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BIM SURVEY FOR MANUFACTURERSBIM for Manufacturerscustom and complex solutions                                             ...
VELUX BIM model in ArchiCAD                                                                                               ...
► HIGH LEVEL OF ADDED INFORMATIONManufacturer-specified data can be assigned parametrically to                            ...
► Do you think that a manufacturer-specified BIM                                                                          ...
On a scale of five, 21% of the designers (green line)                                                                     ...
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BIM Survey for Building Product Manufacturers


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Product manufacturers don't understand what architects want. BIM survey for manufacturers shows.

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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BIM Survey for Building Product Manufacturers

  2. 2. VELUX BIM model in ArchiCAD POTENTIAL OF BIM The Virtual Building™ model concept (source: Graphisoft SE | thermodynamical features, product- and manufacturer- ► SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS FOR MANUFACTURERS OF BACKGROUND specified data, prices, descriptions of premises. It can handle BUILDING MATERIALS all these data stored in one plan (file). After completing the At the first steps of the designing process, designers don’tSince the second half of the 80s, companies developing planning and construction process, these data can be easily need detailed knowledge and definition of the products useddesign software (CAD) have concentrated on evolving tools accessible when necessary. for the building, however, it is a fact, that it is impossible tofor users that are quicker to work with, in order to speed up design without this information. As a BIM plan is designed fordesign and – first of all - drawing techniques. Developments From the second half of the 90s more and more software the whole lifetime of a building, where precise informationas well as the practice thereof were mainly aimed for relieving developing companies have recognized the point and the about the building constituents are more necessary (e.g. forold manual techniques (drawing board, parallel ruler, clack ink advantage of the concept. In accordance with this, at the questions concerning building up or operation), therefore,pen, etc.). Graphisoft, one of the leading software developer beginning of the new millennium, the new technology of BIM manufacturer-specified planning equals high added value.companies, has been developing software based on the idea (Building Information Modeling) spread exponentially in AEC ► EFFECTIVE, PROFESSIONAL PLANNINGof Virtual BuildingTM from the very start. sector (Architecture Engineering and Construction). Not only Using BIM software, more detailed and realistic models can designers recognized the advantages of this technology, but be created. The construction of the 3D model, completed in a All relevant information (fig.1.) is tractable with the help of also investors, constructors, manufacturers and building single file, allows appearance on the section, the façade andvirtual building models. Beyond geometrical data (plan, operators. on the perspective of the building whatever is designed on thesection, façade, surface, volume), the model may provide plan.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF BIM TECHNOLOGY FOR MANUFACTURERS? © manuBIMsoft Ltd. 2012 –
  3. 3. ► HIGH LEVEL OF ADDED INFORMATIONManufacturer-specified data can be assigned parametrically to DESIGNERS SAY…every element of the building, which enhances the informativecontent of the design. These can be technological features of It is essential that a BIM solution for a building materialthe elements, characteristics of the product, prices, etc. manufacturer provides virtues for designers that makes► FASTER WORK designing and documentation more efficient and rich inA building goes through many changes and modifications information. A survey shows the following results:throughout its lifetime. With the help of a manufacturer-specified BIM solution, it is faster to modify the original design. ► How important do you think it is in the manufacturer-► GREATER FLEXIBILITY IN PLANNING AHEAD specified BIM software solution that you don’t need to doIt is easier to produce variations of designs that help the further research for product features?architect/procurer to decide for the ideal one in reasonable On the evaluation scale rated from 1 to 10, almost half (49%)execution as well as in expenses, not only at the beginning of of the designers rated it as a very important feature in athe designing process, but also within, due to the added manufacturer-specified solution that there is no need forinformation. further research about technological parameters of a product► QUICK HANDLING OF DOCUMENTATION or range of products, and only less than a tenth (5,7%) rated itWith the help of a manufacturer-specified BIM solution, as unimportant.documentation, preparation of consignations and listing canbecome automated.