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U can win


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this book will help in achieving corporate success

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U can win

  2. 2. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Educator Speaker BusinessAuthor consultant Mr. Shiv Khera
  3. 3. • Mr khera is the author of INTERATIONAL BEST SELLER BOOK “YOU CAN WIN”• Sold over 1.7 million copies over world• Other booksLiving with honourSow seeds of success
  4. 4. MISSION OF THE BOOKIt wants to make you to create an action plan for the rest of your life
  5. 5. STEP BY STEP TOOLS FOR TOP ACHIEVERS• Importance of attitude • Importance of• How to build a positive interpersonal skill attitude • 25 steps to building a• Success positive personality• What is holding us • Subconscious mind & back? habits• Motivation • Goal setting• Self Esteem • Values and vision
  6. 6. ATTITUDE
  7. 7. ATTITUDE• Main is Importance of attitude in the ORGANISATION• Most of organization select people  85% DUE TO ATTITUDE  15% DUE TO THEIR KNOWLEDGE
  8. 8. CONCLUSION• The Book is all about not to identify your strengths but its help us to know our weakness and how we can overcome it.• Shiv khera tries to convey the message to his audiences in a very smart way and in very optimistic approach.• He has tried his level best to make each individual believe that all can be winner irrespectively in any circumstances.