Evaluation question 4


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Evaluation question 4

  1. 1. In producing the video and during the research and planning stages, Iused a fantastic array of equipment that that I had never experiencedbefore. Firstly the research and planning stages, whilst constructingmy research on music videos the internet was a big help. I visitedmany websites which host a whole load of music videos from ourchosen indie genre. The main one being YouTube, I used YouTubewhen i was constructing my analysiss of music videos that fitted ourgenre. It was a very big help for when it came to searching for videosthat I may not of found if it wasnt for YouTubes Suggestion tab onthe left. I typed in the artist or the band that I knew my targetaudience would listen to, and it produced a lot of very helpfulsuggestions for me to analyze. To view other current music videosthat our target audience would listen to i visited some indiemagazines websites. They frequently post new videos, their best oftheir month, their favourites and the videos to look out for. In myopinion the best music video analysis that i did was the song Lies byFenech Soler, the band first came to my attention when i visited NMEmagazines website, they had the song and some information aboutthis new band. Also the social networking website Facebook was avery big help for when we wanted audience feedback on the video.The internet has also helped us research our target audience, we hada rough idea of what our chosen target audience like, dislike and whatthey expect from a music video. However I myself thoroughly usedUKtribes.com to get a real understanding of what our target audiencelike and what to expect to see from a music video, this informationhas been very important and helpful towards the final cut of ourvideo!If i didnt have the use of the internet whilst constructing my analysisof music videos, it wouldnt be to much of a problem. I can watch themusic videos on my television, there are many indie music televisionchannels at the moment so that wouldnt be a problem, for exampleNME and MTV Rocks. However i wouldnt have the luxury of pickingwhat videos i wanted to listen to, stopping them half way through toanalyze a cross dissolve or a cut, and most importantly i wouldnt beable to take screen grabs of anything.During the process of filming our video, Alysha brought along herSony Cybershot camera to capture some of the action as it was beingfilmed. The camera had a high resolution LCD screen and also a zoomfeature which was paramount to getting the correct shots of Claireand the rose at the right level. This worked very well for us becausethe pictures became very natural to Claire because she was already inthe character, but most importantly we kept the continuity and the
  2. 2. house style from our video running through to the ancillary tasksbecause what she was taking pictures of, was used in the video.During the filming process of our video we used the Sony Handycamto film all of our video, along with a tripod for added stability. Duringour first day of filming and being the amateurs we were at that time,we filmed without the tripod and this ended up in a lot of poor film anda waste of time. However for some parts of the video we did just usethe camera on its own without the tripod, this was particularly usefulfor when we were filming Claire running away to make it look like thecamera was from her perspective and her feelings and emotions atthe time.The Sony Handycam was particularly useful when filming a handheldscene for the video, its small and light structure allowed who everwas filming to pick it up and maneuver around with it very easy. Forexample when we filmed Claire running away along the narrowcountry lane i ran behind her, the camera was particularly useful forthis scene.Once we had completed all of our filming we uploaded all of ourfootage into Final Cut via an Apple Mac computer. We then lockedthe footage and deleted any of the sound from the footage, we thenimported our audio and locked it into place. We then captured all ofour footage and dragged it into the time line to be edited and thenmake the final product. We then double clicked on the footage thatwe wanted to watch and viewed it in the viewer. Using the videolayers we could experiment with two clips merged into one, thisworked particularly well when Claire was lying dead and when shewas picking the rose in the shadow, it had the look of past andpresent to it. Using Final Cut Express instead of iMovie for examplegave us a lot more options when it came to editing certain parts of thevideo and also when it came to layering certain parts of our footageon top of each other.During the editing stages of our video we used many effects to givethat professional look, we wanted to give it the look that our targetmarket would expect if they turned on NME or MTV Rocks. Forexample the Chroma Key effect, the chroma key effect was very usefulfor when we wanted one image or one part of the footage to reallystand out amongst the rest of it, this effect was very important whenmaking the rose head stand out. We wanted this effect so much in ourvideo because the rose plays an integral part in the video, it is allClaire has left of me to remember be my. We selected the footage thatwe wanted the Chroma Key to work on, then chose the Effects tool
