How Open Is Open?


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Presentation at Where2.0 conference about open access to open data (not as it seems!).

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  • Voila street grid w subway stations--from
  • Triangles indicate egress points-- great-data is out there. First collect, then ask
  • Complacancy/status quo is an epidemic at public agencies. Why? No incentives to do anything other than leave at 5pm.
  • To muddy the water, enter copyright. Many municipalities will claim © over
  • October 2006 suit-sell at reasonable prices (offered for $250k for parcel data) March 2007-new argument- county decided to stop selling imagery. State & federal security officials were brought in and determined that some of this data is sensitive. Case was still pending
  • Trade secret for known, indisputable facts? Come on 2005: city releases data -->2001; must file additional request for 01-05; greenwich playing games
  • Price per sq mi El paso: $215 St louis: $0.06 Dupage co: $2100
  • Disseration in 2003-Mapped fiberoptic networks to buildings/infrastructure - highlights vunerabilities--all from public sources Raised eyebrows within the national security community--cyber-terrorism chief richardse clarke said he should turn in the dissertation and it should be burned. Great marketing idea (not worth risking my PhD). Gets meetings with big-wigs. Fast forward to today, fortius one is born. Funding through inqtel, of course venture arm of CIA. Ironic?
  • 2005 report from RAND- *could* help. Accuracy, perishability, planning--remote terrorist attack? Planning, planning, planning
  • Practically speaking, some this is silly and a waste of resources
  • To muddy the water, enter copyright. Many municipalities will claim © over
  • That this exists exists is indeisputable. Mt sainte victoire, aix en provence, france. In gaazeteer, spatial cordinates
  • Office of fair trading wraps OS for restrictrions to ‘unrefined’access. Office of Fair Trading says ‘open ujp,’ OS says ‘ we haven’t been able to consider the report in detail.’
  • Now at national level for implementation by natioinal mapping angencies
  • How Open Is Open?

    1. 1. Title How Open is Open?
    2. 2. New customer Announcement
    3. 3. About Advertisement Founded in 2006 Web-driven GIS, not vice versa (no GIS legacy hangover) User-led research Current customers (or 2003) Informal space (neighborhoods) Mass transit More to come…
    4. 4. “ Denial of Data” Part I
    5. 5. Chelsea MTA Map Dangerous Maps
    6. 6. MTA Map Detail Very Dangerous Maps
    7. 7. MTA email “… PDF copies of the MTA Neighborhood Map. I currently have…”
    8. 8. MTA email “… exactly what you plan to do with electronic version of an MTA neighborhood map.” “… our overall impression of what you plan to do involves a traditional license agreement.”
    9. 9. MTA email “… interested only in subway entrances as indicated on on the map.”
    10. 10. MTA email “… we cannot release MTA neighborhood maps…”
    11. 11. MTA email “… it’s unclear to me how they can be ‘un-released,’ especially given that large format maps exist in each station and the very public nature of subway exits.”
    12. 12. MTA email Read between the lines.
    13. 13. Web Map Bureaucratic Silliness
    14. 14. Web Map w egress Bureaucratic Silliness Lesson First scrape, then ask
    15. 15. LA reject letter “ I have been advised that this information is considered a security and safety sensitive which, if released, could be used by a third party to harm the riding public…Government Code 6255.” Bagel Preservation
    16. 16. US-FOIA US Copyright Act (17 USC §105) No federal copyright Many states agree (some don’t) FOIA/public records request as a public response/check Part II ©
    17. 17. US-Copyright Santa Clara County High-priced GIS data Release data at reasonable prices Public Policy Meets GIS County: “no,” pulls data and hides behind national security Court: “no, no” must be available at cost County: says bad idea, public safety at risk and trade secrets violated Court: Rejected safety/trade secret argument. Data must be available and at reasonable cost (May 2007) PS: parcel data drops from $250k to $20k
    18. 18. US-Copyright2 US-Copyright Greenwich, CT Citizen request for GIS data in 2001 City: Data constitute a trade secret, contain economic value. Free release of GIS data would invite mayhem ! Public Policy Meets GIS (Again) Court: Info available elsewhere, not a trade secret; “ generalized claims of a possible safety risk” are not sufficient
    19. 19. US-Copyright2 US-Copyright Philadelphia County, PA El Paso County, CO DuPage County, IL How Much is Your Parcel? St Louis County, MO $0.00 $460,000 $720,000 $31.88
    20. 20. Sean Gorman The Sean Gorman Problem “… burn it.”
    21. 21. RAND report The Geospatial Reality Under 1% of publicly-available web sites could help terrorists Consider Accuracy Perishability Planning FGDC Guidelines Promote access, restrict if necessary
    22. 22. NGA Quote “ If there was a situation where any imagery products were being used by adversaries to kill Americans, I think we should act” [to restrict imagery] - Vice Adm Murrett, NGA, 8 May 2007 Ever try un ringing a bell? Sobering (Uninformed?) Comments?
    23. 23. Where is the pentagon? Where in the World is…?
    24. 24. US-FOIA Embodiment of facts Part III ©
    25. 25. Mt St Victoire Photo Fact?
    26. 26. Mt Ste Victoire Paintings Or Fact?
    27. 27. FACTS Fact(s) Is legal protection even available for spatial data?
    28. 28. UK-Ordinance Survey All Your Streets Are Belong to Us (UK Mix) Want base map data? Want postal code boundaries?
    29. 29. EU-INSPIRE INSPIRE (EU) harmonize EU geotata policies/develop coherent spatial data infrastructure access to data may be uniformly onerous and increase usage across agencies, not for civic purposes increasing restrictions over the life of the initiative
    30. 30. Summary In Sum Security is Code for Bureaucratic Malaise Un-releasing of Data is Difficult (Impossible?) Facts Are Not Always Facts
    31. 31. Thank Youmud Thank You [email_address] (37.775429, -122.397314)