Green jobs for tairāwhiti


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A presentation by Marama Davidson

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Green jobs for tairāwhiti

  1. 1. A Dozen Green Industries forDevelopment in TairāwhitiMARAMA DAVIDSON
  2. 2. A Dozen Green Industries forDevelopment in Tairāwhiti1.  Forestry:–  biofuels–  erosion control–  carbon trading–  wood processing2.  Seaweed:–  Fertiliser–  biofuels–  biochemicals6.  Eco/cultural Tourism7.  Fibre8.  Renewable Energy9.  Conservation10. Rail11.  Bees & Neutraceuticals12.  Organic Food+ other helpful policies
  3. 3. Seaweed : FertiliserPatutahi: AgriSea production facility•  Gisborne-based company•  Beach-cast seaweed, 20+contract crews•  Sustainable harvest trialsunderway in BOP•  Proving more effective thanpetroleum-based fertilisers•  Strong demand•  100% organic•  IP and skills exportable$10m R&D subsidies100 jobs in two years
  4. 4. Seaweed : Biofuels$5m R&D subsidies50 jobs in three years
  5. 5. Seaweed : Bio-chemicalsCHILE: Govt supported biofuel plant being built$5m R&D subsidies100 jobs in five years
  6. 6. Forestry : Biofuels•  NZ imports oil $5.3b/year•  ‘biofuel from forestry isone of the fastest ways toreduce our carbonemissions while alsocreating high-valueexports in bio-productsand engineered timber’$5m R&D subsidies200 jobs in four years
  7. 7. Forestry : Erosion Control•  Accelerate pole planting & indigenous regrowth•  Goal = 200,000 hectares forested by 2020$50m afforestation subsidies500 jobs in five years
  8. 8. Forestry : Carbon Trading•  Greens will givecertainty forinvestors ($800m)•  Remove cheapforeign units•  Get indigenousregeneration intoCarbon Credits$o700 jobs in five years
  9. 9. Eco-TourismGreens  will:    •  invest  in  start-­‐up  support  to  hapū,  iwi  and  Māori  small  business  so  they  can  develop  and  promote  tourism  products  and  a<rac=ons;  •  fund  conserva=on  work  to  ensure  our  environment  lives  up  the  100%  PURE  brand    •  support  a  brandmark  system  to  authen=cate  tourism  products  and  services  based  on  =kanga  Maori  and  our  cultural  heritage.    $5m technical support & matching funds for marketing200 jobs in three years
  10. 10. Fibre CompositesGreens will make R&D funding availablefor both general and Māori companiesto develop new processes, techniquesand products from flax fibre including:•  building and construction materials•  insulation & shock absorbers•  sports equipment, etc.$10m R&D matching funds150 jobs in five years
  11. 11. Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency•  matching funds forrenewable energyinstallation•  save $3.6b by 2030•  manufacturing jobs in RE•  introducing smart grid, real-time feed-in tarrifs forhouseholds and businessesto generate electricity•  ramp up retrofitting$5m conversion & installation subsidies$5m R&D in Renewables400 retrofitting jobs in two years150 renewable energy jobs in two years
  12. 12. Conservation•  300 jobs for Ikaroa-Rāwhiti in:o  Riparian planting & restorationo  Pest controlo  Biodiversity protectionFunded in part by irrigation chargesand matching funds between central & local govt300 jobs in one year
  13. 13. Transport•  reinstate Napier-Gisborne railway line:•  keep Gisborne products competitive•  less trucks on road•  less roading costs•  scrap the Roads of National Significance ($13b)•  reinstate regional road assistance, cycleway constructionand better public transport•  cycleway construction (commuter and recreational)Reprioritised transport funding willbenefit construction work300 jobs in two years
  14. 14. Bees & Nutraceuticals•  On average, a woman using syntheticskincare will apply 168 chemicals everyday. Manuka extracts, honey andavocado oils now used as alternative topetroleum-based preservatives in skincare and cosmetics.•  Bee keepers and land owners on theCoast keen to form cooperatives,access technical assistance and plant(presses, packaging, etc.)•  Other issues: pesticides, etc.$10m technical assistance + R&D200 jobs in five years