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2010 Annual Conference Brochure


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2010 Annual Conference Brochure

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2010 Annual Conference Brochure

  1. 1. 1Massachusetts Association of Planning Directors, Inc.2010 AnnualConferenceJune 3rd and 4th, 2010John Carver Inn & Spa25 Summer StreetPlymouth MA, 02360
  2. 2. Thursday, June 3, 20108:00 am Registration and Continental Breakfast8:30 am~9:00 amWelcome and Opening Remarks Evan Belansky, Community Development Director,Town of Chelmsford & President of MAPD Inc.Mark Stankiewicz, Town Manager, Town of PlymouthIn late 2009, Plymouth brought on Mark Stankiewicz as its new town manager. PreviouslyMark was Stoughtons town manager for six years. Mark grew up in Plainfield, Connecticutand received bachelors and masters degrees from the University of Connecticut. Today, he isthe top administrator in a government that oversees America’s 103-square-mile hometowncomplete with a nuclear power plant, a large state forest, more than 30 miles of coastline andacres of land zoned specifically for a movie studio.SESSION 1A B9:00 am~10:15 amPeer ReviewGeorge G. Preble, P.E., PLS, Principal, Beals andThomas, Inc.Kristen D. Wilson, AICP, Senior Planner, Beals andThomas, Inc.Paige Duncan, AICP, Town Planner, Wrentham,Moderator: Ralph R. Willmer, FAICP, SeniorPlanner, VHB/Vanasse Hangen BrustlinThis session will explore the peer review process fromboth, the municipal staff and board perspective, as wellas the applicant’s consultant and the peer reviewconsultant’s perspective. Common questions that willbe answered include: How does the municipal boarddecide that they require a peer review consultant? Howis a scope of services developed for a peer review? Howdoes the municipal board engage a peer reviewconsultant? In what manner does the municipal board,applicants consultant and peer review consultantinteract? How can our town benefit from cooperativepeer review on projects?AICP CM|1.25Traffic CalmingMarc Resnick, AICP, Town Planner, Town ofFoxboroughRobert Brooks, P.E., PB AmericaModerator: William Roth, AICP, Planning & EconomicDevelopment Director, FairhavenFoxborough has had three large scale development projectsconstructed in the past eight years. Gillette Stadium,Patriot Place, and the redevelopment of the FoxboroughState Hospital have all had an impact to the local andregional roadway network. As part of these projects avariety of traffic calming and intersection redesign projectshave been planned and constructed on local roadways.These include neck downs, roundabouts, center islands,and pavement markings. The Town Planner, Marc Resnickand Foxborough’s consulting traffic engineer RobertBrooks from PB America, will explain how traffic and safetyproblem areas were identified and the solutions which wereselected.AICP CM|1.2510:15 am~10:45 amRefreshment Break
  3. 3. Thursday, June 3, 2010 cont’d...SESSION 2A B10:45 am~12:00 pmStrategic Energy/Climate PlanningChris Powicki, Principal, Water Energy & EcologyInformation ServicesModerator: Valerie Massard, AICP, Cape CodCommunity College In January 2008, the Cape & Islands Regional EnergyAction Plan establishing goals for the year 2020 wasissued through a stakeholder process organized throughCape & Islands Renewable Energy Collaborative(CIRenew). The plan outlines steps to accelerate near-term progress toward long-term goals relating to energyindependence, economic development, and climatechange. On December 10, 2009, the Marthas VineyardCommission (MVC) adopted the Island Plan, whichincludes energy efficiency, renewable energy, and greenbuilding goals defined by the community. Throughcontinuing collaborative efforts, CIRenew participantsand MVC are pursuing ambitious energy-relatedobjectives.AICP CM|1.25I-Cubed, DIF and OtherInfrastructure Financing MechanismsJames Shea, Esq., Partner, Choate, Hall & Stewart LLPElizabeth Bates, MAA, Assessor, MarshfieldAnne M. Thomas, Special Counsel, City of SomervilleModerator: Angus Jennings AICP, Director of Land UseManagement, Town of WestfordThis session will review several options available tomunicipalities to finance infrastructure improvementsrelated to pending or anticipated private development,including both the statutory framework, regulations, andthe practical aspects (and challenges) of implementation.Topics to include I-Cubed (for projects >$10M), DistrictImprovement Financing (DIF), and coordination of localpermitting mitigation.AICP CM|1.2512:00 pm~1:30 pmLunch
