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Different types of marbles

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As we are aware that marble is extensively used in the field of building & construction industry, it is also used for various other purposes in architecture, sculptures, design, etc. Here, we have presented some of the most used marbles along with designs, patterns and color variations.

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Different types of marbles

  1. 1. Different Types of Marbles Marble is a naturally occurring stone which used to be considered as a royal stone used for constructing various institutional or governmental structures. However, now it is also used at homes, shops and other private or commercial buildings and is used in the form of slabs, tiles, counter-tops or even pebbles. This natural stone is made available in numerous names, designs, colors and patterns of which some are given here....
  2. 2. Marble Types Onyx Marble Katni Marble White Marble Green Marble Agaria Marble Galala Marble Italian Marble Bidasar Marble Makrana Marble
  3. 3. Marble Types Botticino Marble Rainforest Marble White Gray Marble Red Forest Marble Gray William Marble Golden Spider Marble Banswara Marble
  4. 4. Onyx Marble
  5. 5. Katni Marble
  6. 6. White Marble
  7. 7. Green Marble
  8. 8. Agaria Marble
  9. 9. Galala Marble
  10. 10. Makrana Marble
  11. 11. Bidasar Marble
  12. 12. Italian Marble
  13. 13. Botticino Marble
  14. 14. Rainforest Marble
  15. 15. White Gray Marble
  16. 16. Red Forest Marble
  17. 17. Gray William Marble
  18. 18. Golden Spider Marble
  19. 19. Banswara White Marble
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