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Evaluation stage


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Evaluation stage

  1. 1. Evaluation Stage Test the Product I noticed on my test plan that all the posters were very well done. They were all almost perfect how I wanted them to be. My four experimented posters were handwritten (hand drawn). They had all enough nice drawings without the X-Factor sign because that would be copying. I didn’t copy any other poster and I had fun putting trying some posters by hand. I put some funny, nice pictures and at the end, one of the four rough drafts came out very well. All my four handwritten posters were very well done, but I know I could of done even a better job on them. All of them had a small disadvantage. One of them had too much writing, the other one had too much colors, the other one had too many images, and the other one had nothing that bad. The three that had disadvantages weren’t that perfect for having a real structured poster. They could of all been improved with not too much info and not too colorful. Also, maybe with some pictures more or some pictures less. Having appropriate pictures advertising the X-Factor. I could of also used some more time for the test plan to decide the best poster because it was a really hard decision. They all like I said before just had some small disadvantages. If I could have improved all these, I know everything could have been very much better with great four rough drafts.
  2. 2. Evaluate your performance I think I did a good job with the research because I took my guiding questions, put it on a separate blog post and then answered the questions. I took a lot of time doing this and going into this poster. Thedetailed answers of my guiding questions helped me a lot to design, make the poster and have a good structure. I also think that it will be eye-catching and good enough for the people to read it and attract their attention to go to the X-Factor event. I used some websites and some books to answer all my guiding questions and at the end I did a bibliography about the websites and books I used. I had fun doing this poster and I hope this class will keep on being fun. I think that my design is outstanding. I tried my best every day and the poster turned out to be great with everydaywork. The fonts, the colors and all the effects helped me a lot making such a difficult poster to advertise the X-Factor event. The pictures and the writings matched to the structure of my poster, which was my goal. Thanks to my four rough draft designs by hand on A4 paper, I chose the best one, and made it even better on the computer. After I chose my rough draft I also started thinking of what I could do better. I asked some friends and my parents and got enough feedback. With this feedback I made it through the poster on the computer with no difficulty.
  3. 3. My plan worked out very well because I started with an introduction and some guiding questions. The guiding questions had to be detailed and hard questions, and not easy questions (e.g. What is a poster). I answered all the questions with my great research with a lot of help on the Internet. I took a lot of time into this, but at the end I am happy that I took all this time because the research was the most important exercise. I made the design brief; specification and the test plan to help me again with my poster. All these worked out very well, until I started with my rough drafts. I drew four posters on A4 paper and put a lot of work into that. After drawing and writing all these, I chose the best one. Without the test plan I wouldn’t have chosen. The test plan shows all four posters detailed and described and so I looked at them and chose the best one. After choosing that, I asked for some feedback and started on Microsoft Publisher to do the great poster. The creation of the poster showed some fun parts of the unit. I started doing my poster that I chose from the four rough drafts. I started working one day in class, and always after one class I had to do a process journal showing what I have done this class. Doing the process journal helped me a lot to finish my poster. I worked one day, and then the next time when I observed the screenshot I figured out what could be joined to the poster. Now, I am very disappointed to hear that the X-Factor was postponed because I was so excited for this fun event with seeingall the talents of the school.
  4. 4. Evaluate the Impact of the Product I obviously learned how to make a successful poster. I learned about the structure and how to properly advertise an event. I now know how to attract people to read the poster, make it eye-catching. I learned that all these steps to making a poster are really important because without the steps you want a full poster. I also discovered that I am pretty good at making posters. I now know that my whole poster is going to be open for the whole audience. I hope that my poster has attracted many adults and students it read the amazing poster and then hopefully go to the show. My target is to attract some people to the X-Factor event. Interaction between the people is very useful, because if one student has read the poster and wants to go to the event he is going to tell all his friends by communication. The friends are also going to know, and so they will also go to the show. This is how important interaction is between friends to go to the X-Factor event in the school.