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online shopping habits-Chapter 1


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online shopping habits-Chapter 1

  1. 1. 1 CHAPTER 1 ONLINE SHOPPING: AN INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION The term „market‟ generally refers to a place where buyers and sellers meet together.The meaning and nature of market has undergone revolutionary changes over time. On a closer observation on historical evolution of markets, different stages of transition can easily be identified, the last stage being the era of ONLINE SHOPPING. Online shopping is the form of electronic commerce that allows customers to buy goods or services directly from the seller over the Internet. This involves an online shop or web portal for online sales, better known as a web store, e-store, or a virtual store, which provides the similar atmosphere of buying products and services from its brick-and-mortar counterparts. With the creation of the first World Wide Web browser in 1990, and put into commercial use in the following year, there has been no looking back. Today there are innumerable online shopping portals offering products and services from banking, education, online tutors, music stores, bookstores etc. Further with the introduction of SSL encryption for online data transfers, and secure payment gateways, one can now safely buy online gifts to India. Online shopping is definitely a great way to shop with everything available on the websites. From clothes, gift items, food, home needs, medicines, and many more, this mode of shopping allows one to shop conveniently without hassle on spending hours in a supermarket or shopping areas. The Internet with its wide array of information nooks, allows the customer to go through various reviews of the product or service before actually heading for purchases. These online shopping websites also have daily deals for the customer looking for discounts and store offerings. Online shopping is gaining currency in India too. It is seen that online shopping has steadily increased in the northern, southern and western part of the country, namely the metropolises of Delhi, Chennai, Kochi, Mumbai etc. A number of market research firms have predicted that online shopping and retail sales in India will triple to around £19 million within four years.
  2. 2. 2 Kerala has always been a state which stands in the forefront of consumption. In many instances such as the purchase of gold, consumption of alcohol, etc. Keralaoutweighs all other states. Kerala has become an enigma and a paradox to many economists and development experts at the national as well as international level. It presents a paradoxical picture of high social development with uneven economic growth. With regard to social development the state has successfully tackled the first generation problems like illiteracy, high infant mortality rate, low life expectancy and related indicators of under development when other states are still grappling with them. Kerala has been considered as a consumption power house by business firms. Pala, a municipality of Kottayam district of Kerala is an economically prosper and socially well placed locality which possesses almost all the characteristics Kerala with respect to consumption pattern and habits. The student and teacher community of St. Thomas College Pala is a typical sample which truly represents the population of Pala. The study focuses on the ‘Online Shopping Habits among Students and Teachers of St. Thomas College Pala’. We hope that the study can throw some light into the changing consumption habits of Keralites and the popularity of online shopping among them. The study will also cover some major aspects of online market and the various trends in online purchasing. 1.1 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY In recent years, online shopping has become very popular. The growth of technology has made these a part and parcel of everyday lifestyle. The advent of plastic money or the debit /credit card and the smooth access to the World Wide Web has brought the shops from around the world to the desktop. We personally have seen many of our friends surfing through various online shopping sites and purchasing things. Student community has become so strong that even the parents seek the help and advice of their children before conducting big purchases. This is solely because of their exposure to web and social media. Moreover, while it comes to personal purchases, students are very particular that they get best products available in the market and seek all the possible ways to secure the best products. This is where the role of online shopping sites emerges. Students who are well versed in the use of internet and active in social media, know about online markets and have tried at least some of them.
  3. 3. 3 While coming to teacher community, they are a category of people who earn handsome salary and have a pretty good amount at their disposal. They also represent the generation previous to ICT revolution. Teachers can provide the best attitude and perspectives of the grown up people to emerging trends in the consumption style and their adaptability to such changes. The study is very relevant because it can give a clear picture of the future of online markets in India and the emerging trends in this particular field. The various factors that influence online shopping habits and its merits and demerits are also dealt with.The study also tries to have a comparison of online shopping habits among different age group as well as income group. 1.2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The pilot survey and other enquiries in this regard showed some positive trends in favour of Online Shopping.This study is intended to analyse the “Online Shopping Habits among Students and Teachers of St. Thomas College Pala”. 1.3 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The study is directed on the online shopping habits of students and teachers of St. Thomas College Pala. Following are the specific objectives of the study: 1. To examine the popularity of online shopping among students and teachers. 2. To explore the factors influencing online shopping habits. 3. To identify the various advantageous and dis advantageous of online shopping. 4. To study about online shopping sites and the services they provide. 1.4 SCOPE OF THE STUDY The geographical scope of the study extends to all the departments of St. Thomas College Pala. All the students and teachers of the college form the parts of the universe. The theoretical scope of the study includes the popularity of online shopping, the need of virtual markets, their role in influencing the consumption
  4. 4. 4 pattern and habits, merits and demerits of e-markets, major players in online retailing etc. 1.5 METHODOLOGY The study is analytical in nature and both primary and secondary data have been made use in the study. 1.5.1PRIMARY DATA-This study is mainly based on the primary data which was collected using a questionnaire. The questionnaire was prepared after analyzing the various aspects of the topic and utmost care was given to ensure that the questions included suit to the purpose of the study and can easily be understood by the respondents. There were 25 questions and some of them had sub questions too. The questionnaire was served to the respondent in their respective class rooms or departments. SAMPLE SIZE- The sample size consists of 50 respondents among which 30 are students and the remaining 20 are teachers. SAMPLING METHOD-For the purpose of the study simple random sampling method was adopted. We visited each department of the college and selected students and teachers by random according to their convenience. 1.5.2 SECONDARY DATA-The secondary data used in the study were collected from journals, magazines, websites, e-journals, newspapers etc. 1.6 LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY Utmost care has been taken with regard to the collection, classification and analysis of data. However, the study is subjected to the following limitations: 1. There were hardly any previous studies on the topic and it was a great challenge to deal with a fresh topic. 2. The availability of teachers amidst the hectic time schedule of classes to collect primary data was a herculean task. 3. The indifference of some students while approached for interview was another problem. 4. Since the sampling population was from the campus itself, only the free times of working days could be used for gathering primary data.
  5. 5. 5 5. Lack of previous experience in conducting such studies, inadequacy of time amidst the tight schedule of classes etc. were other limitations we faced. 1.7 CHAPTERISATION CHAPTER-1 ONLINE SHOPPING: AN INTRODUCTION The first is the introducing chapter. It includes a brief introduction of the topic, significance of the study, statement of the problem, objectives of the study, scope of the study, research methodology and limitations of the study. CHAPTER-2 REVIEW OF LITERATURE The second chapter contains the survey of available literature pertaining to the study. CHAPTER-3ONLINE SHOPPING: AN OVERVIEW The third chapter includes an overview of online shopping market in India and Kerala. The chapter also explores the factors affecting online shopping habits, various advantages and dis advantages of online shopping and major online shopping sites in India. CHAPTER-4 ONLINE SHOPPING HABITS AMONG STUDENTS AND TEACHERS: AN EMPIRICAL ANALYSIS The forth chapter looks into the online shopping habits among students and teachers of St. Thomas College Pala. CHAPTER-5 FINDINGS, RECOMMENDATIONS AND CONCLUSION The concluding chapter presents the findings, recommendations and conclusion of the study.