown. Who did he fight? William Harald Duke of Hardrada Normandy
  6. 6. Edgar v William Next page!Edgar knew he had tough competition. But who needs a competition when you can have a fight! He did some research and found that William Duke of Normandy was also in the running for royalty. William was a powerful soldier who the witan thought of as a foreigner with no right to the title. Edgar would be known as a hero if he defeated someone with that power. He asked his sword fighting tutor and the pupils in his school to fight on his side and they set off for Hastings on the 10th of October 1066.After two days of travelling, Edgar and his new founded army eventually arrived at the battlefield. They had another two days of battle preparation before the Normans would arrive, so they set up camp underneath a big old oak tree and rested.
  7. 7. Edgar v William Continued BackOn the 14th October, Edgar’s army was woken by the sound of loud horn blows and galloping hooves. The Normans had arrived. As a professional, Edgar’s sword fighting tutor was the first to attack, causing the death of many Norman archers. However, not all of Edgar’s soldiers were that good. After about half-an-hour of fighting, half of the pupils had been killed. The school head boy, Cornelius Applebury (riding on his expensive but slow horse), didn’t choose the most heroic of last words. “I could defeat these idiots blindfolded!”After six hours of failure, it looked like there was no hope for the Atheling army. The only survivors were Edgar and his sword fighting tutor, were as the majority of the Normans were alive and well. In despair, Edgar sneezed on the now incredibly weak horse of Cornelius Applebury. He lifted his sword up to his chest and… ZOOM!!! Applebury’s horse was running faster than any athlete. He pierced straight through the archers, then the foot soldiers and finally, yes! William was dead.It turned out that the sneeze of a royal child could cure a horse of any illness and increase it’s speed by one hundred miles per hour. So from then on, all of the horses in the royal stable were treated that way. CREDITS!
  8. 8. Edgar v HaraldEdgar wanted the crown and no-one was going to stop him. Harald Hardraada was known for his power and violence. Edgar would be known as a fearsome warrior if he won the throne off the mighty Hardrada! He prepared his bloodthirsty army (the pupils from his school and his sword fighting tutor) and set off for Hastings on the 11th October 1066.After one entire day of walking, the Atheling army arrived at the grey apple tree. Edgar looked up at Senlac hill. Hundreds of scruffy Viking soldiers were standing there, preparing their horses and sharpening their swords. Edgar gulped…and coughed…Loud horn blows echoed through the air. The fight had begun. But, for some reason, the Vikings weren’t doing their trademark charge. Instead, they were coughing, spluttering, and sneezing. Edgar’s sword fighting tutor sped up the hill. “Come on! This is our chance! If we don’t kill them they will die of natural causes!”Vikings were being killed by the dozens. Looking on the floor, only tiny scraps of green were showing through the dead bodies and dried blood. The Athelings were winning nothing could stop them now, or so they thought.The Viking medic recognised at once what was going on. Edgar had passed on the flu to the army, but luckily for them, Norwegian medicine was much better than the English, and as quick as a flash, the few surviving Vikings recovered.Edgar knew he had no chance of winning but he kept on fighting. After a while, Edgar died of perfectly natural causes, while his army were being cut to pieces.Victory for Harald Hardrada! Credits!
  9. 9. X Harald Hadrada Harald Hadrada was a blood thirsty Viking. He wasn’t a blood relativeto Edward he wasn’t even English! Although he wasn’t a relative to English royalty he was a relative toking Canute which also means he was a fat, ugly, pig! He would not let anyone get between him and the throne, because hewas a direct descendent to the crown after king Canute. (But technicallyspeaking he might not fit in the throne!) He loved the idea of having two countries. It ment he’d have evenmore peasants to play with. He was really cruel (but I suppose you would haveguessed that by now !). He was furious because he found out that there werethree other contenders, he was prepared to fight –after this salmoncuartage!- After he’d finished lunch he was prepared to fight . But against who? Edgar the William Duke Atheling or of Normandy
  10. 10. X Edgar fights Harald! Next page !Harald decided to find Edgar after all, he was the closest blood relative Edward practically making him king. He knew that although he was dead handsome ( I know right) he wasn’t that popular- who would have guessed!?As soon as Hadrada had done some research “gasp!” (and had a sandwich- which sounds about right) Harald decided that he had to go and fight Edgar- guess who’s most likely to lose!?- and claim the title…Harald landed on the beaches of Hastings on 14th October 1066 . Surprisingly Edgar was already there (sick as ever), you see Edgar had heard Harald’s plans and prepared-more or less. He was there; alone. Well his servants died when he did the debrief as he coughed and spluttered and vomited and gave them plague“Ha that boy will never beat the mighty Hadrada” Laughed Harald. His army screamed with laughter unfortunately what Harald didn’t know was that Edgar had recently caught pneumonia after skinny dipping in the Thames!!