  3. 3. bar, Video Filters, Key and then Chroma Key. Then we selected theeye dropper tool and selected what part of the footage we wanted tokeep in the original colour, we then increased the softening bar toabout 3/4 of the way along to give it a clean, crisp finish, we thenclicked the trapezoid shape and selected our clip and pressed Alt,Shift, and then we dragged it up to the above layer, we then clickedthe trapezoid shape again to remove it. After that we desaturated thetop layer, by going to Video Filters and then Image Control. TheChroma Key tab is below, along with how we used it in the video. Desaturation, we used the desaturation toola lot in our video, the song is called The Funeral, so straight away youhave the obvious black and white connotations, this tool then wasvery important to the final outcome of our video and howprofessional it looked. It looked especially good during all of thegraveyard scenes with myself and Claire, if we had kept the originalfootage in full colour it would look vibrant and happy, this wasnt theeffect we were going for!Brightness and contrast levels, we wanted the dark feel in our videoto be through out, not just the footage indoors where we couldmanipulate the lighting to how we wanted it to look, so when filming
  4. 4. outside which is quite a large proportion of our video we simply thenhighlighted the chosen clip and adjusted the brightness and contrastlevels of the clip up or down depending on how it looked, this wasparticularly useful when editing the clips of me receiving the textfrom Claire saying she was "ready for the funeral", we made thewhole clip a lot darker and then gradually brought up the contrastlevels to make certain parts of the clip brighter.Speed levels, the speed levels option was very useful for our video,with the slow pace of music and also the choral notes to the music atthe start and at the end of our song. We didnt want dramatic slowmotion in our video, but the pace of the footage along with the pace ofthe cross - dissolves used I think gave us a very nice balance.Alysha and Charlotte used Photoshop CS4 during the production of the ancillary tasks,using Photoshop it enabled them to explore lots of different effects and techniques toproduce the best ancillary tasks possible. We used mainly Claire and the rose in theproduction of the advert and the digipak. When producing the black and white rose withthe red petals in colour alone, they desaturated the whole picture and then used theHistory Brush tool to go over the bits that they wanted to remain in the original colour.The back of the digipak was a long and complicated process for Alysha and Charlotte.The first idea we had was to have a single rose just laid out to represent how much therose meant to Claire. But after placing it onto the digipak and comparing it with our otherpanels that we had produced we all agreed that it didnt fit, Alysha then duplicated thesingle rose around 50 times and placed the new roses onto a black background, thisproduced a wonderful effect, almost like hundreds of roses had just fallen.
  5. 5. To remove any parts of Claires skin and also any imperfections on the rose, Charlotteand Alysha used the brush tool, smudge tool and the eraser tool to remove any parts thatwe didnt want. This gave us a clean crisp finish to all of the final pieces of work they did.Without the use of these different effects on Photoshop i think our final digipak andmagazine advert wouldnt look very professional. Whenever you see magazine adverts,the artist or bands skin is without any imperfections. If we didnt have the luxury ofPhotoshop during the production of our ancillary tasks our adverts and the digipak wouldlook unprofessional, and we would of had to make sure the photos were exactly how wewanted them.When producing the two back panels of the digipak we were quite stuck for ideas, wedidnt want anything to busy, during the research into digipaks we mainly saw that mostbacks of the digipaks were quite soft and mellow. Alysha had the idea of using twophotos that we took whilst filming the graveyard scenes, they were simply the graveyard,but when spread across the two panels it gave us a fantastic effect and really related tothe overall video. Alysha obviously took these pictures outside, so it was very hard for herand my group to manipulate the lighting for this picture. So to overcome that problemAlysha firstly desaturated the photo and then used Lighting Effects in Photoshop toproduce the two back panels. Using Lighting Effects she was able to move the ovalshape left, right or wherever she wanted the light to come through. This effect wasparticularly useful for this type of picture, it was a quite a dull picture especially after thedesaturation process, but using the Lighting Effects we were able to give it such a betterlook. The example is below.
  6. 6. Alysha used dafont.com to select the appropriate font for the digipak and the magazineadvert. Finding the correct font was an important process during the production of thedigipak, however with the use of dafont.com Alysha knew that we would find the correctfont. We wanted something that had a classical edge to it, something that you would seein a black white film for example, this was because we thought this type of font would fitin very well with the band itself and the style of music they play. Choosing the right fontwas vitally important, after all the chosen font would be used on both ancillary tasks. Inthe end we chose "You wont bring me down", we felt that this font worked very well withthe style of the music and something that would compliment the brand identity that wewere trying to achieve.