The Discovery Of Innovative Therapeutic Approaches Under The Street Light Is Not Necessarily The Right Place To Search


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I just wanted to transfer this email to you, hoping it will be of some interest. We all know that our industry is suffering from a very low R&D and still declining efficiency rate. The majority of experts believe that our industry is different and they only need more time and more investments for their programs to deliver. Few others, like us, are convinced that it may be time to think differently. The documents hereunder demonstrate that new and fruitful approaches are possible.
If you are interested, we invite you to go through this mail and download the attached documents.
Best regards

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The Discovery Of Innovative Therapeutic Approaches Under The Street Light Is Not Necessarily The Right Place To Search

  1. 1. The discovery of Innovative Therapeutic Approaches: Under the Street Light is notnecessarily the Right Place to Search!This is the title of the presentation Dr. François IRIS, CSO of BMSystems, will give at the10th IDDST (International Drug Discovery Sciences & Technologies) in China on November,8-10, 2012 for the celebration of the drug discovery innovators and discoverers in ourdecade. You will discover that the new R&D paradigm detailed in this presentation alreadyled to the creation of a spin-off exploiting truly innovative psychiatric treatments(WO/2010/029131) that allow very significant dosage reductions (from 5 to 20 times) forexisting therapies! (If you want to receive our IDDST presentation after November 15.2012: click here).It is interesting to note that entities from China and India were the first to contact us to talkabout applications, and this only one month after the publication of our invited review inPharmacoPsychiatry describing this new research-discovery paradigm. With a failure rate of80%-90% in pharmaceutical R&D in spite of huge technology investments, no doubts thatthe early adopters of this novel paradigm will be the future winners.This presentation, based on the above publication, reveals how the worlds first explanationof the pathogenesis and clinical progression mechanisms in Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease led tothe discovery of a truly innovative psychiatric treatment (WO/2010/029131). This workreceived a Bio-IT Best practice Award in 2009, and was recognized as one of the 3 state-of-the art examples in systems medicine by the DG research of the European Commission in2010. TheraNexus, a spin-off created by the research teams who performed this work, willexploit this truly innovative approach to psychiatric treatments.We shall also be happy to have the opportunity to meet you at IDDST in China, at BioEurope and at, European Cancer Europe conference, as presenting company, and to"meet you" on LinkedIn should we not be already linked.In the meantime, we invite you to read two very interesting documents recently publishedin Nature Drug Discovery describing the R&D performance issues, and two of ourBMSystems publications. 1. In case you couldn’t access the paper, please do let me know. We have some reprints we could send you. Click here. 2. Believe it or not: how much can we rely on published data on potential drug targets? 3. The Differences & Complementarities Between « Heuristic » and « Mathematical » approaches. Download our presentation given during the EPA (European Psychiatric Association) conference in 2011 that is now utilized in training programs. 4. Psychiatric Systems Medicine: Closer at Hand than Anticipated but not with the Expected Portrait. Invited review in PharmacoPsychiatry that reveals how the worlds first explanation of the mechanisms of the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease led to the discovery of a truly innovative psychiatric treatment. In case you couldn’t access the paper, please do let me know. We have some reprints we could send you. Click here.Do not hesitate to share this press release with your colleagues interested by the topic.About BMSystems: BMSystems is the first and to date the only integrative systemsBiology Company that succeeded to create in-silico heuristic models validated in-vivo. Theseoutputs led to discoveries, patents, or operational businesses through its innovative
  2. 2. business model, in the fields of infectious diseases, immunology, neurology, psychiatry,oncology, dermatology and innovative bioprocesses for industrial biotech.Best regardsManuel Gea,Co-founder & CEO BIO-MODELING SYSTEMSHeuristic Systems Biology3 rue de lArrivée 75015Paris, France