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Internet Marketing for Small Business Mistakes


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If you use any Internet marketing for small business techinques, you will want to ensure that you do not make these mistakes. Check out this ebook on some tips on avoiding common Internet marketing for small business mistakes.

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Internet Marketing for Small Business Mistakes

  1. 1. Find Out What Your Customers are Saying About You For Free at By: Artfully Advantageous LLCFind Out How to Get More Customers - Call Today (352) 227-1959 Or Visit Us at Out What Your Customers are Saying About You For Free at 1
  2. 2. Find Out What Your Customers are Saying About You For Free at http://www.5star-reputation.comWhile online marketing presents some extremely great opportunities forsmall businesses today, many of them have yet to reap the rewards.Consumers today spend a lot of time online, so the internet is an extremelypowerful way to get in front of your local target market and generate moreleads, sales, and profits.However, some companies are going about the whole process the wrongway. Whether they are attempting to handle all of their online marketingthemselves, or not really engaging in it at all, there are some criticalmistakes that should be avoided.In this report, we will discuss some of the most popular online marketingmistakes that business owners today are making. Not only are thesemistakes completely avoidable, but some of them could actually bedetrimental to the success of your local business. Mistake #1: Not Keeping Your Existing Customers Coming Back Did you know that, generally speaking, 80% of business comes from “existing” customers while 20% comes from “new” customers? Failing to market to your existing customers could have an extremely negative impact on your profits; while you wonder why you’re struggling to meet your goals. Generating repeat sales is so much easier than bringing brand new customers through the door. However, many businesses still ignore this fact and spend all of their time, money and efforts going after brand new business. While actively seeking new business is definitely a good thing, ignoring your existing customers is the worst costly mistake you could make. Several online marketing methods work very well for generating repeat business, such as social media, email marketing, text message marketing, video marketing, local search engine optimization, and others. These tools help you stay in front of your existing customers, as well as build long-lasting, trusting relationships with them; this ultimately means more repeat sales and an increased ROI. However, many companies fail to utilize them. 2
  3. 3. Find Out What Your Customers are Saying About You For Free at http://www.5star-reputation.comIn order to truly stay connected with their customers, businesses shouldseriously implement some of these powerful online strategies into theirmarketing funnels.Mistake #2: Not Targeting Your EffortsMany business owners go online in a “broad” manner to tell the worldabout their products or services. However, “targeting” your marketingefforts is the better route to go if you really want to get results –especially online.Learn “who” your online audience is, figure out what they want and need,then give it to them in the form of your product or service.If you only want to generate business from local consumers, be sure youronline marketing strategies include location-based content and keywordsin order to pull in that particular audience.The great thing about online marketing is that you can target your effortsas narrow or as wide as you want. Split testing and tracking differentmarketing angles is the best way to fine-tune your efforts. It is easy andaffordable, unlike more expensive forms of advertising such asnewspapers, magazines, TV ads, direct mail, YellowPage books, etc.Mistake #3: Relying on “One” MethodMany online marketing strategies work together to bring businesses morelocal visibility and exposure. Therefore, small businesses should try toincorporate more than one method and tie them together for betterresults.For instance, if you have a website, don’t stop at just having a website.There are many other methods that should be implemented into yourwebsite to boost effectiveness.If you have social media pages, make sure they are linked on yourwebsite. If you do email marketing, make sure you have an opt-in formon your website.Otherwise, you will miss numerous opportunities to get more eyes onyour products or services.Mistake #4: Losing Focus 3