  4. 4. Thursday, June 3, 2010 cont’d...SESSION 3A B1:30 pm~2:45 pmCreating the BoxValerie Massard, AICP, Cape Cod Community CollegeGeorge G. Preble, P.E., PLS, Principal, Beals andThomas, Inc.Kevin Maguire, Managing Member, BuildingInitiatives LLCModerator: Lee Hartman, AICP, Director of Planning& Development, Town of PlymouthThe need for change is realized via a mix of catalystsincluding, but certainly not limited to, state/localregulatory changes and separately the experimentationof the private market. In this discussion, the need tosafeguard water resources, is investigated through theresponses of a local municipality facing the prospect ofsignificant growth, as well as by a private developerredeveloping an antiquated missile site into affordablestarter housing. Focusing on specific examples fromPlymouth and Wayland, this panel will give insight intothe motivations of the different stakeholders as well asbegin to think about lessons learned to be utilized incurrent and future efforts to digest change – thuscreating the structure (i.e. the proverbial box) for futurecoordinated action.AICP CM|1.25Green Communities ActMark Sylvia, Director, Massachusetts Department ofEnergy Resources, Green Community DivisionSeth Pickering, Southeast Regional Coordinator,Green Community Division,Thomas Bott, AICP, Town Planner, Town ofKingstonModerator: Evan Belansky, CommunityDevelopment Director, Town of ChelmsfordCreated in 2008 by the Green Communities Act, theGreen Communities Division’s charge is to guide all 351cities and towns along a path of enhanced energyefficiency and renewable energy toward zero-netenergy. Whether they are advanced energy savers ornewcomers to this field, each municipality will be wellserved by the energy experts in the Green CommunitiesDivision. This session will review what the State is doingto meeting the Green Communities Act and discus howone Town is working towards certificationAICP CM|1.252:45 pm~3:00 pmRefreshment Break
  5. 5. Thursday, June 3, 2010 cont’d...SESSION 4A B3:00 pm~4:15 pmMassachusetts Historic PreservationCircuit Rider ProgramDorr Fox, Circuit Rider, Preservation Massachusetts/National Trust for Historic PreservationMichele Barke, Circuit Rider, PreservationMassachusetts /National Trust for Historic PreservationSteve Moga, Circuit Rider, PreservationMassachusetts/National Trust for Historic PreservationModerator: Chris Skelly, Director of Local Programs,Massachusetts Historical CommissionStaff members of Preservation Massachusetts and theNational Trust for Historic Preservation will discusshistoric preservation programs and issues inMassachusetts, including preservation advocacy, grantopportunities, tax credits and their field servicesprogram. Current topics in preservation will also bediscussed, including preserving historic schools,preserving barns and agricultural landscapes, theCommunity Preservation Act and diversity inpreservation.AICP CM|1.25Mobile Workshop A -Barrier Beach and CoastalDynamics TourStanley M. Humphries, Senior Coastal GeologistA Trolley Tour of Plymouth’s Dynamic Coastline - stopsinclude Plymouth Beach, 150 foot high coastal bluffs inCedarville and Ellisville Marsh/Harbor ACEC.At various stops, Coastal Geologist, Stan Humphries,will describe coastal geology, barrier beaches, rare &endangered coastal wildlife and manmade coastalstructures (seawalls, groins, gabion baskets, etc). Thetour will stop at various locations to view barrierbeaches, natural harbors, stable coastal bluffs and higherosion coastal bluffs. (30 people maximum)Mobile Workshop B -The Pinehills – PlannedDevelopment CommunityTony Green, Pinehills LLCJohn Judge, Pinehills LLCTour the award-winning Pinehills Community. ThePinehills is planned to be a 3,000 home community, 3golf courses, commercial space, and a Village Greenshopping district. A town within a town, the Pinehillsboasts its own water company, sewer treatment facility,post office, the Market general store and even a firestation. Representatives of Pinehills LLC, will discussthe importance of creating “place” and their approach toland planning and development. Based on the interestsof the attendees – the tour may include HGTV “Green”home, village green, infrastructure and informationtechnology, recreational amenities, various concepthomes, The Home & Garden Televisions (HGTV)Green Home integrates cutting edge technology into thehome to create a sustainable residence. (35 peoplemaximum)AICP CM|1.25
