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Innovative Zoning Amherst Village Center Form-Based Rezoning


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Innovative Zoning Amherst Village Center Form-Based Rezoning

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Innovative Zoning Amherst Village Center Form-Based Rezoning

  1. 1. Innovative ZoningAmherst Village CenterForm-Based Rezoning
  2. 2. Amherst’s Village Center Zoning1974 - Village Center Business (B-VC) District created in response to the‘village center concept’ established in the 1973 Select Committee on Goals(SCOG) community plan. Applied in North Amherst, East Village, andGatehouse Village.1989-1990 - Use of the B-VC District is expanded and a new Village CenterResidence (R-VC) District created as a transitional district—all based on the‘village center concept’. Applied in North Amherst, then Pomeroy Village.1991 – New R-VC zoning is added to East Village.2007 - B-VC and R-VC zoning added to the south end of East Village (Collegeand South East Streets).2010 – Amherst Master Plan adopted with goals and objectives founded onthe ‘village center concept.’ Many zoning amendments before and sincehave been explicitly directed at implementing this goal.
  3. 3. Village Center Planning & Rezoning2011April Stakeholder MeetingsMay On-site Community Design WorkshopsJuly Results & Conceptual Plans PresentedSeptember Draft Plans & Rezoning PresentedOctober 5 & 19 – PB Public Hearings20 - TM Warrant Review presentation27 DHCD FBC presentation (telecast)November 2 – Cecil Group public presentation7 – Fall TM begins16 – Article 17 gets 61% support but fails~ Total 30+ public meetings ~2012January 4 - Zoning Forum (ZSC)18 – Village Center Roundtable (ZSC)Feb. – March Multiple meetings (ZSC & PB)April 4 – PB Public Hearing10 - TM Warrant Review presentation30 – Annual TM beginsMay 9 – Article 24 (Atkins Corners) gets 63%; fails14 – Article 25 (North Amherst) gets 65%; fails~ An additional 12+ public meetings ~
  4. 4. Positive Momentum, But . . .Remaining Obstacles: Student Housing & Behavior Fear of Change = Carts Before Horses~ “Fix and Study Everything Else, First”~ “Prove This Has Worked in an Identical Town”Next Steps: Continuing Revisions:~ Adjust District Boundaries~ Simplify District Configuration—Use Ex. B-VC?~ Add Historic Pres., Green Energy provisions Make Progress on ‘Other” Issues~ Housing Enforcement, Infrastructure, Studies, etc. Decide Which Amendment Goes When~ Fall 2012 STM? Spring 2013 ATM?