Embracing Mobile


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A snapshot of mobile web usage growth in Australia as seen by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Presented at the CeBIT Mobile Conferecence, May 2012.

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Embracing Mobile

  1. 1. Australian Broadcasting CorporationEMBRACING MOBILEManuela DavidsonMobile Executive Producer, ABC Innovatione: davidson.manuela@abc.net.au 1t: @manueladavo
  2. 2. Foundations2005 – Content Licensing2007 – Movietime 2009 – ABC Mobile 2
  3. 3. FoundationsWhy did we do it? Potential as media channel Need to reach Australian audiences anywhere Understanding that mobile would fall into our PB’s obligations 3
  4. 4. FoundationsABC’s role as the national public broadcaster Inform Entertain Educate 4
  5. 5. 80 Years Perspective Fixed appointment“This day was for me, what the mobile phone is to people now. Flexible catch upIt was the day that an interest in current affairs and news became part andparcel of our familys must see activity.” Lorraine, 80 Days That Changed Our Lives 5
  6. 6. Australian trendsSmartphone ownership continues to grow 64% 2012 36% 2010 6 Source: Nielsen, February 2012
  7. 7. ABC trends15 to 20% of all visits to www.abc.net.au are from mobile devices 2% 0% 4% iOS 78% 16% iOS Android 16% Android BlackBerry 2% 78% BlackBerry Symbian Symbian 0% Others Source: Webtrends Analytics, 14-20/05/2012 (weekly figures) 7
  8. 8. ABC trendsApr 2009 Apr 2012253,152 visits 6,349,012 visits 1% 0% 3% 4% 11% 11% iOS iOS Android 28% Android 58% BlackBerry 84% BlackBerry Symbian Symbian Others Others 0% Source: Webtrends Analytics (monthly figures) 8
  9. 9. ABC trendsTop 20 devices visiting http://m.abc.net.au are: iOS 62% [up from 44% in Aug/10] BlackBerry 5% [down from 24% in Aug/10] Symbian 4% [down from 18% in Aug/10] 5% 4% 1% Android 28% [up from 6% in Aug/10] iOS 28% Android 62% BlackBerry Symbian Others Source: Origin Analytics 27/08/2010 and 20/05/2012 9
  10. 10. ABC trendsApps in downloadsName Total accumulatedABC iPhone app 2,154,483ABC iPad app 706,854 39ABC Android app 63,904ABC News widget (bada) 8,475ABC Java app 10,043ABC BlackBerry app 1,651ABC Foodi 196,291ABC iview 928,741 Apps in 5 years 5Poh’s Kitchen 330,508ABC At The Movies 215,972Play School Art Maker (AU) 111,502Play School Art Maker (INT) 93,468Good Game 71,39550 Four Corners 40,502 Operating systemsRage 182,922triple j 424,806triple j Unearthed 839,312 10 Source: iTunes Connect, Google Play Store, OVI, Samsung Apps, Flurry 22/05/2012
  11. 11. Audience feedbackContactSocial MediaApp Store Reviews 11
  12. 12. Audience feedback 12
  13. 13. ABC on Android Yes, it took us a long while to update... 3 years of user feedback! Growth is slow when compared to iOS but significant when compared to competitors on Google Play ABC committed to more updates soon; new apps are under production now Over 63,000 downloads 8,000+ active users per week 13
  14. 14. ABC iPhone app Building a daily habit Strong demand for rich media + WiFi and 3G + Live and on demand + Short form and long form 3rd party dependencies + designing for retina and non-retina + multitasking Over 2.1 million downloads 70,000+ active users per week + social media API changes 14
  15. 15. ABC iview The most engaging app distributed by the ABC; developed in-house Demand for iPhone and video over 3G leading to new universal app in June; discussing Android version Multiplatform strategy; 350h of new content each week; 27% of all Over 900,000 downloads 97,000+ active users per week video accessed from mobile devices 15
  16. 16. Play School Art Maker  Tested to exhaustion with target audience (2-4 Aussie kids)  Different versions for the Australian and international markets (content rights)  Quality services needs clear goals, experimentation and can’t be rushedOver 200,000 downloads54,000+ active users per week 16
  17. 17. triple j Unearthed It’s all about passion and convenience + music 24/7, anywhere you are Single sign on between site and app + Synchronised playlists Raising awareness via social media App Store and discoverability Over 830,000 downloads 17
  18. 18. Australia Votes Single purpose/event application There are no miracles in mobile app development Getting the metadata right + twitter #tags + Antony Green predicts + Subtle changes on AEC feed Social media can make it or break it + top 100 global chart before 6pm, 21/08 + technical failures exposed virally fast Around 60,000 downloads 18
  19. 19. The future ahead Forget mobile phone, think mobile computing 19
  20. 20. The future aheadSome food for thought... Do we have media files encoded in the right format? Do we have servers, storage and distribution capacity? Should we stream or download? Do we have content rights? 20
  21. 21. Only the tip of the iceberg Content production + Our goal is to make our content available in more places, at any time + Success of the broadcaster in an IP world poses business challenges + ABC Online must become mobile friendly + Mobile services will require ongoing support for sustainable growth Content gathering + Mobile no longer as a consumption device + How do we share mobile produced content with other ABC channels + MDM to enable reliable and secure BYO environment 21
  22. 22. Signing off...QUESTIONS?Manuela DavidsonMobile Executive Producer, ABC Innovatione: davidson.manuela@abc.net.au 22t: @manueladavo