  4. 4. Find Out What Your Customers are Saying About You For Free at http://www.5star-reputation.comWhile you should not fully rely on “one” particular online method, it isimportant that you do not lose focus and become a victim of “shiny objectsyndrome.”Although there are many different online marketing methods aroundtoday, some businesses simply try to do too much too fast. Of course, allof these tools are tempting and exciting when you think about the trafficthey could send to your business.However, you should start with just a few clearly-planned strategies andbuild from there instead of jumping into everything with both feet. If youdelve into too many things at once, it will become complicated, whichcould turn you off from the entire process.Keep it simple for the best results and move forward from there. Thisway, you can learn the processes as you go and really get a feel for whichmethods can work best for your type of business.Mistake #5: Only Using “Paid” Online MethodsCompanies are naturally used to paying for advertising – it’s been one ofthe most dominate ways to get more customers for decades. Therefore,many business owners jump into “online advertising” methods, but ignore“online marketing” methods. Yes, there is a difference.Online advertising consists of paid online methods such as pay-per-click,banners, Facebook ads, and others.Online marketing consists of different campaigns that are created toinform, educate, and build relationships with your local audience. It alsoincludes methods that help put your business in front of your targetmarket without spending a lot of money, such as social media, searchengine optimization, email marketing, and video marketing.While these services may have initial setup costs, once you’ve establisheda strong presence using them, your costs will go down – while yourexposure, sales, and profits should go up.Mistake #6: Not Paying Attention to Your Competitors OnlineDo you know what your competitors are doing as far as online marketing?If not, how do you know what you should be doing to “out-perform” themwhen it comes to getting more local consumers into your establishment? 4
  5. 5. Find Out What Your Customers are Saying About You For Free at http://www.5star-reputation.comCompetitor analysis has always been a key focus for most companies.However, many businesses today have no clue what their competitors aredoing “online.”The internet makes it easy to spy on your competition, so your businessshould take advantage of this opportunity. Having some insight aboutwhat your competitors are doing online can help you determine somepotential missing pieces in your own business.While it is not a good idea to copy exactly what your competitors aredoing, it is important that you know what they’re up to so you can planyour own strategies accordingly.Otherwise, you turn a blind eye while they steal your customers and loseprofits.Mistake #7: No Customer Interaction OnlineThe internet allows you to easily build relationships with your targetmarket, but many business owners do not communicate with theircustomers online at all.Today’s internet world is all about “socialization” and “relationship-building,” so businesses are finding that they have to become moreengaging in order to keep their customers’ attention.Tools such as email marketing, text message marketing, local directorylistings, and social media (just to name a few) present the perfect way foryou to interact with your customers, as well as potential customers.The internet is the perfect way to build interaction and engagement withyour target audience in your local market; however, many businesses stillfail to use it to its full potential.Mistake #8: Not Analyzing Your Online EffortsMany small businesses are doing a good job as far as expanding theironline marketing efforts. However, some of them do not pay attention tohow well these strategies are working for them.Some businesses simply implement online methods and do not re-visitthem – ever. For instance, a lot of companies send out email offers totheir customers, but do not track open rates, click-through rates, and 5
  6. 6. Find Out What Your Customers are Saying About You For Free at http://www.5star-reputation.comother statistics. So they have no idea how well their emails are reallyperforming.They’re not using any analytic tools, which could show them what’sworking well and what’s not working at all. Without this information, theycould potentially be throwing money away and leaving some massiveopportunities on the table.Mistake #9: Not Using Viral MarketingThe internet has laid the foundation for consumers to share information,products, and services they love with their friends, family, and associates.In other words, it is the new form of “word of mouth” marketing.With many of the social media sharing tools available today, consumerscan easily forward information they like to others.However, many business owners are not taking advantage of this; theydon’t have sharing tools built into their online properties and they don’thave calls-to-action telling their customers to spread the word.So they miss out on this major ability to get more “hands-free” exposurewithout any additional work or money being spent on their part.Mistake #10: Not Taking the Time to Learn About OnlineMarketingOnline marketing is a beast – there’s a lot to it. However, it should notdeter businesses from tapping into its power to help them boost theirbottom line.Many business owners become confused by the different types of onlinemarketing available to them, so they avoid it all together. Then, there arethose business owners who have others doing their online marketing forthem, but they’re blind to the entire process. Both of these are hugemistakes.As a business owner, by no means should you struggle try to become aninternet marketing expert yourself. But as with any other type ofmarketing vehicle, it is important that you understand at least the basicsof the different online marketing tools available to you.This way, you will have some understanding about how things shouldwork, what you can expect, and how long it will take you to see results. 6
