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about socrates life

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  1. 1. The great western philosopher
  2. 2. Life of Socrates According to legend the life of socrates was portrayed throught the plays of aristophanes the great play Wright. His father was Sofronisco and his mother was Fainarate. He married with Xanthippe and they had 3 sons. They were : Lamprocles Sophroniscus Maecenas
  3. 3. Sócrates Students Sócrates did not record any of his work.His methodos was recored thought the eye of his students,Plato
  4. 4. The Sócrates Method It is belived that most Plato stories were about his departed teachers. His main interest was the thought process of the human brain,one of the Concepts of Western Philosophy wich was originated in Greece.His basic philosophy was answering his students with a question to make them dig deeper in their minds to find conclusions.
  5. 5. The down fall of athens At this Athens is recovering from the defeat the Peloponnesian war.Socrates admired Sparta archival of Athens especially after the horrible defeat.This was just the begining of Sócrates problems
  6. 6. The cause of socrates dead The delphic oracle said that socrates was the smartest greek of all.He knew that this was not true. He thought taht he did not obtain knowledge at all. He walked the steets of Athens aking the “wiset” people riddles too see if they have knowledge, No greek politician, or philosopher could answer the riddle. For acknowledging his own ignorance people said this made him truly the smartest greek. This was an embarrassment to all of the respected people that falied to answer the riddle.
  7. 7. Sócrates TRIAL He was accused of corrupting minds of young Athenians even thought this was not true. By making the childrens ask why,the questioned their parents wich upset the society , Sócrates gave jury reasons to die.He claimed he was a “gadfly” wich is a term used by greeks meaning to corrupt the status quo by asking questions. He was executed by drinking poisoned hemlock juice.Acording to Plato story this was an act of frustation because the loss of the wars.They built a bronze statue in his honor.
  8. 8. Sócrates CONTRIBUTIONS 1. Sócrates was an awakened thinker that questioned the moral and political aspects of Athens and found flaws . 2.He pioneered the use of inductive reasoning which is to make conclusions.Aristotle stated that Sócrates founded the Scientfic Method wicch refers to a body of techniques for investigating phenomena. 3. HE SHOWED THAT THE WORLD MEANING OF COMMITMENT ; HE COULD have escaped the death sentence but went throught with it because it does not cope with is philosophy wich was to question
  9. 9. Sócrates had these and otherimportant contributions tomankind Thanks ! By : Mariana galindo, Luciana garcia , Isabel Trespalacios and Garza