  6. 6. Friday, June 4, 20108:00 am~9:00 amContinental BreakastSESSION 5A B9:00 am~10:30 amICLEI - Sustainability PlanningToolkitAllison Webster, Regional Officer, New EnglandLiaison, ICLEIModerator: Bob Mitchell, FAICP, Special Assistant forPlanning Initiatives, Massachusetts Executive Office ofHousing & Economic DevelopmentJoin ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability in adynamic session about the recently launchedSustainability Planning Toolkit. Based on the modelpioneered by City of New Yorks PlaNYC, the Toolkitcontains comprehensive, step-by-step guidance todevelop a sustainability plan for cities, towns, andcounties of all sizes. The toolkit follows a proven,straightforward, and flexible process to create asuccessful, long-term plan that brings togetherenvironmental, economic, and social initiatives toimprove the livability of communities and create lastingbenefits. ICLEI will bring the Toolkit to life by presentingsustainability planning best practices from your peersaround the Commonwealth.AICP CM|1.50EthicsNeil Angus, AICP, LEED AP, Environmental Planner,Devens Enterprise CommissionCurt Bellavance, AICP, Community DevelopmentDirector, Town of North AndoverModerator: Evan Belansky, CommunityDevelopment Director, ChelmsfordThis session will review the ethics of our profession andprovide hands on examples of what we planners face ona day to day basis.AICP CM|1.5010:30 am~10:45 amRefreshment BreakPlymouth has plenty of sights,attractions and restaurants toenjoy. For more information,
  7. 7. Friday, June 4, 2010 cont’d...SESSION 6A B10:45 am~12:00 pmComing to Your Neighborhood Soon– the New Open Meeting LawBob Ritchie, Esq., General Counsel, Department ofAgricultural ResourcesModerator: Steve Costello, Planning & EconomicDevelopment Director, NorwoodOn July 1st, the “old” Open Meeting Law is repealed,replaced by the “new” Open Meeting. Replacing theexisting three statutes, one each governing state, countryand local governmental bodies, the “new” Open MeetingLaw will apply uniformly to all levels of government andwill be interpreted and enforced by the Attorney Generalrather than the various District Attorneys. In theAttorney General’s Office a new Division of OpenGovernment will oversee the Attorney General’sinterpretation and enforcements of the law, achieving auniformity of meaning and consequences. A range ofadministrative enforcement options become available toAttorney General replacing litigation as the soleenforcement mechanisms. Our program will contrast thenew and the old Open Meeting Laws, and will discuss indetail the new enforcement procedures.AICP CM|1.25Green Affordable HousingAaron Marcavitch, Executive Director, HousingNantucketModerator: Megan T. DiPrete, AICP, Manager,Community Dev. and Planning, Central Mass. RegionalPlanning CommissionWhile cities and towns are coming to a consensus on theimportance of greening their communities, leveragingthe use of Transit Oriented Development, smart growthprinciples, and green certification methods - there isoften resistance on the part of the affordable housingstakeholders. Yet, greening affordable housing is thesmartest move these groups can make. Not only havethe costs been shown to be on par with regularconstruction costs, but the long term cost has also beenshown to be lower. Housing Nantucket, with Town ofNantucket & Nantucket Housing Authority deeded land,has moved, renovated, designed and built a variety ofeco-friendly projects. This presentation will showseveral case studies on the benefit of pushing affordablehousing into the green world.AICP CM|1.2512:00 pm~1:30 pmLunchThank you to the followingfor helping with this year’sMAPD Conference!All of the volunteer conferencesession speakers!Bill Roth, AICP,Town of FairhavenLee Hartmann AICP,Town of PlymouthPlymouth & Brockton StreetRailway Co.VHB/Vanasse Hangen Brustlin(brochure support)Paul McAuliffe (photography)
