HidraMize®   LIPOSOMAL             HYALURONIC ACID             Low Molecular Weight
LIPOSOMAL                 Liposomes are nanosized spheres of lipid bilayers, its size       this property turns liposomes ...
Biological                       Liposomal HA 0.05%                                	                                     ...
PRODUCT          NAME: Liposomal Hyaluronic Acid                 APPEARANCE: whitish homogene-                       ODOR:...
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B4 Liposomal Hyaluronic Acid


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B4 the code for uor Liposomal Hyaluronic Acid, biological performance has been tested to check increased bioavailability. our product outperform the regular HA in water solution. Get the most of HA by using Hidramize Hyaluronic Acid by Lipomize.

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B4 Liposomal Hyaluronic Acid

  1. 1. HidraMize® LIPOSOMAL HYALURONIC ACID Low Molecular Weight
  2. 2. LIPOSOMAL Liposomes are nanosized spheres of lipid bilayers, its size this property turns liposomes particularly effective forTECHNOLOGY is less than one thousandth of a millimeter. They are cosmetic use.ADVANTAGES composed entirely by natural biocompatible molecules, All the moisturizing and restorative properties of the which have the ability to transport active ingredients low molecular weight hyaluronic acid are improved by within or on its membrane, releasing the active compo- Lipomize’s liposome. nent in a gradual and controlled way providing greater bioavailability, protection and long lasting effect. Exclusive advantages Liposomes increase bioavailability, this means that a Functional properties are delivered where they are  greater amount of the active ingredient fulfills its spe- most needed. cific effect. Higher performance can be achieved even Hyaluronic Acid is protected and transported within  lowering dosing. our premium line of Hidramize® liposomes. Liposomes exert their influence in the stratum cor- Delivery System protects the active ingredient, more  neum of the skin improving penetration of the active; intact hyaluronic acid reachs target cells to nourish.Benefits Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a linear stratum corneum. HA low molecular The last positive mechanism is theof Hyaluronic polysaccharide of high molecu- weight is able to penetrate into the natural ability of hyaluronic acid toAcid lar weight, naturally occurring in deep layers of the stratum corneum, immobilize a large quantity of water the human body. It changes the where it operates on several levels. in its structures, which helps to physical properties of the epider- First, it has the capacity to protect restore proper nmf functioning in mis, especially due to its ability to phospholipids against peroxidation the epidermis. immobilize a large volume of water by uv and free radicals. These phos- in its structures, and is also active pholipids are part of the natural in relation to improve intercellular moisturizing factor (nmf), the pres- communication. It is applied as a ence of which is essential for the connective tissue organizer and proper barrier function of the skin. hydrating substance on the basis of Secondly, HA has a positive effect its status as the most hydrated poly- on the activity of betaglucocerebro- mer known. Since it is a naturally sidase, an enzyme responsible for occurring substance, HA is free of the release of ceramides from their immunogenic activity, and is a non- glucosyl precursors. Ceramides are toxic and non-irritating substance. then incorporated into the lipid Short molecule HA’s basic mechanism of action is bilayer of corneocytes, and the nmf of ha. PDB Code: 2BVK the improved barrier function of the function is enhanced.Hidramize® Liposomes assembled by Lipomize are formulated with carrier. They also have essential components for cellHyaluronic natural phospholipids extracted from soy lecithin. Low metabolism. Particularly provide a high concentrationAcid Liposome Energy Methods are used for processing, protecting of linoleic acid (vitamin F) precursor of Ceramide1, fun- the integrity and stability of the nanovesicles and HA. damental component of the Natural Moisturizing Factor, Lipomize has availability of best raw materials for its being liposomes an excellent moisturizer by them- homogeneous size controlled lamellarity liposomes, selves. All properties of Hyaluronic Acid are enhanced natural soy lecithin and low molecular weight HA. by the implementation of a delivery system which Hidramize liposomes possess high resistance to the enables controlled release allowing long lasting effect action of surfactants and high structural and physico- and letting hyaluronic acid reach the deeper layers of chemical stability, fulfilling its function of nanometric the skin intact. Particle Size Distribution Atomic Force Microscopy. Laboratorio de Superficies e Interfases. Dynamic Light Scattering. Hydramize Liposome have narrow size Instituto de Desarrollo Tecnológico para la Industria Química, intec distribution and average size of 180 nm. (conicet-unl). Güemes 3450 (s3000gln), Santa Fe, ArgentinaHidraMize® HyALURONIC ACID
