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Mapa research mobile payments-brochure-jan13

  1. 1. © Mapawww.maparesearch.comMobile Payments – The Future Is NowInsight report on current point-of-sale initiatives including a deep diveinto 10 real world examplesDecember 2012
  2. 2. © Mapawww.maparesearch.comReport structure:A. Executive summary*B. Definitions and focus areas for the report*1. Selected statements and articles you should read(3 pages)2. Key findings (2 pages)3. Deep dive: Spotlight on 10 real world examples*(75 pages)* See subsequent pages for examples from thissection.Methodology:For all examples we include quick facts, business cases, our commentary and analysis, and screenshots, aswell as statistics and other insight we have obtained from both the public and secure pages of our globalpanel of real bank accounts.The report comprises 90 pages.See the very latest in point-of-sale initiativesfrom around the worldObjective:The key objective of this research was to understandwhat type of point-of-sale mobile paymentsinitiatives are available in the market including:• How are these initiatives positioned (the businessmodel and partnerships)?• How do a selection of these services work – hands-on – from customer enrolment to on-going usage?• What are these services bringing in terms ofcustomer value – outside the actual paymentselement?
  3. 3. © Mapawww.maparesearch.comObjectivesThe objectives of this research is to support internal planning and decisionmaking processes.What type of point-of-sale mobile payments initiatives are available in themarket?• How are these initiatives positioned (the business model and partnerships)• How do a selection of these services work – hands-on – from customerenrolment to ongoing usage• What are these services bringing in terms of customer value – outside theactual payments elementKey Issues CoveredWe start of by defining the often confusing terminology around mobilepayments and outlining our research focus.In Chapter 1 we look at news, statistics and articles from influentialcommentators and major players in the world of mobile payments.Chapter 2 lists some of our key findings we have uncovered during theresearch for this project, some of which will become apparent in Chapter 3.In Chapter 3 we identify and investigate 10 key initiatives spanning differenttypes of providers, countries and technological solutionsWe finish with a conclusion and a brief look towards the future…Executive SummaryAKey themesMany key players around the world areexperimenting with alternative payment trials,with no dominant approach evident.NFC payments are on the radar, with many banksexperimenting with iCarte cases for iOS devices.However, as all the differing approaches prove,mobile payments are not currently just NFCpayments.Telecoms providers have partnered with banks orformed their own sole or joint ventures.The involvement of many stakeholders can in partexplain some past failures and the fragmentationof the market.Some of the existing mobile payment solutionsprovide the ‘wow’ factor which will help driveearly adoption.Add-on services provide a huge revenueopportunity for mobile payments providers andadded value for customers.Sample page from report
  4. 4. © Mapawww.maparesearch.com1. Kaching by Commonwealth Bank (AUS)2. TouchPay by NatWest (UK)3. KIX by BNP Paribas (FR)4. SEQR by Seamless (SE)5. Mon Panier (My cart) by Carrefour (FR)6. PayPal inSTORE by PayPal (UK)7. EasyPay by Apple8. Square Wallet by Square9. Google Wallet by Google10. Isis Wallet by Isis (USA)Spotlight on 10 real world examples: Summary3We have identified 10 different initiatives spanning different types of providers, countries and technologicalsolutions. The key purpose of each service is explained below.On subsequent pages we give extensive insight on each initiative including quick facts, business cases, ourcomments and opinions.Where relevant we also include quotes and comments around the different initiatives as picked up in ourongoing monitoring of developments within the field.Sample page from report
  5. 5. © Mapawww.maparesearch.comQuick facts• The Wallet organises payment cards, offers and loyalty cards in one app• Point-of-sale payments can be made at Isis ready merchants (currently available inSalt Like City and Austin).• Payments are made through the use of NFC technology – users tap theirsmartphones to pay and the app is protected with a 4 digit PIN.• Offers, deals and promotions are stored in the Wallet.• The Wallet comes with a Isis Cash Card which is preloaded with $10 when theservice is activated and another $15 will be added when the user make the cardreloadable.• At the moment only selected cards from American Express, Capital One and Chasecan be added to the Wallet.