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Pangeanic presentation at Japan Translation Federation, detailing history of MT, productivity gains with MT at LSPs, data from Autodesk and CSA, description of PangeaMT system

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  • Building on this presentation, I'm presenting again in Japan. This time at the JTCA in Kyoto in October:
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Jtf new

  1. 1. Manuel Herranz#manuelhrrnz #pangeanic pangeanic E:
  2. 2. Rule-based systems, linguistic knowledge trying to findrelations between unrelated language pairs: about 50 years…Trying to find relations/rules between distant languages ingrammar. Alpac report, 1966 First academic papers on SMT Many applications linked to patents, espionage, intelligence. IBM licenses.
  3. 3. Accumulation of bilingual databases (data)First Computer-Assisted Tools (Translation Memory-based) • Availability of massive amounts of data.Initial versions of Commercial • Explosion of content (web)and Open Source Moses • Need for faster and faster translation • Shorter time-to-market: Price / Quality / Time
  4. 4. Traditional Translation Workflow TM Find exact matches or % Human Post-editing / Revision TranslationNext Generation MT-based TM Find exact matches or % Post-editing / Revision PANGEAMT Translation
  5. 5. Source: Common Sense Advisory 2010Source:Common Sense Advisory 2006
  6. 6. ••••• 
  7. 7. •••  Translation MT+PE Automotive 400 wph 900 wph Marketing 250 wph 450 wph Software 350 wph 1,000 wph•
  8. 8. Unrest is continuing in Cairo as protesters set up their demand for Egypt’smilitary rulers to resign
  9. 9.  Language Knowledge Linguistic Information  Data Output Translation
  10. 10. 発売 時 には、 同社は 次の バージョンを 提供する 予定 です 。 Translation & Cleaning available When , the company the following : plans to offer : Nipponization module(Cond clause), (Predicate) (Subject) (VBPt) (to) (ADV) (ADJ) (Punct) (DET) (NNSing) (VBPt3) (to) (VBinf) (DET) (NN) When available, the company plans to offer the following:
  11. 11. <tu srclang="en-GB"><tuv xml:lang="EN-GB"><seg>A system for recovering the methane that is emitted from the manure so thatit does not leak into the atmosphere.</seg></tuv><tuv xml:lang="FR-FR"><seg>Système permettant de r€ pérer le méthane qui se dégage de lengrais natureldorigine animale de sorte quil ne se dissipe pas dans latmosphère.</seg></tuv><tu creationdate="20090817T114430Z" creationid="APIACCESS"changedate="20110617T141159Z" changeid=“pat"><tuv xml:lang="EN-US"><seg>Overall heigtht –<bpt i="1">{f43 </bpt> <ept i="1">}</ept>25&quot;; width –<bpt i="2">{f43 </bpt> <ept i="2">}</ept>20.1&quot;.</seg></tuv><tuv xml:lang="ES-EM"><seg><bpt i="1">{f2 </bpt>Altura total - 25&quot;; anchura <ept i="1">}</ept>–<bpt i="2">{f43 </bpt> <ept i="2">}</ept><bpt i="3">{f2 </bpt>20,1&quot;.<epti="3">}</ept></seg></tuv></tu><tuv xml:lang=“EN-US"><seg>On 22nd May we decided not to join the group.</seg><tuv xml:lang=“DE-DE"><seg>Am 22. </seg>
  12. 12. <tu srclang="en-GB"><tuv xml:lang="EN-GB"><seg>The President of the United States visited Costa Rica.</seg></tuv><tuv xml:lang=“ES-ES"><seg>El Presidente de los Estados Unidos, el señor Obama y su esposa la señoraMichelle, visitaron Costa Rica el pasado sábado.</seg></tuv><tuv xml:lang=“JP"><seg>同書は「通訳・翻訳キャリアガイド」の2011-2012年度版。英字新聞のジャパンタイムズ社が強みとするジャーナリスティックな視点で、通訳や翻訳という仕事が持つ魅力ややりがい、プロに要求されるスキルおよび意識の持ち方などを紹介。また通訳者・翻訳者になるための道すじから、実際の仕事の現場にいたるまで、今日の通訳・翻訳業界の実像を包括的に紹介。</seg><tuv xml:lang=“EN-US"><seg>It is a journalistic point of view and strengths of the English-language newspaper Japan Times. It includes a description of the exciting andrewarding work of translation and interpretation, as well as the introduction ofconsciousness and how to acquire the required professional skills. The road tobecoming a translator and interpreter also down to the actual work site, acomprehensive guide to interpreting the reality of todaystranslation industry.</seg>
  13. 13. ••••
  14. 14. Myth: MT will never be as goodas humans uhmmm, it is going to get really good... 2nd stage PE material and more data make engines even more predictable. More specialist engines 1st stage We are creating usable engines, first PE experiences 2009-2015 or 2020 3rd stage Beyond 2030... no predictions “We cannot solve the problem using the same tools and the way of thinking that created it” A. Einstein