  7. 7. Find Out What Your Customers are Saying About You For Free at http://www.5star-reputation.comOtherwise, you are simply leaving the ball in someone else’s court - withyour business at their mercy.Mistake #11: Trying the “Do-it-Yourself” ApproachWhile they may not be fully there yet, some business owners dounderstand the benefits that online marketing bring to their success. Theyunderstand that as times change, their marketing and advertisingstrategies must change as well if they want to flourish.However, some of them tend to think they can take care of their onlinemarketing themselves – all while running their business at the same time.Honestly, there are not enough hours in a day for business owners toeffectively learn and implement online marketing all by themselves whilerunning a business too.While it is important for you to learn and understand the fundamentals ofdifferent online techniques, the actual work should be left to theprofessionals if you want to get results.Building a website, managing and engaging in social media, gaininghigher search engine rankings, creating and distributing online videos,and other marketing tasks take a lot of time to plan, implement, andmonitor. So if you want it done right, hire qualified specialists who canhelp you get the job done.Mistake #12: Not Having a Strong, Clear Call-to-ActionMany businesses are actively communicating with consumers via onlinemethods, but they’re making one huge mistake that is probably costingthem thousands of dollars in potential profits – not including a call-to-action.No matter what type of communication or online marketing methodyou’re using, you should include strong calls-to-action that tell youraudience to “do something.”For instance, your website should have a call-to-action posted on allpages, but especially the home page. Not only that, but your emailnewsletters, coupon offers, Tweets, Facebook posts, should all have aclear, short call-to-action built in to help your audience take action.Mistake #13: Failing to Update Your Online Information 7
  8. 8. Find Out What Your Customers are Saying About You For Free at http://www.5star-reputation.comSome businesses make the critical mistake of establishing an onlinepresence, but fail to keep it up to date. For instance, many businessesput up a website years ago and have not touched it since.They haven’t updated the look and feel. They haven’t updated thecontent. They haven’t updated the images. They haven’t done any on-page optimization.The internet world is ever-changing and stagnant websites are being leftbehind in the dust. The search engines love fresh, unique content and sodo your website visitors.But the worst case scenario is the business that moves to a differentaddress or get a new phone number, but fails to even update thatinformation. Some of them think there’s no need to update theinformation because “no one is going to their site anyway.”The fact is that many of them are not totally sure how many people arehitting their site because they’re not tracking it.Not only that, but let’s say ONE potential customers stumbles across yoursite, but can’t connect with you because your phone number is outdatedas well as your address… that could hurt your credibility and potentiallyresult in lost revenue.Any way you look at it, outdated information is simply bad for businessbecause it essentially “blocks” new business.Mistake #14: Using the “Set It and Forget It” ApproachThis simply does not work for online marketing methods. The internet isconstantly changing and evolvingMost online strategies require on-going improvement and updates if youreally want to connect with local consumers. For instance, somebusinesses put up a Facebook or Twitter page, but never go back toengage with their followers.However, without the proper maintenance, you will lose any followers youobtained, which ends up being a waste of your time.Mistake #15: Using “Robotic” Content 8
  9. 9. Find Out What Your Customers are Saying About You For Free at http://www.5star-reputation.comWhile some things can be automated online, the last thing you want is foreveryone to “know” it’s automated. Therefore, if you’re using some typeof automation techniques to updates to your social media profiles,sending out emails, or writing blog posts, try to incorporate somepersonality into them instead of sounding …well… “robotic.”Engaging, helpful content is more exciting and will produce greaterresults as many consumers are turned off to boring, systematic content.Mistake #16: Not Using Social MediaSocial media is one of the most cost-effective ways for businesses todayto generate new leads and customers. However, many businesses stillavoid it for some reason.Consumers today spend an extreme amount of time online – especially onvarious social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+and others.So it only makes sense that you try to establish a presence on thesenetworks in order to truly connect with your target local audience.Mistake #17: Not Using Video MarketingPeople today are watching millions of hours of online videos. In fact,online video views are growing at astonishing rates with no signs ofslowing down.Videos allow businesses to showcase their products and services, as wellas build trust with their viewers – all on auto-pilot. Once your videos arecreated, published, and distributed, there’s really nothing left to do butlet them work to generate more leads to your business.Unfortunately, there are many business owners out there who still do notsee the value in online videos and how they can help them excel.Mistake #18: Not Using Email MarketingEmail usage has been one of the main activities on the internet since itwas invented. It’s easy, fast and cost-effective. In fact, it’s a great way togenerate repeat sales and loyal customers.However, many business owners are still not using this powerful tool tostay connected with their customers and potential customers. 9
