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STOMP Presentation


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A presentation on STOMP as a web 2.0 website

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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STOMP Presentation

  1. 1. STOMP Presentation Rawr Li Shing To, Chua Mao Jie, Kang Hean Jin
  2. 2. Web 2.0 Features of STOMP Collective Intelligence Discussions on any      - Commenting subject deemed      - Reviews interesting to users User-Based Allows users to post or - Forums comment on the articles   The ability to keep track on how many viewers read or comment the article
  3. 3. What are the web 2.0 technologies in STOMP vBulletin - Users can discuss on the forum message board software Podcasts|Videocasts - Share your thoughts on our STOMPcast, e-Flicks in Backstage! Web Services - Users can access eBay and Speak Good English Movement through STOMP JSP/PHP - Allows HTML/XML to be dynamically generated
  4. 4. Non-web 2.0 elements News Articles must be reviewed by STOMP staff before it will be posted online No perpetual BETA development cycle, in-house programmers did not experiment with new features, simply uses tried-and-true quot;textbookquot; type features On-site quot;Bloggingquot; is only limited to quot;star bloggersquot; or quot;media clubquot; members
  5. 5. Other Magazine Sites Channel News Asia               BBC                        PC World These are mostly Web 1.0 sites since articles is only contributed by the in-house journalists. Although STOMP has in-house editors and moderators, the articles are entirely contributed by users. The journalists are literally in the back seat and not obligated to actively look out for news.
  6. 6. Conclusion STOMP relies on users for their news whereas traditional news websites rely upon the work of in-house journalists However, STOMP articles require the approval of journalists before they can be published It is difficult to classify STOMP as a web2.0 website since Web 2.0 itself has no definition STOMP does rely on users for news but users do not take part in the process of editing or creating the articles. STOMP is more web 1.0 than 2.0, it only seems to be Web 2.0 in nature
  7. 7. Thank You For your kind attention