  11. 11. X Edgar fights Harald! Part two The battle started Haralds soldiers went first. Edgar went into a coughing fit and all of Hardrada’s soldiers collapsed in a huge germ fest. Harald got scared; really scared. In fact he fainted so Edgar went over and vomited on Harald. He died instantly. But just to make sure Harald was dead, Edgar buried a knife into Harald’s infection. So Edgar took the long wanted title, and became king, although he probably wouldn’t have lasted two minuets! Anyway England finally had one clear ruler. CREDITS!
  12. 12. X Harald knew that although he was dead handsome (I know right) he wasn’t that popular. He had to do something, something that would make his fearful name known across the world. Meanwhile over in France, William of Normandy (or conqueror as more commonly known) had the same idea, he wanted the crown to. Harald set sail for England, unaware of William (and his schemes) and on the 13 th of October, he landed in Hastings. He looked around and thought to himself “ I would kill to rule England ,but first he had to bring down the contestants, one at a time… Since hearing the news, William was absolutely Terrified. How could a stupid (literally) Viking already be in England? He had to act fast. Very fast. When his army was well rested, he began to travel to England . Harald laughed. He had just heard the news that William was coming.” William” he asked “ the coward from Normandy, ha-ha. Ooooh I ‘m so scared.” That night William landed on the shores of England and rested until the morning… In the morning, of the 14 th October 1066, the battle started and Harald and his army were the first to attack. Both of the frightful warriors wide awake and the battle was fearsome, most of Harald’s army got wiped out! There were spears flying, arrows being shot even horses trampling
  13. 13. X Three little children in England were wondering “ how the pickle sauce” did king William become king? He’s French! They asked their mother and she told them this “our king William the conqueror fought a mighty man called Harald Hardrada for the crown, but when he tried to kill Williams horse he killed hardrada by slicing off his head. Then she paused and pulled something out of the fire logs“ with this” the children gasped the diamond encrested sword… CREDITS!
  14. 14. Harold Godwinson, XA worthy man who would never dream of simply collapsing during battle.trustworthy and reliable he wouldnt ever let his outstanding country down!Despite his many amazing qualities he was illegal to the throne. Haroldwas popular with the peasants and the witan. While in France, shipwreckedhe stumbled across William duke of Normandy. Although Harold was aforeigner here William took him in. In exchange for Williams hospitalityunbeknown to Harold he also swore on a box of saints bones to helpWilliam become the next king of England.Meanwhile in England, the Witan had chosen Harold to be the next king.Harold was a very happy man. In addition to this he was prepared forbattle…Shields, swords and armour poked out of the silver lined trousers he waswearing. Even the horse had its own shield! He was ready to fight.WhoEdgar the like Harold Harald would who to fight? William Duke of Atheling Hardrada Normandy
  15. 15. X Back ge N ext PaHarold was determined to get the crown. Nothing was going to stop him and hismighty army from fighting. He prepared for days, nights, weeks until he was ready .Everyone from England had donated at least something to the noble English warrioras they wanted him to win against the strong, mighty Norwegian king, HaraldHardrada (well everyone except a French man supporting William, however he wascatapulted back to France!). His two groups of army – Fyrd and Housecarls marcheddown to the battle site – Senlac Hill…An English spy along with his team caught up with their army and informed themthat the Norwegians were at the coast of Hastings. Godwinson shouted “Quick! Wemust be there before them!”. His army suddenly marched faster. Two days later, andHarold Godwinson arrived at Senlac Hill, just minutes behind the Vikings. Theyquickly got in their formations, just as the arrows from the Vikings started flying atthem. “Throw everything you have at them!” shouted Harold Godwinson. Housecarlsused their horses to knock out a couple of hundred Vikings. As the battle continued,disaster struck for the English. They had run out of armour! Even the shields hadgone to kill the mighty Norwegians. But all didn’t work. The Vikings had morepeople still standing than the Englishmen. It took his army no time to kill theremaining warriors on the English side… But, still standing was Harold Godwinsonhimself, who for the last 30 years was a famous foot soldier, meaning he can fightusing only his British hands and feet to fight. He gathered his last puff of energy,and veered the half-broken sword from
  16. 16. XHardrada’s hands straight to the ground. He quickly gathered thehalf-broken sword and stabbed the powerless Norwegian in theheart. Godwinson held his hands up and said “I won! Yes” over hismassive triumph! Two weeks later, a member of the Witan told thepeople: “I am proud to announce Harold Godwinson King ofEngland after his victory over Harold Hardrada.” The whole ofEngland cheered for the new king! CREDITS!
