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Map2 profit presentation_r1


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Map2Profit provides high-value 24/7 eLearning to business from any device. Our first of many courses is territory mapping for sales teams.

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Map2 profit presentation_r1

  1. 1. Gregory Grzegorzyk Founder
  2. 2. Business overview• Learn sales territory mapping online in 3 days• Increase profits 10% to 35% with mapping skills• We are in the self-paced eLearning business• We deliver high-value, specialized business skills• Sales departments have been slow to adopt mapping• Our training was developed by sales ops for sales ops• Enables teams to avoid months of trial and error
  3. 3. FounderInterviewing MBA candidates Gregory Grzegorzyk
  4. 4. Market opportunity• eLearning market CAGR 9.2% @ $49.9 billion 2015• 89% of sales teams assign prospects/accounts by geography• Only 26% use mapping techniques• 88% expect to train existing employees Discover• 4% felt no improvement was needed Importance Self Grade Opportunities 4 3 Territory Forecasting• Telesales test in progress Optimization 2 1• 0 Pipeline = multiple departments Drivetime Manage Reps Track Incentive Territory Comp Changes
  5. 5. Product: Self-paced eLearningFocus: Territory mapping analytics
  6. 6. Business model• Student enrollment fees – pricing elasticity study complete• Commissions on software & data sales - completed• Telesales / e-mail / SEM / Co-op / YouTube / Twitter (WIP)• Highly targeted telesales and email lists (Sales Ops)• Criteria: 88,055 U.S. companies > 100 employees• SIC: Distribution / Retail / Finance / Insurance / Real Estate• Market test produced a XX% response rate• Product pipeline expands sales opportunities
  7. 7. Strategic relationships• Pitney Bowes – MapInfo Professional• TerrAlign Inc. – SFDC integration• SugarCRM - WIP
  8. 8. Competition evolution• Mapping vendors• Consultants• Excel• Colleges• Online college courses• SaaS vendors
  9. 9. Barriers to entry• Focused on their specific tool vs. best-of-breed• Focused on college credits vs. point solutions• Lack of specialized experience• Too comfortable with SEM / Email• Content creation challenges for eLearning• Copyright protection• Founder’s experience
  10. 10. Gregory Grzegorzyk431 El Camino RealSanta Clara, CA