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免費圖書 - U.S. students fight copyright ...


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免費圖書 - U.S. students fight copyright ...

  1. 1. 免費圖書 毛慶禎 輔仁大學圖書資訊學系副教授 2007/11/1, for 全國新書資訊月刊 ��.1 ��.2免費圖書 - U.S. students fight copyright law, 2001.4.11 成大 MP3 事件, ��.3Google Book Search [Google 圖書搜尋] 11 種語言可檢索 - data from library and publisher o Partner Program - more than 10,000 publishers, large and small, who give their books to Google to be scanned in full. o Library Project - 27 academic and reference library partners to gain access to out-of- print works. o Live Search Books Publisher Program - Microsoft, o Google、藍燈書屋談搜尋合作 o 有些圖書館 就是拒絕跟 Google 合作 ��.4RIAA 揚言對 19 所大學提出侵權告訴 Students for Free Culture ��.5Open Content -