  3. 3. Biological Liposomal HA 0.05%  NON Liposomal HA 0.05%  Performance 35 years old volunteer 35 years old volunteerof Liposomal  = Day 0 T  = Day 0 THyaluronic AcidHidramize®  = Day 28 T  = Day 28 T1. Skin hydration % using 1. 2. Hidramize B4 for 28 days2. Skin hydration % in normal conditions Hydration Performance Sustained release Measured by Thermography. (www.aboutclaim.com). Liposomal hyaluronic acid has higher Liposome keep hyaluronate at high levels for hydration performance versus non liposomal hyaluronate. up to 5 hours ensuring long lasting effect.FormulationPerformanceof LiposomalHyaluronic AcidHidramize® Surfactants Resistance Temperature Resistance Hidramize Liposome are made with a proprietary blend of natural Hidramize Liposome’s phospholipids blend ensure temperature phospholipids that ensure surfactant resistance in most cosmetics resistance up to 60°C with no modification in its membrane formulations. properties.Suggested  Support epidermal hydration  Liposome / Nanotechnology  Superb moisturizing EffectClaims by improving intercellular com-  Deeper Moisturizing Effect  Antiaging / Antiwrinkle munication  Oxidative Stress Reducer  Sustained release system for long  Higher bioavailability of liposo-  Hydration improvement by affect- lasting effect mal Hyaluronic Acid ing the skin’s epidermal structure  Higher Skin smoother Properties HidraMize® HyALURONIC ACID
  4. 4. PRODUCT NAME: Liposomal Hyaluronic Acid APPEARANCE: whitish homogene- ODOR: slightly alcoholic withoutSPECIFICATION 0,5 %. Purified Phospholipids from ous liquid without precipitates traces of rancidity. Non-GMO Soy Lecithin. slightly opalescent.CODE: B-4 PHYSICOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES Parameter Minimum Maximum Comments Density 1.004 1.013 Viscosity 12 cP 18 cP Ostwald Method pH 6,5 8,0 Direct Acidity 5% Tritrable Peroxides 5 meq/100 mL Average particle size 110 nm 250 nm DLS Concentration of Liposome 6.25 x 1015 Liposome/L Estimated from phospholipids concentration and particle size PROXIMATE ANALYSIS Component Minimum Maximum Comments Hyaluronic Acid 0,50 % 0,53 % HPLC Total Phospholipids 10 mM 15 mM HPLC Phosphatidilcholine 41 % 48 % HPLC (% of total phospholipids) Phosphatidilethanolamine 10 % 15 % HPLC (% of total phospholipids) Phosphatidil Inositol 0% 1% HPLC (% of total phospholipids) Phosphatic Acid 41 % 44 % HPLC (% of total phospholipids) Ethanol 10 % MICROBIOLOGY Enterobacter 0/g S. Aureus 0/g Yeast Molds 50/g Total Plaque Count 100/g PACKAGING TOXICOLOGY Available in 1 L, 5 L 25 L. Other sizes upon request. Non-irritating. Hypoallergenic. Non-cytotoxic.FORMULATING Recommended use level: 5–10 % APPLICATIONS Gel eye make-up remover.WITH Incorporation: For cold processes, dissolve Antiwrinkle anti-stress serum.HIDRAMIZE B4 Hidramize B4 into the aqueous phase. In Nourishing moisturizing cream. cold/hot processes, add during the Lipstick with hyaluronic acid. cooling phase below 40 °C. Moisturizing pre-sun after-sun milks. Thermostability: Temperatures of up to 60 °C Pre-shaves/After shaves. for a short time do not affect the stability of Hidramize B4. Stable with glycolic acid and at acidic pH (3.5) MARKETING Curb premature face wrinkling. Sensitive to heat and extreme pH values. BENEFITS Boost skin elasticity Stability increases with decreasing Promote firm skin tone. molecular weight. Very sensitive to free Enhance collagen synthesis. radicals. Nourish healthy skin cell growth. Incompatible with cationic substances, e.g. quarternized polymers and proteins (Quarterniums, Polyquarterniums, etc.). INCI NAME Aqua | Phospholipids | Hyaluronic Acid ARGENTINE: BRAZIL: PERU (COLOMBIA/ECUADOR): CHINACONTACT Kromberg Fine Chemicals SRL Savixx Comércio Internacional S/A Alfil Andina S.A.C Joyvo New Material Co., LtdINFORMATION OF Calle Septiembre 151, Escobar. Av. Ibirapuera, 2.332, Bloco II Av. Las Artes Norte 855. No.35 Dingxing Road, FoodDISTRIBUTORS Parque industrial Hijo del Dueño conjunto 51. Moema, São Paulo, SP, San Borja, Lima 41, Peru Industrial Zone. Yangzhou, Phone: +54 348 442-7005 CEP 04088-002 Phone: +51 1 207 0730 Jiangsu, 225004, P.R. China info@kromberg.com Phone: 11 5053-9650 oscar@alfilandina.com Phone: +86 514 8581 5933 www.kromberg.com.ar Fax: 11 5053-9670 www.alfilandina.com fci@joyvofci.com savixx@savixx.com.br www.joyvofci.com www.savixx.com.br Lipomize SRL. Ruta 168, Paraje El Pozo. Parque Tecnológico Litoral Centro, Laboratorio 11. Santa Fe, Santa Fe, Argentina. Zip Code: 3000 Phone: +54 342 4511 546 ext 1516. Fax: +54 342 4511 547 ext 1421 info@lipomize.com | www.lipomize.com © Copyright. LIPOMIZE SRL Argentina. All rights reserved.