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Community Engagement Techniques 2.0


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Community Engagement Techniques 2.0
Gamble Associates

Published in: Technology, Real Estate
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Community Engagement Techniques 2.0

  1. 1. Community Engagement TechniquesPresentation to2011 Annual ConferenceMassachusetts Association of Planning Directors, Inc.“Advanced Public Outreach Tools”Friday, June 10, 20112.0
  2. 2. “There is anabsolute orgy ofpublic process inthe United States …Basically, we can’tget anything done.”- Andres DuanyCredit: Noah Kalina
  3. 3. Community Engagement is aboutworking in the space of conflictcynic skeptic realist pragmatist opportunist idealist visionaryPESSIMIST OPTIMIST
  4. 4. SWOT analysis
  5. 5. Public Meetings
  6. 6. Site tours
  7. 7. Youth Engagement
  8. 8. Charrettes
  9. 9. What are theyshowing on myproperty!Presentations
  10. 10. FlyersBrochuresPostcardsDoor to door volunteersSurveysFact SheetsComment cardsPostersHotlines, News, RadioCommunity eventsPublic meetingsCouncil hearingsNeighborhood Outreach CentersCharrettesElectronic message boardsWebsiteElectronic PollingFacebookTraditional PublicOutreach Tools andTechniques
  11. 11. Richardson Olmsted Complex, Buffalo NYSource: Urban Design Project / CKS
  12. 12. Richardson Olmsted Complex, Buffalo NY
  13. 13. HOW OLD ARE YOU?Under20y...20–40years41–60yearsOver60years2%23%42%33%1. Under 20 years2. 20 – 40 years3. 41 – 60 years4. Over 60 yearsVISIONINGSource: Urban Design Project / CKS
  14. 14. IF THE SITE INCLUDED PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLEPARK SPACE, WHAT WOULD YOU USE IT FOR?1. Walking/Jogging2. Picnicking3. For Kids4. Sports5. Dogs6. All of the Above7. Other?PRECEDENTS & VISIONINGSource: Urban Design Project / CKS
  15. 15. WHAT FACTOR OF SUCCESS ISMOST IMPORTANT TO YOU?VISIONING1. It Improves PhysicalSurrounding Communities2. It Benefits DiverseNeighborhood Residents3. It Rehabilitates theHistoric Campus4. It is Completed!5. Other?Source: Urban Design Project / CKS
  16. 16. HOW WELL DO THE PROPOALSFOR BUILDING USES SATISFYPUBLIC ASPIRATIONS?VerywellSomewhatPoorlyDon’tknow49%7%5%39%1. Very well2. Somewhat3. Poorly4. Don’t knowRICHARDSON OLMSTED COMPLEXSource: Urban Design Project / CKS
  17. 17. WAT E RTO W N E C O N O M I C D E V E L O P M E N T M t . A u b u r n . M a d d e n . G a m b l eCOMMERCIALAetna MillsSasaki +Arsenal onCharlesATTCoolidge HillTuftsWatertown Economic Development Study
  18. 18. Source: Mount Auburn Associates, Madden Planning Group, Gamble AssociatesWatertown Economic Development Study
  19. 19. Watertown Economic Development Study1. Easy to start a page2. Data tracking on users3. Links to relevant information4. Good format for posting pictures, maps, documents…1. Updating necessary to be relevant/useful2. No news = no hits3. Platform limited by user demographics4. Tool limits groups without access to technology+ benefits- challengesSource: Mount Auburn Associates, Madden Planning Group, Gamble Associates
  20. 20. 1 Speak their language Source: Groundwork Lawrence
  21. 21. 1 Speak their languageSource: CKSTranslation Equipment
  22. 22. HaitianAfrican AmericanLatinoYouthradiochurches + associationscommunity meetingssocial mediaSource:Miami21Reach out to people on their own terms2
  23. 23. Strive to eliminate jargon +simplify feedback loops3Source: Knoxville South Waterfront Master Plan, CKS
  24. 24. Advocate and Educate4
  25. 25. 5Planning fatigue / over-engagementSource: Paul Tronolone/PB