► EFFECTIVE MARKETINGDetailed and realistic, manufacturer-specified BIM solutionshelps you achieve more effective and convincing marketing.► DECREASING RISKS, DECREASING LOSSESThe preparation of 3D plans, the analysis thereof (e.g. crash Detailed list of Hörmann BIM object (garage door) in ArchiCADtest), creation of more detailed and realistic plans and its highlevel of added information decreases significantly the risksand possible extra expenses that may arise in the future.► ESTIMATION OF TIME (4D) AND EXPENSES (5D)A well prepared BIM plan is suitable to set the time ofreaching a given construction stage correlating to eachconstruction phase. Apart from this, it is possible to tell thenecessary amount of work and material, as well as theexpenses thereof.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF BIM TECHNOLOGY FOR MANUFACTURERS? © manuBIMsoft Ltd. 2012 –
  4. 4. ► Do you think that a manufacturer-specified BIM ► How much time (%) do you save at a specific task ► Please range the following “tools” offered bysolution makes learning about a product quicker? using a manufacturer-specified BIM solution as opposed manufacturers of building materials according to theirOn the evaluation scale rated from 1 to 10, results show that to using tools set in software? usefulness!more than half of the designers (52,2%) claims that a The “tools” set were the following: With a manufacturer-specified BIMmanufacturer-specified BIM solution makes learning 1. planning manuals solution designers’ workload (at aabout a product faster, and only less than a tenth (9,8%) 2. complex, manufacturer-specified solutions in CAD specific task) can be decreased with astates the contrary. software quarter on the average (26%) in 3. 2D drawings (e.g. dwg, dxf, pdf) comparison to using tools set in software. 4. online technical documentations 5. consultations on plans 6. online (web-based) applications 7. printed technical documentations 8. conferences 9. individual (off-line) software, applications (not CAD) 10. informative brochures ► Has it occurred to you yet that you got to know an 11. magazines of manufacturers unknown manufacturers or product with the help of a 12. popularization of references manufacturer-specified BIM solution?► Do you think that a manufacturer-specified BIMsolution increases the informational value of a plan?On a scale rated from 1 to 10, it proves that more than a halfof the designers (56%) state that a manufacturer-specifiedBIM solution increases the informational value of a plan,while only less than a tenth (7,6%) states the contrary. According to our results, almost half of the designers have learnt about a new manufacturer (46%), or about a new product (53%) using a manufacturer-specified BIM solution.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF BIM TECHNOLOGY FOR MANUFACTURERS? © manuBIMsoft Ltd. 2012 –
  5. 5. On a scale of five, 21% of the designers (green line) ► Is there any CAD solution at your company toevaluated manufacturer-specified solutions as one of the MANUFACTURERS SAY… designers/engineers?most useful items, and only planning manuals was valued as 79% of the manufacturers have some kind of CAD solution formore useful than this by more people. On a scale from 1 to 5, ► What type of materials (tools) your company supports designers, and a significant part of them (89%) consider itresults show that complex manufacturer-specified solutions engineers/designers? useful. 78% of those who do not have a CAD solution yet sayavailable in CAD software were rated on the average (3.75 – that it would be important to get a solution of the kind. It alsored line) as the fourth most useful tool. means that preparing a manufacturer-specified solution results in greater satisfaction for manufacturers compared to expectations.► How happy are you with the amount of availablesolutions that can be integrated in manufacturer-specifiedBIM software?On a scale from 1 to 10 results show that a significant partof the designers (28,9%) are displeased with the amountof available manufacturer-specified BIM solutions. Onlyroughly a tenth (11,9%) feels that a sufficient amount ofsolutions is available for him/her. The answers show that manufacturers prefer rather different tools to the ones designers would need. For instance, while printed documentations (1. 7.) and informative brochures (2. 10.) are highly over-rated by manufacturers, planning manuals (4. 1.) or complex, manufacturer-specified solutions in CAD software (7. 2.) The survey was completed between 3 November 2011 and 31 December 2011 are highly under-rated. using separate online questionnaires for manufacturers and for designers. 186 designers and 44 manufactures provided answers to them. The survey is not of a representative nature. The survey is a part of the Endre Ilauszky’s dissertation named “Appearance potential research from marketing considerations in CAD/BIM software of building product manufacturers” (Obuda University, Budapest) All rights reserved!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF BIM TECHNOLOGY FOR MANUFACTURERS? © manuBIMsoft Ltd. 2012 –