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Online Social Networks Review


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Short presentation with key ideas of a lit review I'm working on.

Published in: Technology
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Online Social Networks Review

  1. 1. Online Social Networks Literature Review by Javier Velasco-Martin
  2. 2. Social Networks A way of describing social organization Networks, not communities (Wellman, 1996) Network theory Graph theory Nodes & Links
  3. 3. Social Network Analysis Tie strength Network density Centrality Degree Closeness Betweenness Cliques Bridges
  4. 4. Friendship vs Dating in High School Mark Newman, Univ of Michingan
  5. 5. Personal Networks Ego-centric networks A person belongs to multiple networks
  6. 6. CMC and SNA E-mail IM Eckmann et al, 2004 Web Listservs Web Blogs Ali-Hasan & Adamic, 2007
  7. 7. Online Social Networks Especially designed to empower the flow of resources across people’s social networks. Each user will have a different view of the system, based on his own relationships.
  8. 8. Power Laws on CMC + OSN Subscribers x Blog / Bloglines Views x Photo / Flickr Java et al., 2007 van Zwol, 2007
  9. 9. My questions Are OSNs providing new means of communication? What is new about it? What does this allow people to do? What is the value of OSNs for their users?
  10. 10. Online Social Networks Literature Review by Javier Velasco-Martin