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Open society human rights workshop, 24.04.2013


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Published in: Technology
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Open society human rights workshop, 24.04.2013

  1. 1. Open Society human rightsinternship workshopManushak AslanyanHuridocs/NGO Women for DevelopmentApril 2013, Budapest
  2. 2. Expertise of HuridocsHuridocs helps human rights organizations to use technologies anddocumentation methods through:•developing tool and techniques for information management• training and capacity building of NGOs• provision of documentation techniques, monitoring methods,search technology to access human rights documentation, tools todocument human rights violations,• supports NGOs to build website in order to maximize theirimpact
  3. 3. Communication and Informationmanagement tools for NGOs: WordPressWordPress•a user friendly web software for creating websites and blogs• over 60 million or more than 17% websites worldwide(e.g. New York Times, Yahoo, CNN, BBC America, etc.)• free to start and simple to use• flexible, easy to publish and manage information/users• own the website/content and work with wordpresscommunity
  4. 4. Communication and Information managementWordPress• Choose a web host• Download and install the WordPress• Choose a theme and start exploring• Go through the online manual and join localWordCamp communityStart as a blog at WordPress Blog:
  5. 5. Websites essentialsThe audience – who is the website addressed?User experience – tourists vs regular visitorsMapping – draft scheme of the websiteContent – work on the contentSome ideas:
  6. 6. Communication and Information managementtools for NGOs: e–newsletterMail Chimp makes it easy to create and share e–newslettersfor different purposes•free for up to 2000 subscribers /12.000 emails permonth/ easy to share via social networks‑•track your campaign and get reports (graphics, maps,tables)• great support team
  7. 7. Mailchimp e–newsletter• Sign up on• Create a list in your account and import subscribers’emails• Establish groups within the list• Create campaign and select the list/group• Choose an existing template and add the content• Send test emails and then the campaign
  8. 8. Communication and Information managementtools for NGOs: OpenEvsysOpenEvsys: is a free open source database application thatcan be used by human rights organizations to:• record human rights violations and store relateddocuments, manage information•browse the history/details of a specific victim or case•filter the cases through the powerful search system
  9. 9. OpenEvsys features• OpenEvsys can be used from a web sever and make iteasy to share/work from different office locations• OpenEvsys has a powerful search system, which allowsto filter information according to gender, region, date,etc.• OpenEvsys can be easily customized, allowing todelete/replace a field you do not need• You can control each user’s access to specificinformation• OpenEvsys is multilingual
  10. 10. Communication and Informationmanagement tools for NGOs: CaseBox• Integrated document and task management• Customised to your needs and the way you work• Assign tasks and deadlines easily• Receive notifications for new tasks• Monitor progress and workload
  11. 11. CaseBox: Document Management• Access documents wherever you are• Identify latest draft – keep track of version history• Add information to folders (e.g. articles alleged to beviolated)• See tasks related to document (e.g. revise draft)
  12. 12. Permission Scheme• Manage for every single document who can read, writeor delete• Use groups and individuals to quickly managepermissions• Make sure sensitive data is protected
  13. 13. Thank you!