  17. 17. William the duke of Normandy what more do you want? Yet William was still worthy of whatever would attempt to slaughter the title off him…William declared war upon Harold Godwinson he rounded up his finest soldiers and peasants and travelled in boats to stop Harold. William also believed that he had been promised the crown so he was ready to fight Harold Godwinson.Meanwhile back in England, Harold had heard rumours that William was prepared for battle. Hardrada gathered all of his pesants and gave them swords, shields and as much weapons as he could get, and lined them up for battle.However nineteen miles away William’s soldiers and pesants was slowly but quietly rowing towards the shore. Harold’s phesants waited then suddenly the screams of arrows, spears and axes flying through the air. Harold had ordered them to attack. With arrows set alight, Williams boats burnt to the bottom of the ocean he and most of his men swam to the shore and the horses leaped onto the sand. William’s footmen sprinted towards Harold’s men and cut them down!William’s men flanked up the sand dunes. At the bottom, Harold’s army were prepared for battle. William’s archers , footmen and cavalry lined up for battle. William signalled to his archers to fire. Godwinson’s men covered themselves in shields. His cavalry charged into Harolds men and they knock them down. They galloped back and William’s archers stopped firing and his men retreated and Harold’s men followed and they broke the wall of shields, and William’s archers fired up into the air and an arrow struck the king in the eye…!
  18. 18. Harold Godwinson, king of England what more could you ask for ? Yet Harold was stillweary of whoever would attempt to murder the title off him. Rumours spread about thekingdom of a sickly boy of fourteen of age claimed that the crown was promised to him.Harold could not take any chances. He gathered up the housecarls , with enormousshields and huge axes and there were peasants trained up to join Harolds army theywere ready to fight but was Edgar…?Meanwhile when Edgar lay in his bed coughing and spluttering ,he was thinking what heshould do. He knew he was going to have to battle. He was faced with a dilemma so hewent outside to get some air. Then there it was he should gather an army of a fataloutcome. He trained up an army of peasants and marched off to battle!...They met at Senlac hill , a big field with a grey apple tree. Harolds army was on top of ahill he had the advantage of the terrain. They faced each other shoulders broad and axesdrawn they were ready to fight it out to the gory death!
  19. 19. The Saxons were lined up with their shields overlapping, it was unbreakable. Meanwhile Edgar ‘ sarmy had caught the flu from the source Edgar. So they were not at their best. Atheling ‘s armycharged up to Harolds unbreakable wall of shields. Harolds army had already killed half of Edgar ‘sso Edgars army ran off to the corner of the field and Harolds army cornered them. Harold steppedout from among the crowd and with his sword drawn. Edgar knew what was coming so he knelt down ,gave one final cough and splutter and suddenly sprung up and demanded to charge at Harold. Therewere limbs flying everywhere the clash of swords crashing it was mayhem and finally it was Edgarand Harold in the final face off. They both charged at each other and then the “ahhhhhhh” came fromone person and it was Harold…It had turned out that Edgar tripped and his sword flung the air like and arrow towards Harold thesword plunged through his chest and eventually reaching his heart. He was dead…Since Harolds untimely death the witan had no choice but to crown Edgar the new king of England.After a reign of four years Edgar died from the plague , and a new king would have to be chosen allover again… CREDITS!
  20. 20. Thanks For Reading! C lick to E x i t !Written By:Rosie VernonGreg WaltonTessa SheffieldMitchell HoultJack BaxterFrancesca MooreMatthew Batty© Brainiacs Productions!