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Simple game analysis report


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Simple game analysis report

  1. 1. XXXXX FC REPORTXXXXX 0 x 1 YYYYY XXXXX FC REPORT SYSTEM Initial System 1-4-4-1-1 Nº 25 is the weak player Nº 7 and 10 play always open and they are fast Nº 21 and 24 play always flat and near each other Nº 20 is the best player of the team. Fast, skillful and strong They are not a skillful team. They show weaknesses when they have to play under pressure Alternative System 1-3-2-3-2 Nº 25 out – Nº 15 in Stay always with 5 players in front 1 Manuel Ramos
  2. 2. XXXXX FC REPORTXXXXX 0 x 1 YYYYY DEFENSIVE ORGANIZATION They have a lot of space between the defensive and mid lines In a long ball, when one stopper dispute the ball only another stopper do cover 2 wings back (Nº3 and Nº 25) follow wings both inside and outside moves Nº 20 not defend Ball in the mid Like they play always flat and near and the wings play open we have space for our wings come inside The stoppers don´t follow the midfielders and we have a big space between lines The wings back follow our wings and we have space to put our wings back in attack If our stoppers open fast we can start building from back. Nº 7 and 10 stay with the wings back and Nº 20 stay alone with our stoppers Ball in the wing They close the side of the ball with 4 men. We have to play fast and switching. The wing back near the ball must stay (balance) and the opposite wing back must be free to attack The wings back follow our wings and we have space to put our wings back in attack nd We have always our 2 defensive midfielder free When our striker comes between lines the stopper follow him but usually don’t do a strong press and he have space for turn to the goal Nº 4 is heavy, so Jomma must ask the ball in the left side 2 Manuel Ramos
  3. 3. XXXXX FC REPORTXXXXX 0 x 1 YYYYY Cross When we win the line for crossing the 2 midfielders take too much time to come back and we have space in front of the box. Our Strikers must attack the goal and fix the stoppers and opposite wing must come to the penalty to score. OFENSIVE ORGANIZATION Ball in the mid It´s not easy found ball possession, they try to play front in successive counters Nº 20 as reference, he change moves (between lines or behind stoppers Nº 22 always as back support for Nº 20 and the moves in the depth are done by the wings The wings back don’t do overlapping, only do a back support Nº 20 is a good player (fast, skillful and strong). It’s important have one stopper st always near him. If we don’t give him space and dispute always the 1 ball with him we will reduce the dangerous nd It’s important the task of Monsour and Jabri for 2 balls (2x1) The 2 midfielders play bad under pressure. We must come back and invite Oman to built from back and after start pressing. And we also prevent the risk of long balls 3 Manuel Ramos
  4. 4. XXXXX FC REPORTXXXXX 0 x 1 YYYYY Ball in the wing Especially Nº 7 like to dribbling inside and switching Sometimes they use the wing back to switching The cover in the wing should be do it for one mid for the stopper stay in the box nd doing 3x2 (2 stopper free) DEFENSIVE TRANSITION The defensive line come back and the midfielders take time to come back If we play fast out of pressure and we put the ball behind the 2 midfielders we can create always dangerous Under counter the defensive line not exist and the wings back go inside try to do the task of the midfielders OFENSIVE TRANSITION Becarefull they have always 4 men ready to the counter The wings are not very good in 1x1 but they are fast and dangerous in the moves in the depth When the wings are far sometimes Nº20 go to the wing and Nº22 plays like striker 4 Manuel Ramos
  5. 5. XXXXX FC REPORTXXXXX 0 x 1 YYYYY SET PIECES Defensive corner st Only 2 men free at the 1 post With strong moves they lose the opponent easy nd 2 post free We can do the same move of Nº10 Orouba Ofensive corner Ball usually is kick near the goal They put 5 players in direct moves from goal Long throw In right side (Nº 25) do long throw for Striker (Nº 20). Nº 7, 10, 22 also inside box 5 Manuel Ramos
  6. 6. XXXXX FC REPORTXXXXX 0 x 1 YYYYY 6 Manuel Ramos