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Driving scaled agile transformation – an experience report (at scrum alliance)


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Driving Scaled Agile Transformation - people and culture changes

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Driving scaled agile transformation – an experience report (at scrum alliance)

  1. 1. Driving Scaled Agile Transformation – An Experience Report By Manu Goyal 27 June 2015
  2. 2. Disclaimer The opinions expressed in this presentation are my personal opinions based on my own experiences and interpretations. The facts and opinions shared during this presentation do not reflect the views of any of the organizations that I have worked for, in the past or in the present. Copyrights Reserved 2
  3. 3. What is Scaled Agile Transformation? FROM TO Groups of people doing software development X-functional Teams formed and staffed FROM TO + Enterprise planning in place + Prioritized work flows through the teams’ backlogs + Interdependencies identified and managed + Rolling out integrated functions frequently + Common Tools + Reporting + Governance + more… and DONE!  Have ‘Definition of Done’  Define ‘Minimum Viable Product’  Drive Continuous enhancements and changeCopyrights Reserved 3
  4. 4. Scaled Agile Transformation – Multifaceted Changes • People and Culture • Business - Products and Services • Process • Tools and Technology • Right blend needed • No cookie cutter methods • Depends on context and situation Copyrights Reserved 4
  5. 5. People and Culture “The secret ingredient that is hard to mimic.” Copyrights Reserved 5
  6. 6. How People React to Any Change? 1. Denial/Shock 4. Commitment • Confusion • Distraction • Loss of Identity It’s not so!? • Acceptance • Engagement • New Reality OK… Let’s do it..! 2. Resistance 3. Exploration • Anger • Withdrawal • Blaming I gave it my all and now this? • Frustration • Too much to absorb • Trouble focusing How do I make sense of all this? 6Copyrights Reserved
  7. 7. Culture • Behaviors, beliefs and rules that develop in to habits over time. THIS? SPECTRUM OR THIS? Centralized Decisions Decentralized decisions Risk averse Risk taking Heavily process driven Light, adaptive approaches Command and Control Build Consensus Silos Collaboration My responsibilities Collective ownership of big picture Conform Diversity, out of box thinking Meritocracy Seniority Other big ones? Copyrights Reserved 7
  8. 8. Path to Behavior Change AWARENESS “I know about the Agile Transformation” BUY-IN “I believe in the Agile Transformation” UNDERSTANDING “I know what the Agile Transformation means to me” ACTION “I’m ready to do my new job” INTERNALIZATION “This is just how work gets done ” TIME AND PARTICIPATION Move target audiences toward Internalization as quickly as possible, minimizing resistance and disruption to the businessPERFORMANCE Copyrights Reserved 8
  9. 9. Multi-Functional Changes for Easier Adoption of Scaled Agile Transformation Function Changes Facilities Team Co-location, collaboration facilities More in-person sessions – at increased scale of people and frequency Talent (HR) Role definition, hiring and career development, reviews and rewards, training and coaching Engineering Breaking silos, I to T skills, DevOps, Automation, Continuous Integration & Deployment, Flighting Tools Common tools for planning and reporting Finance Audit and reporting changes – CapEx distribution, cost calculations Product and Business Providing User stories and epics Continuous planning – vision  roadmap  release  Sprint  daily SCRUM Business value Empirical Measurements and KPIs 9 Copyrights Reserved
  10. 10. Recommendations COMMUNICATIONS AND SUPPORT • Over communicate - minimum 7 times • Honest and Transparent, • Need based, Simple, Self-service • Think Global, Act Local EXAMPLES • Web portal, Interactive Dashboards, Balanced scorecard • News letters, posters, banners, emails • Meetings - All hands, Town halls, staff, • coffee with coaches, Product fairs, office hours • Training and coaching, tutorial videos, brown bags. • HR - Role Guides Copyrights Reserved 10 • What else will you recommend?
  11. 11. Q&A Thank You! Contact Manu at Copyrights Reserved 11