  10. 10. Find Out What Your Customers are Saying About You For Free at http://www.5star-reputation.comEmail marketing is proven to help companies build relationships with theircustomers and keep them coming back to spend more money.Mistake #19: Not Posting Satisfied Customer Reviews andTestimonialsSocial proof is one of the biggest selling tools any company can have;people simply place a lot of value on what other consumers say about aproduct, service, or business. However, many business owners still do notmake a point to showcase what they’re “satisfied” customers are sayingabout them.Not only do testimonials let potential customers know that you havesatisfied customers, but they can also get some details about “why” yourcustomers are so happy with you.Customer reviews and testimonials can be added to your website, socialmedia pages, and you can even have your customers submit videotestimonials.When it comes to the internet, the more “positive” content there is aboutyour company floating around, the easier it will be for you to convertpotential customers into paying, long-term customers.Mistake #20: Not Utilizing Free Local Business Directories,Profiles, and Review SitesSpeaking of customer reviews, local business directories are extremelyinfluential in what your potential customers see first about your company.When consumers perform searches online for local products, services,and businesses, they are usually presented with local directory listings,paid listings, and organic listings.You’ve probably heard of Google+ Local, Yelp, Yahoo Local and similarsites.Local directory listings receive a lot of attention because they usuallycontain information about the business such as phone number, address,directions/map, and reviews from other customers.Before choosing a business, many consumers go through these reviewswith a fine tooth comb and generally decide to go with those that have anice amount of positive reviews. 10
  11. 11. Find Out What Your Customers are Saying About You For Free at http://www.5star-reputation.comHowever, many businesses are not claiming their local directory profiles;they also are not paying attention to the feedback being left on thesesites, which can be detrimental to their ability to generate newcustomers.Worst of all, many still do not ask their customers to go online to leavereviews for them.Mistake #21: Not Managing and Monitoring Your OnlineReputationImagine one of your angry customers going online to tell the world howmuch they hate your product or service…Now imagine one of your potential customers coming across this negativereview… What about THREE potential customers? Or even TWENTYpotential customers? What could this do to your business?That’s right… it could HURT a lot.But if you don’t know about it, what can you do about it?Consumers today flock to several online platforms such as social mediaand local directories such as Yelp, Citysearch, and Google+ Local to tellthe world what they think about local companies in their areas – bothgood and bad – although, it seems like more “bad” is commented on thanthe “good.”However, if you do not take the time to figure out what is being saidabout your business, you have no chance of addressing it. Withoutaddressing it, you are simply hurting your ability to generate new sales.Studies show that consumers fully trust the comments and reviews madeby other consumers – whether what they read is true or not. So anybusiness that is not monitoring and managing their online reputationcould suffer some extremely risky outcomes that may be hard to repair.Is this a chance your business can afford to take?Mistake #22: Ignoring Mobile UsersHow many of your customers do you see glued to their mobile phones ona daily basis? Most of us do not let our phones out of our sight. Therefore, 11
