Mapa i pad banking series - part 1 - brochure


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Mapa i pad banking series - part 1 - brochure

  1. 1. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Whether you believe the hype or not or think that Apple’s biggest strength is their marketing capability, there is no getting away from the fact that their products “just work”. The iPad is the latest product from the American innovators and this report looks at how well it does from a banking perspective. Or looking at it another way, it is a look at how well the banks have done in the applications and services launched in the past couple of months. For those involved in digital banking across a strategic, marketing, product, sales or development perspective, this will be a useful insight – and what we believe to be the first iPad Banking Series: Part 1 on the market. An overview of the early user experience Examples are provided across a number of banks, applications and services and where relevant we have Author: A. Nyberg applied our experience gained in online and mobile financial Edited: R. Methven and G. McKelvie services to present you with a number of issues to consider when planning, designing and developing a best-in-class iPad banking experience. July 2010 Whilst the adoption is still in the very early stages, there is no doubt that more is to come. That’s why this report is the first in a handful of reports over the next 12 months where we will This document consists of the contents page, introduction be watching the developments just as closely as we have and sample content. The report is 30+ pages long and done with the online and mobile worlds for the past 10 years. includes examples from 10+ banks from around the world. If you have any comments, queries or suggestions on what Price: £2,500 zero rated for VAT / €3,000 you’d like to see in future reports then please do not hesitate Contact: to contact us. We want to help.
  2. 2. C Contents 1. Introduction To The iPad Banking Series p.3 2. Summary Of Findings p.5 3. Objectives & Methodology p.4 4. Banks Investigated p.6 5. iPad Applications p.7 6. Observations On The Mobile Web p.21 7. iPhone Applications On The iPad p.25 8. iPad Applications In Other Sectors p.27 9. Issues & Considerations p.31 10. Conclusion p.36 July 2010 – Page 2 © Mapa
  3. 3. 1 Introduction To The iPad Banking Series This iPad report is designed for professionals within the “3.5 million tablets to be sold in financial services industry tasked with researching and developing iPad applications and experiences in regards to 2010, growing to 20.4 million in consumer banking. 2015”: Forrester The intention for the report is to feed into internal budget discussions, business cases and development briefs by providing an insight into the current iPad banking experience offered by a number of banks globally. This report is the first in a series of reports that are aimed at following the evolution and developments in iPad banking. This report, therefore, documents the early stage findings e.g. iPad specific applications and banking with existing applications. It is anticipated that future reports will focus more on how application development becomes more wide spread, the affects on user experience, the challenges and how they have been overcome, the new innovations and services that have been deployed and importantly the opportunities to gain a competitive advantage. It is clear at this early stage that no standard protocol or experience has been developed and thus the potential remains untapped. Whilst the series is aimed at producing reports for internal consumption, Mapa can also provide strategic consulting, user workshops and initial analysis research that will compliment internal activities. Mapa have 60+ active bank accounts around the world that we log-on to to simulate the customer experience on the device under test. Continued access to the logged in area makes our series plan even more powerful. July 2010 – Page 3 © Mapa
  4. 4. E EXAMPLE CONTENT: iPad Applications BNP Paribas – simulators are managed by moving the manual adjuster sideways which will cause the graph and data to change simultaneously Credit simulator As mentioned previously, the iPad allows banks to provide servicing and sales tools as part of an application; extending what is possible via mobile banking. Form to request call back July 2010 – Page 4 © Mapa
  5. 5. @ Contact Details About Mapa To help you to understand your position and performance in the market place Mapa researchers act as if we are your customer. Our unique services simulate internet users' experiences by completing customer journeys on a comparative basis in your market sector. Mapa Online Financial Services 73 Princedale Road Mapa carry out online banking research across retail products like current London accounts, credit cards, savings, mortgages, personal loans, general W11 4NS insurance, private medical insurance and share dealing UK A passion for the internet! t: +44 20 7727 3130 Not only are we online financial services experts, but are knowledgeable f: +44 20 7229 4713 across the whole internet industry including new media, social e: networking, online video and other web 2.0 functionality International Presence We have clients in Belgium, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and the UK and also carry out internet banking research in Australia, France, Spain and the USA Mobile and SMS With over 60 real bank accounts across the world Mapa monitor the mobile and SMS functionality within these accounts Mark Pavan Elsabeth van Overbeeke Heena Baig Tim McDonnell managing principal senior research consultant internet research consultant internet research consultant Ross Methven Niklas Olsson Andreas Nyberg head of operations senior research consultant internet research consultant © Mapa