The Design of Data


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Presentation at the inaugural IDEA conference (

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  • Concordia library An experiment
  • -Out of work, 9/11, recession -City of world class complexity -Unique printing process, used only for promotional purposes. Tech improved, applied in novel ways
  • Note lawsuit
  • Forget about the substrate
  • Reuse/repurpose digital assets for another medium
  • Savory or sweet? Data on its own has little value. There’s a lot of it out there
  • -GPS, cell id, wifi, hybrid geolocation tools -When: KML supports this, eventful, upcoming, zvents, meetup -attribute: data ain’t nothing w/o context- arms race in imagery, but utility of eye candy is limited- we need to know when museum is open, where to enter, price of admission. We know this, but it’s not integrated with pictures. -Community defines the data -National mapping agencies are stifling us
  • What data do we want, when and how? Streetcorner w phone diff than 34th fl of acme bldg A framework. Allows for segmentation by use intent
  • Do we know how certain we are? Depends on devices, neccessity
  • What to do with a dataset in the middle? Who is the arbiter, the authority? UMI Urbanware--no clear standard. Let’s make one Taxonomy - administrative, political, standardized Folksonomy - User generated, collaborative, tagged
  • Complex polygon to circle Is the user aware? Product manager?
  • The Design of Data

    1. 1. The Design of Data Presentation 1.0
    2. 2. How Did I Get Here? ‘ Winking Jesus’ Information Anxiety (living in NYC) OOW Leverage new applications of existing technology (with significant r&d) Experiment Iterate Fail Iterate Succeed (technically) + + + + + + + = +
    3. 3. Non-tactile Demo
    4. 4. Playful Novel Award-winning (6x) Panamap (ne Dynamap) Useful Profitable
    5. 5. It’s the Medium, Stupid
    6. 6. Welcome to the Geospatial Same data, different day* *Sort of
    7. 7. How Do You Like Your Data Served?
    8. 8. The New Era of Geodata Everything that can be located, will be Non-standardized Heuristically-based Temporal Data as an attribute User-generated/collaborative/decentralized Beyond open source
    9. 9. Context of Use Mode Environment Constraint Ambulatory Driving Public Transit Bicycle Urban Rural Indoor Temporal Technical Logistical Ambulatory Urban Ambulatory Indoor Public Transit Urban Bicycle Urban Domain Opportunity Product Definition
    10. 10. ‘ How Location Aware are You?’ Range of Uncertainty Platforms are context-dependent
    11. 11. User-rectified Content Taxonomy Folksonomy
    12. 12. Centroid Issue (or Polygon Problem) What Where Search Categories: Coffee and Tea Shops ; General Business Services Van Gogh Vodka’s Double Espresso Coffee Enjoy Van Gogh array of flavored vodkas including the espresso and double espresso double caffeine. FLAVIA Coffee Give and discover FLAVIA gourmet coffee . Made from ingredients found around the world. Brews from pack to cup for a fresh taste. Order online today. Sponsor Links coffee 94107
    13. 13. Centroid Issue (or Polygon Problem) Polygons are irregular Reducing a book to a single word (centroid) Who knows?
    14. 14. Algorithms Are Not the Answer Problem Maps
    15. 15. Problem Maps Meta-level Grid Reference System
    16. 16. Problem Maps Meta-level Grid Reference System (it continues…) Huh?
    17. 17. User Focus How is information used? What makes the environment unique?
    18. 18. Think Design (process) Iterate In Closing…
    19. 19. [email_address] (37.74533, -122.420082) Thank You