  12. 12. Find Out What Your Customers are Saying About You For Free at http://www.5star-reputation.comthese mini billboards are the perfect way to connect – and stay connected– with your local customers and potential customers.One of the top mobile web activities is using the internet. However, manycompanies still not have mobile-friendly websites. So their mobile websitevisitors end up stuck on a site that takes forever to load – if it even loadsat all.This is extremely frustrating to mobile users who are actively looking foryour type of product or service, which means you are missing out onsales.Many companies have not thought about implementing text messagemarketing either, which can be very profitable as well. Consumers love toreceive mobile coupons and offers from businesses that they’ve opted-into receive text message from.Ignoring your mobile audience is like leaving money on the table – and itwill only get worse as mobile usage continues to grow and extremely highrates over the next few years.Mistake #23: Being ImpatientOnline marketing methods take time to get results – that’s just the way itis. There are no magical tricks that can instantly send a tsunami of trafficthrough your doors – that just doesn’t exist.Some business owners believe that there is an “internet secret code” theyneed to crack to really get a rush of local consumers calling and visitingtheir establishments.But the reality is that any internet marketing method will take time, sopatience is a must. Whether you are building a strong social mediamarketing campaign or doing search engine optimization, do not expectto see a change overnight.However, being patient is worth the wait because once things really startto take off, there’s nowhere to go but “up” from there as long as you stayconsistent.Mistake #24: Not Providing Online Customer ServiceSince consumers today are so “internet-oriented,” many of them prefer togo online to contact businesses if they have a customer service issue. 12
  13. 13. Find Out What Your Customers are Saying About You For Free at http://www.5star-reputation.comThis could be via a contact form on your website, your email address,your social media page, or any other online platform where the companyhas a presence.However, many business owners still make the huge mistake ofneglecting to acknowledge and respond to customer services inquiriesmade online.If you are serious about establishing a positive online presence, you haveto respond to your online customers. In other words, customers whochoose to contact you online should not be treated any differently thanthose who actually come into your establishment or call you up on thephone.Because the internet is so “viral” in nature, neglecting to respond tocustomer service issues could result in a tarred reputation for yourcompany, which is the last thing you want.Therefore, business owners should implement procedures that ensurethat online customer service issues are identified promptly and handledwithin an appropriate amount of time.Mistake #25: Giving Up on Online Marketing and Going Back toTraditional MethodsSome business owners have tried to add online marketing into their mix.But for some reason or another, they did not stick with it long enough toreally see how it could impact their success.This is a huge mistake because online marketing takes focus, time, anddedication in order for it to work properly. Some business owners are alittle impatient with the process; so if they do not see any results within asmall time-frame, they move on to the next thing.Many are afraid of online marketing because, in their world, it’s the“unknown.” While it does take time to understand and implement variousonline marketing techniques, there’s nothing to be afraid of. In fact, ifyou work with it long enough, you could eventually see some astonishingresults.Traditional advertising methods cost a lot more money than onlinemarketing methods. However, a “higher cost” does not mean “moreeffective.” In fact, you could be throwing your money right down the 13
  14. 14. Find Out What Your Customers are Saying About You For Free at drain if you’re still heavily invested in these older methods that do not generate the responses they once did. For instance, how many people do you know who still pull out their YellowPages book to find local business? Sure, we use them as booster- seats nowadays… but not for finding local businesses. How many people still actually purchase newspapers to stay on top of the latest news? Yes, some people can’t let go of their favorite newspapers, but on a large-scale, newspapers are quickly losing ground when it comes getting news. And have you seen the newspaper classified sections lately? They’re like a ghost town. How many people still watch TV commercials? With the invention of TiVo and other digital recording mechanisms available today, people have the option to watch their favorite TV shows and fast forward right through the commercials. So not only are traditional advertising methods more costly, but they fail to generate the same type of return that you may have been once used to. The Internet moves fast; what worked last year or even last month may not work today. With all of the new online tools and methods being available to businesses today, many of them get lost in the shuffle. However, with any methods you choose, consistency is the key. As long as you continuously monitor and improve your efforts, you should get the results you expect and the ROI you deserve.I help local businesses in the area analyze their online marketing efforts, aswell as develop plans to help them continuously manage and improve themgoing forward.If you would like more information about potential online marketingmistakes your business should avoid, contact me at ____________ for afree consultation.Thank you, 14
  15. 15. Find Out What Your Customers are Saying About You For Free at By: Artfully Advantageous LLCFind Out How to Get More Customers - Call Today (352) 227-1959 Or Visit Us at Out What Your Customers are Saying About You For Free at 15