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Kahoot: A Game-based Formative Assessment Tool [Slides]


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Kahoot: A Game-based Formative Assessment Tool [Slides] is a presentation delivered during #TESOL2015 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Miguel Perez and Luis Jordan.

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Kahoot: A Game-based Formative Assessment Tool [Slides]

  1. 1. Agenda ● What is Formative Assessment (FA)? ● What is Kahoot? ● Kahoot + FA in the EFL/ESL Classroom ● Other uses for Kahoot ● Steps for creating a kahoot ● Let’s try it out! ● Final Thoughts
  2. 2. “Formative assessment represents evidence-based instructional decision making. If you want to become more instructionally effective, and if you want your students to achieve more, then formative assessment should be for you.” - Popham (2008), p. 15 What is Formative Assessment? Popham, W. J. (2008). Transformative assessment. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.
  3. 3. Kahoot is a completely free multi-device classroom response system for creating and administering unique game-like quizzes that empowers educators and captivates learners of any age (schools, universities, businesses). What is Kahoot?
  4. 4. Kahoot + FA in EFL/ESL Classrooms
  5. 5. Kahoot + FA in EFL/ESL Classrooms Embed images or YouTube videos into each question to help students focus even more.
  6. 6. Kahoot: Other uses ● #GlobalClassrooms ● Survey ● Challenge learners ● Have fun ● Informal diagnostic test ● Encourage reflection ● Introduce a new topic ● End-of-term
  7. 7. Steps for creating a kahoot
  8. 8. Let’s try it out!
  9. 9. Final Thoughts ● Create a sample kahoot to try out the interface with students. ● Make sure you have a reliable broadband Internet connection. ● Avoid overuse. Save it for special moments. ● Not enough devices? Group students! ● Regrouping teams frequently to avoid hostility from one another.
  10. 10. Useful Links ● Create your kahoots here ● Play kahoots here ● More ideas and updates This presentation is here. The handout is here.
  11. 11. Contact us! Prof. Miguel Perez @maperezramos Prof. Luis Jordan @jordanquero |
  12. 12. Thank you!