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The Design of Data


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Presentation at the inaugural IDEA conference (

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The Design of Data

  1. 1. The Design of Data Presentation 1.0
  2. 2. How Did I Get Here? ‘ Winking Jesus’ Information Anxiety (living in NYC) OOW Leverage new applications of existing technology (with significant r&d) Experiment Iterate Fail Iterate Succeed (technically) + + + + + + + = +
  3. 3. Non-tactile Demo
  4. 4. Playful Novel Award-winning (6x) Panamap (ne Dynamap) Useful Profitable
  5. 5. It’s the Medium, Stupid
  6. 6. Welcome to the Geospatial Same data, different day* *Sort of
  7. 7. How Do You Like Your Data Served?
  8. 8. The New Era of Geodata Everything that can be located, will be Non-standardized Heuristically-based Temporal Data as an attribute User-generated/collaborative/decentralized Beyond open source
  9. 9. Context of Use Mode Environment Constraint Ambulatory Driving Public Transit Bicycle Urban Rural Indoor Temporal Technical Logistical Ambulatory Urban Ambulatory Indoor Public Transit Urban Bicycle Urban Domain Opportunity Product Definition
  10. 10. ‘ How Location Aware are You?’ Range of Uncertainty Platforms are context-dependent
  11. 11. User-rectified Content Taxonomy Folksonomy
  12. 12. Centroid Issue (or Polygon Problem) What Where Search Categories: Coffee and Tea Shops ; General Business Services Van Gogh Vodka’s Double Espresso Coffee Enjoy Van Gogh array of flavored vodkas including the espresso and double espresso double caffeine. FLAVIA Coffee Give and discover FLAVIA gourmet coffee . Made from ingredients found around the world. Brews from pack to cup for a fresh taste. Order online today. Sponsor Links coffee 94107
  13. 13. Centroid Issue (or Polygon Problem) Polygons are irregular Reducing a book to a single word (centroid) Who knows?
  14. 14. Algorithms Are Not the Answer Problem Maps
  15. 15. Problem Maps Meta-level Grid Reference System
  16. 16. Problem Maps Meta-level Grid Reference System (it continues…) Huh?
  17. 17. User Focus How is information used? What makes the environment unique?
  18. 18. Think Design (process) Iterate In Closing…
  19. 19. [email_address] (37.74533, -122.420082) Thank You