• Consumers interested in the service are urged to buy an Isis Ready™ phone eitherAT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon and then get the app.Business modelIsis is a joint-venture between network operators AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizonfounded in November 2010. It has struck deals with four major credit card companies(Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) and also got the support from sixhandset makers. Furthermore they have partnered with four large POS system.Payment credentials in stored on a secure element SIM. When cards are inserted tothe app they directly connect to the banking servers meaning that Isis doesn’t see anyof the data. They want to keep their role as service providers, facilitating a neutralplatform. Isis plan for now is to make its money from the card issuers*.Mapa commentsThe joint the venture has taken time to build a strong and credible propositionthrough partnerships with major brands at all ends. It is now time for getting users onboard this will need more effort by all parties involved. Also, the current exclusion ofiPhone users is a challenge.Real world examples: Isis Wallet – Overview3Extract from Isis press release“MasterCard has been working with industrypartners like Isis to turn mobile phones into securepayment devices and create better shoppingexperiences for both consumers and merchants,”said Mung Ki Woo, group executive, mobile,MasterCard Worldwide. “The use of NFC technology isa path to an improved consumer experience, and thelaunch of the Isis Mobile Wallet – combined with thegrowing number of NFC-enabled handsets – will helpmake mobile commerce a reality for millions ofconsumers.”“Today’s launch of the Isis Mobile Wallet is asignificant achievement in terms of enablingconsumer adoption of mobile payments,” said SuzanKereere, senior vice president and general manager,American Express, Global Network Business. “Mobilecommerce holds the promise of dramaticallyenhancing consumers’ shopping experience, andAmerican Express’ first priority as a network is toprovide choice and flexibility for all industryparticipants as we work together to influence thespeed and growth of mobile NFC payments in theU.S.”Isis pressrelease, October* page from report
  6. 6. © Mapawww.maparesearch.com3 Isis Wallet – Making the payment1. Login using 4 digit PIN 2. Choose payment andloyalty card. Make sure thegreen NFC button at the topis lit3. Touch the merchantterminal to initiate thetransaction4. Confirmation screensummarising details sentAfter login using the 4 digit PIN users can either pay directly using the default card or select another preferred payment card (listed atthe top row of the screen). The payment card can be combined with an applicable loyalty card (listed at the bottom row of the screen).Users than tap their smartphone on the merchant terminal to conduct the transaction. Receipts can be viewed within the app.Demo of payment page from report
  7. 7. © Mapawww.maparesearch.comWhen users first sign up for the Isis Wallet and provide their home ZIP code they will receive a selection of special offers fromparticipating Isis merchants. To continue receiving offers from these and other merchants they actively need to choose to follow themfrom the directory in the Wallet. Future offers and messages from selected merchants will then appear in the Iris feed within the app.Isis Wallet – Add-on features3Notification feature highlightswhen you new messagesare available to read withinthe Iris FeedIrss Feed page Information regardingexisting loyalty cardincluding current offersOption to add an offerto a purchaseAn additional ‘Clip to Isis’feature enable users to sendoffers from participatingmerchants to the appSample page from report
  8. 8. © Mapawww.maparesearch.com1. Tablet Banking Report Series 3rd Edition2. Mobile Promotion: selling on mobile3. PFM Tools: worth the investment?4. Mobile User Experience. The Good the Badand the Ugly5. Security: managing the balance6. Mobile Apps: 10 non-core mobile bankingapps7. Mobile payments: Top 10 global innovations8. (Bank) Simple review: a new breed of bank1. Tablet Banking report series – 4th edition2. Digital innovations: selling within digitalbanking channels3. Mobile banking – state of the market 20134. The evolution of PFM and moneymanagement tools – 3rd edition5. Digital innovations: engaging and onboardingbusiness banking customers6. Tablet banking report series – 5th edition7. Digital banking security report – 2nd edition8. The evolution of point-of-sale mobilepayment services – 2nd edition2012 Reports 2013 ReportsMapa Reports on the hottest topics in Digital Banking
  9. 9. © Mapawww.maparesearch.comAbout Mapa ResearchMapa specialise in digital and mobile retailFinancial Services research. We have a globalreach and are experts in our field. Competitor Analysis Competitor Dashboards Consultancy Services Insight Reports Handset WorkshopsThe best way to get in touch:Edward Chatham, Managing +44 (0)20 7727 3130Niklas Olsson, Report +46 (0)70 739 85 42