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Mensur Boydaş, Vahdi Boydaş: Mkt lec 4


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Mensur Boydaş, Vahdi Boydaş

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Mensur Boydaş, Vahdi Boydaş: Mkt lec 4

  1. 1. Marketing Consumer/Business buying behavior
  2. 2. Consumer buyer behavior • The study of the buying behavior of final consumers (Individuals and households who buy for personal consumption) • Consumer market: All the individuals and households who buy for personal consumption.
  3. 3. Model of consumer behavior • Stimuli buyer • How it works? response – A buyer processes stimuli (characteristics affecting behavior) evoking a response (usually choice/decision).
  4. 4. Model of Consumer Behavior
  5. 5. Model of Consumer Behavior
  6. 6. Model of Consumer Behavior (B2C) • Stimuli buyer response Cultural social Personal YOU Needs fulfillment via wants
  7. 7. The Buyer Decision Making Process • It corresponds to the psychological buying factors. Thus, it is person-specific • (Need) recognition----Motivation • Information search/evaluation of alternatives--Perception • Purchase decision---learning(want fulfillment) • Post-purchase behavior---belief and attitude (assessment and consequently satisfaction opinion)
  8. 8. B2B buying behavior
  9. 9. Model of B2B Buying Behavior • Stimuli buyer response Environmental Organizational Interpersonal Individual Them Needs fulfillment via wants
  10. 10. Business buying behavior • Business buyer decision making process corresponds to their business environment. Thus, it is business specific. • Hence, it differs from a consumer buying behavior in: – Aiming at obtaining goods and services for resale/use (not final consumption) – Fewer but larger buyers – Derived demand: based on final customer(e.g. Intel or banks/builders—mortgages) – Purchasing committee not a person – More Complex and formal purchasing