  8. 8. Friday, June 4, 2010 cont’d...SESSION 7A B1:30 pm~2:45 pmAbracadabra – Poof – The Developeris Gone and You’re Left Holding theBagLaurie Connors, Town Planner, Town of MillburyStephen R. Bishop, AICP, Town Planner, Town ofGraftonMegan T. DiPrete, AICP, Manager, CommunityDevelopment and Planning, Central Mass. RegionalPlanning CommissionModerator: Ralph R. Willmer, FAICP, SeniorPlanner, VHB/Vanasse Hangen BrustlinAlthough the developer has the authority to select theinstrument type, and 41-81 provides a number of otherlimitations for the Towns, there ARE tools available tohelp protect the town against some of the challenges ofthe bankrupt or disappearing developer. What are keyissues (trap doors? Loopholes?) with each of the“permitted” surety instruments? Ensuring certainprovisions in our Subdivision Regulations, provisions formaintenance bonds, and how we approach our costestimating and retainage are key! Time permitting, therewill also be discussion about potential regulatory changesto affect our current process.AICP CM|1.25Public Participation in the NewInformation EraGino Carlucci, Town Planner, Town of SherbornTheodore Brovitz, The Cecil GroupDaniel Fortier, AICP, Town Planner. Town of DennisModerator: Tony Fields, AICP, Planning Director,Town of BurlingtonA new era has dawned. A Facebook post can bringthousands of people to one location. It can also be usedto reach audiences like nothing before it. Blogger,Wordpress, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, andmany other means of communication have blossomedin the past few years. Understanding these technologiesand using them to your greatest ability to reach yourcitizens near and far is increasing in importance. Thissession will look at how communities are using internetresources to reach a wider audience. We will discussmethods used, considered and under consideration forexpanding public communication and participation.Whether its small, keep you informed, communicationby local planners, or larger scale project informationconducted by consultants, we all need to understandand start to find our way through this newcommunication maze. The three panelists will sharetheir experiences and provide ideas for others toconsider.AICP CM|1.25SESSION 83:00 pm~4:30 pmRecent Court DecisionsBarbara Saint Andre, Esq., Principal, Petrini & AssociatesIlana Quirk, Esq., Principal, Kopelman and Paige, PCModerator: Pam Brown, AICP, Esq., Brown and Brown, PCAICP CM|1.50Please Note: AICP CM = AICP Certification Maintenance (CM) credits. As was the case with last year’s MAPD annualconference, it is anticipated that this year’s conference will be approved by APA for AICP CM purposes.
  9. 9. Conference DetailsConference Registration:To register for the conference, you have two options:1. NEW! To save paper, please enter your information with ournew online form. Click: ONLINE REGISTRATION FORMOR2.Print, complete and mail in the hard copy Registration Form onthe next page.Conference Fees:MAPD Members $85.00, Non-members $100.00. Fee includesworkshops, continental breakfasts, refreshment breaks and lunches onThursday and Friday. Registration and fees must be received no laterthan May 24, 2010.Mail Check (payable to “MAPD Inc.”) & Registration Form to:MAPDPO Box 912Greenfield, MA 01302Hotel Accommodations:Hotel reservations and payment for overnight accommodations shouldbe made directly with the John Carver Inn, 25 Summer Street inPlymouth via phone at 1-800-274-1620. The preferred rate is$115.00 for standard room plus state and local taxes. In order toreceive the preferred rate you must make your reservationno later than May 9, 2010 and also identify your affiliationwith MAPD.Conference Contact:If you have any questions, please contact Bill Roth at 508-979-4082or email
  10. 10. MAPD Conference Registration FormNameCompany/OrganizationAddressPhone/EmailJob TitleMAPD Member? Yes ◊ No ◊To assist in conference planning, please check the workshops that you plan to attend.SESSION Workshop A Workshop B1 ◊ Peer Review ◊ Traffic Calming2 ◊ Strategic Energy/Climate Planning ◊I-Cubed, DIF and Other InfrastructureFinancing Mechanisms3 ◊ Creating the Box ◊ Green Communities Act4 ◊Massachusetts Historic PreservationCircuit Rider Program◊Mobile Workshop ABarrier Beach and Coastal Dynamics Tour◊Mobile Workshop BThe Pinehills – Planned DevelopmentCommunity5 ◊ICLEI – Sustainability PlanningToolkit◊ Ethics6 ◊Coming to Your Neighborhood – TheNew Open Meeting Law◊ Greening Affordable Housing7 ◊Abracadabra – Poof – The Developeris Gone and You’re Left Holding theBag◊Public Participation in the NewInformation Era8 ◊ Recent Court DecisionsConference PaymentQty.MAPD Member x ($85) = $Non-member x($100) = $Total $